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  1. SL referee in inconsistency shocker. You'll see loads of tackles like that a game that won't even get a penalty.
  2. We have a rubbish coach. Why invest in better players if you keep on with a middling coach.
  3. I don't think Man City is a fair comparison. They are desperate to be seen as one of the big boys and get better crowds and can easily subsidise any loss.
  4. Yep British sport is still in the dark ages. Everyone trying frantically buy a beer in a crappy concourse bar in 15 mins at HT still only serve crappy frozen chips and microwave pies.
  5. Has anyone been bowling or cinema lately? Makes the £24 at Rhinos a bargain. Suppose it becomes a little different if your taking the family and it starts to creep up to 3 figures.
  6. Well TBF the NRL does quite well with a massive TV audience while they get 6k rattling around the SFS
  7. It's made RU even more unwatchable, they are stopping every 5 minutes looking for any graze of a head somewhere and sending players off. I hope we are not trying to emulate RU. It was clearly a genuine attempt to tackle, both his arms were wrapped around Widdop and it wasn't even direct head shot he went from the shoulder up to the chin.
  8. We have spent decades trying to emulate soccer but it doesn't work for us. Soccer wouldn't have P&R if the clubs below the PL were Ossett Town and Dover Athletic
  9. Playing in a good quality and competitive semi-professional league.
  10. Is JJB wearing a sleeping bag cut in half. Looks like a rough sleeper turned up tobthe studio
  11. I think a Sky game at Cas always comes across great. A packed atmospheric stadium is never embarrassing
  12. It was Leeds developing both sides at once limiting the attendance for nigh on 18 months and alot of people just fell out of the habit. I said it would happen on here when they were doing it.
  13. Any pictures of someone from the club in a high vis jacket?
  14. Leeds also get pretty good turnouts to our small amount of weekend afternoon games. We only ever get Fri night home games which is really unfriendly for young families.
  15. Its a bit weird to me that so many Lancastrions have been so quick to drop thier Lancashire allegiances for the fake Merseyside and Greater Manchester
  16. Exactly. This was always my argument of Catalans worth to SL. I can't remember exactly but I think the games used to get circa 50k viewers on sky every Saturday which would equal to half a million viewers over a season. How much is this kind of exposure worth? Cant believe Elstone tried to nickel and dime Bein Sports
  17. There all front companies nowadays no? Never heard of any of these weird betting sites that pay PL tens of millions a year.
  18. Reminds of the poor lads at the likes of Batley who couldn't find good food in one of the worlds great cities (Toronto) and even had to pay for thier own food for 3 days.
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