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  1. I think it would work, and would make us more attractive commercially to TV.
  2. Really is crazy isn't it, new full-time coach gets job doesn't have a game for 7 months. RU domestic competition play for weeks on end without their international players, we can't do one week! Everyone is playing in Australia in June we can't shoehorn a game or two in. I know it's not ideal to try and get into a double header but it seems like the best we can hope for at the last minute. But it needs to happen if we are to be a serious international squad going into a series against the best in the world.
  3. Are Catalans the real deal this year? This would definitely be a game that they would have capitulated in over the last.. well decade really.
  4. no one gives a toss about the conference championships other than they are a semi final with a chance to get to the SB
  5. The playing it two weeks after the GF's is literally the worst idea that anyone could come up with I don't know where to begin with the problems it would cause. Further more it is so pie in the sky (even for this forum) its not worth discussing.
  6. Elstone would rather only pay lip service to expansion, by talking about the fantasy Manchester and Liverpool clubs. But apparently its Toronto that are spurious. He does seem a bit of a snake, I remember last year how he was taking credit for the Catalans game in Barcelona when he didn't have aowt to do with it.
  7. Well apart from the being complete numpties, I wouldn't get too upset. They thought coffee flavourings were bottles of booze.
  8. I did use to hold the same opinion, but now alot of the top clubs have pretty good modern stadia that they own which making the decision to go to Bolton, Elland Rd or Huddersfield etc.. makes no sense anymore. You may sell a few thousand more tickets but you are losing on rent, hospitality and f&b sales.
  9. I don't think there squad managment has been bad, I think they have goals they want achieve and getting 30 journeymen to finish 10th is what they are looking to achieve. I think the betted on SL giving them a little slack as anyone can see they are at a disadvantage because they don't have 5 or so good youth players on 10k a year. It really is bad managment by SL because it is a not a good look if a club in your Premier competition is unable to field a full match day squad.
  10. I wonder of we will get the whole of the RL press frothing at the mouth to condemn all and get all convicted domestic abusers out of our game.
  11. Unfortunately many sports leagues have embedded itself with social media and outrage culture. Where any hint of any wrong doing either criminal or just actions or comments that go against the social justice ideals of the day lead to sacking or suspension without due process. Unfortunately for these organisations they are not the best people to police morality. The road to Hell is paved with good intentions.
  12. So we are not inclusive of women, as we couldn't care less if you abuse women.
  13. The NFL have gone down the route since they decided that they would take on the role of moral arbiter and have had a nightmare ever since and the NRL are on the same path. It would be a huuuuggee mistake for the SL to become a type of morality police deciding who can play and who can not. Especially when there has been no crime committed. It would open up a huge can of legal proceedings against the league. Excuse the wording but the road to hell is paved with good intentions.
  14. Haha a personal injury and medical negligence lawyer taking the moral high ground. Seen it all now.
  15. The end of the day we have spent big on a bunch of players but our squad is still overall very weak. Some of the kids are just not big enough or good enough.
  16. No change for Leeds from last year, play well for 10-15 mins then concede a try. Then we complety fall apart. A bit concerning with a batch of new signings and a full pre season. We are carbon copy of last year
  17. A 5 min piece on sky news of Sonny Bill making his SL debut tonight. When has a RL signing ever made it on to prime time national news report.
  18. Or social media and the Internet is not to be confused with the real world.
  19. Everyone in the media will quickly forget RL exists, just like usual.
  20. He has been employed due to his Rugby skills not for his religious beliefs. At the end of the day 2/3 months of good performances and this will all be forgotten. People have forgotten much worse in the past when it comes to sport and entertainment.
  21. Usual Its a usual social media brigade guilty by association tool. If you are not the right amount of outraged or seem to be defending the opposite position you are the guilty of the offence yourself.
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