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  1. Getting back to the rugby. Could you have imagined a few years ago that Falou and SBW would be playing in SL. They are both genuinely sporting superstars. An Exiles team this year would be immense.
  2. An apology is never enough for the twitter mob it only is seen as a weekness. They will only settle for the complete destruction of the person and his or her professional life. Its almost as if they act as they are an over zealous religious cult.
  3. Well that is a terrorist organisation so it would be a criminal offence.
  4. Exactly, youre either inclusive or not. Its a two way street. You can't say your inclusive but then exclude someone on thier faith. Other than a some comments about the bible and his faith he has in my knowledge never committed any sort of homophobic offences towards a gay person. Where as Zak Hardaker actually has actually verbally assaulted someone with a homophobic slur.
  5. Yeah maybe he'd rather them follow louts, drug users, women beaters, alcoholics who assaults people in clubs and/or drive home. Maybe the Tomkins who go into bars wasted and assault a couple of young barmaids are the ones to look up to.
  6. Well isn't that what freedom of religion is about? As long as you don't use it to incite violence. I for one do not and never will proscribe to the court of social media opinion, to destroy someone's life. If druggies, women beaters, cheats, drink drivers and other criminals can play rugby league. Then so can a person who only quoted the bible and is a bit too religious for people on social media.
  7. People have crazy priorities if they think a tweet on social media is in any close to what happens on this video.
  8. He is a world class talent. It would be great to see him in SL. RL is happy to have convicted criminals, women beaters, drink drivers, drug takers etc.. But being a Christian is the one that gets you banned for life. A few weeks of good performances and everything will be forgotten. People need to realise twitter is not real life.
  9. I like NFL but RL is much more intense and action packed for it to properly work. And to be honest SKY tried putting live replays of other games on the televised game and everyone moaned and it stopped after a a month or two.
  10. Exactly right, you can go on all you want about streaming being the future and all the rest. But the sport has to put the money up for production and sell it. As you say Amazon, YouTube and Netflix will not be sending production crews to games.
  11. Many people are turning to RedZone to watch NFL where they show all live Sunday games simultaneously but cut from one game to another wherever the action is. A bit like Soccer Saturday but actually watching the action instead of a few middle aged men talking about it like it is the 80's and not 2020 tomorrow.
  12. I work for John Lewis, I have no idea or say to what next years business plan will be
  13. Why are players overpaid? They are paid by what the market dictates. To be honest when reading the autobiographies of some players of the past it seems players today are paid way below in real terms as what they were 20-30 years ago
  14. If I were him I'd be clamoring to get over here to SL for a year and let all the heat die down and get a bumper NRL deal next year when all is forgotten.
  15. Why? I buy mine at Leeds every year at the end of the season for a tenner.
  16. I do think to save next years Ashes series we need to play a few mid season tests and a couple of warm up tests before the Ashes series. If we rock up with a new coach and a new style team without playing at least few times beforehand we will get steamrolled.
  17. I'm not too downhearted. We still have a very talented potential squad of players we just need a coach who wants to pick a balanced squad and play players in the correct positions. We didn't get bad overnight. We need a refresh. I'm not a believer in sacking coaches, but this tour was unforgivable.
  18. People are going a bit over the top. We have a really good few years. But this tour has really set us back. We really need some mid season tests to get back on track for the Aussies next year.
  19. Find it crazy that the all blacks could fill out stadiums playing any old team but they can't half fill a small stadium for the Kiwis.
  20. At the end of the day Leeds is the biggest rugby league city with decent transport links and guarantees a 30k+ attendance. It's always good to have one in Yorks one in Lancs and a game in London
  21. I'm happy with the stadium selections. Great to have the new spurs stadium
  22. Wow what a surprise. Didn't see that one coming.
  23. The 10 million quoted is AUD I assume so circa 5.5 million GBP
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