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  1. Just noticed they have all but eliminated all the CAT A seats for the Headingley games.
  2. I'm 99.9% sure there will be Groupons popping up soon. I'm pretty certain no one has bought the Cat A tickets for any of the games bar maybe the England games.
  3. Wasn't it an outside source that created the Super 8's for us. Which I think is probably the worst decision RL has ever made.
  4. I'm going through which games I'm going to and just wondering who these £55 tickers to watch Ireland v Jamaica at Headingley are aimed at ?
  5. We all knew the ticket prices were too high no one is going to pay £110, £85 for a game of RL even the Cat C prices of £55 are a bit rich for my blood as a big RL fan. Who is paying £70 to go to Headingley. It will be rammed in the cheapest seats with nobody in the higher categories. We have complained for years on here about RL selling itself to cheap but they have are way off the mark here. With the cost of living crisis its going to he a disaster. Just put all tickets to £30 now and just eat humble pie i say.
  6. I'd assume they didn't see much value continuing sponsorship of a brand that plays one every 3 years or so
  7. You can tell by the awful cut they are Oxen, just look how long the sleeves look and how the shirt tightens at the midriff.
  8. Sorry I just can't believe that. Its not just bad design its the whole template/cut that is wrong and the material is Spanish Market quality.
  9. I honestly have never seen a worse brand than oxen and that is not hyperbole. The cut of the shirts are completely wrong. I've never known any brand that can't get a t-shirt template right.
  10. Yeah I thought that, obviously trying to cash in on the past popularity of the pink jersey's but they look completely different and more tacky. May still be popular though.
  11. Well TBF the NRL does quite well with a massive TV audience while they get 6k rattling around the SFS
  12. Leeds also get pretty good turnouts to our small amount of weekend afternoon games. We only ever get Fri night home games which is really unfriendly for young families.
  13. Yep there is nothing on Saturday morning/afternoons other than rubbish cookery programmes
  14. Gonna be weird having a Rhinos match not at 8pm fri night
  15. I find it weird that this country is so against using public funds to upgrade sporting facilities or to provide community infrastructure to a sporting club that has been in the community for 130 years. We have always been so behind in this respect compared to other developed countries.
  16. People complaining about traffic and parking have obviously never been to Headingley.
  17. My under resourced council (wakey) raises its council tax by the maximum 5% every single year. Probably to pay another diversity coach 150k a year.
  18. Exactly like the shirt I was on about earlier. God knows what templates they are using and it can't be difficult to sort it.
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