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  1. There is hardly any NFL fanzone stuff at the Spurs stadium. Was loads of stuff going on at the Wembley NFL games. It went from a festival feel at Wembley to everyone drinking tinnies outside the off-licences at Spurs.
  2. You start taking the CC on the road I bet in a few years we are talking about 32k at Elland Rd for the final.
  3. London isn't silly money, I've paid 45 quid for a family room at the nice new premier inn at King Cross. Just unfortunately the CCF is on a may bank holiday and the Platinum Jubilee.
  4. Any cheesy chips? They probably call it poutine and charge 12 quid for em
  5. I was really excited to go along to the Spurs stadium last year also. I went in with an open mind but I just didn't enjoy it as much as the last 10 times I've seen NFL at Wembley. It just wasn't a friendly carnival style atmosphere that I was used to. I'm no where near a pearl clutcher but the streets around the stadium being lined with cheap off-licences which promoted alot more excessive drinking which caused more trouble than I had ever seen at Wembley. Everyone was just standing on the streets drinking crates of tinnies. The locals whizzing around on their e-scooters and the smell of weed was everywhere. Not a place I'd take the kids for a day out.
  6. Stadium is lovely but still has no bearing to what i was hearing from fellow NFL fans. I think alot of the trouble was soccer fans going along to look at the new stadium. But I wouldn't take my family to WHL for a CC final/NFL game no where near a family friendly environment like Wembley.
  7. Agree, football is totally incomparable. I went to Gillingham lg1 playoff final with a Gillingham supporting mate they took 36,000 fans that day with an average home attendance of 6,000. It was just Kent locals who supported Spurs,Chelsea,Arsenal etc.. but went along to watch the local club at Wembley.
  8. TBF loads of people complained about White Hart Lane for the NFL last year. Its a pain to get too, it is in a awful area, no fanzone and there was alot more crowd trouble than other years.
  9. Its more viable than anywhere else in the country. More hotel rooms and transport links than anywhere else by a country mile. You can't get a hotel for love nor money in Newcastle for Magic Weekend
  10. There was no fanzone because there isn't the space, everyone was just stood around on the pavements outside off-licences. There is no "event" feeling at Spurs its just a stadium you get in and out of as quickly as possible.
  11. There will be a novelty factor at spurs this year and the crowd will likely be good albeit probably lower than if it were at Wembley. With all its flaws Wembley is still the best imo. It has the space, the transport, the infrastructure. I went to Spurs last year for the NFL and even though it is a good looking stadium it fell well short of what I am used to at Wembley. Your 20 minute amble down iconic Wembley way becomes a 1hr walk from Seven Sisters through the busy streets of an awful part of London and getting back to Central London good luck. There were long lines for toilets, drinks and food that you just don't get at Wembley. I missed 15 minutes of the 2nd half queuing for drinks at Spurs which never happened at Wembley. It just isn't the well oiled machine that Wembley is.
  12. If we ditch Wembley because 60k doesn't look good in it. I assure you that it won't be long until the Challenge Cup will be played at Elland Rd in front of 31k in no time at all.
  13. Problem is you start messing with the format and the locations. You can end up like the Powergen Cup/Anglo-Welsh now the Premiership Cup. You go from 60 -75,000 at Twickenham every year to 8,000 at club stadiums.
  14. Not just that, it is one of the top attended sporting events in the UK period.
  15. Yeah its almost as if they have decided that. To become a premium event you just need to start charging premium prices. I really can't see who is going to be paying £180, £110, £85 etc.. for a game of RL. I certainly won't. I bought tickets to the NFL the biggest league in the world for £60.
  16. To be fair 23k attended Leeds v Cas at ER a few years ago. If two of Leeds, Cas or Wakey were playing the crowd might have been touching 30k and we would be crowing from the roof tops.
  17. I suppose we can't complain too much. We have been bemoaning the cheap tickets for years on here. But I agree that is crazy pricing.
  18. There are only 12 clubs its pretty easy to have one bad year then bam the club is fighting for its existence. If the club doesn't have a rich benefactor then you go into Administration. Now we have clubs like Bradford and Widnes who are nothing but shells of themselves. It could also have been Hull KR if it wasn't for Hudgell. And what is it all for? Some ideology that there needs to be some jeopardy at the end of the season. I don't think it should come to killing off the small amount of full time clubs for the sake of P&R
  19. Its a pain to get to and a dodgy area. I didn't particularly enjoy the experience at White Hart Lane for the NFL. Much prefer Wembley.
  20. Oh god don't remind me of that dross. Was worse than a exhibition match played in a library
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