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  1. Will be back in less than 6 months. He is not a RU player.
  2. Every episode of forty twenty is the same. Moan that people said nasty things on twitter about us, then on to Rugby League is not a family game, then on to how they are the only ones taking the women's game seriously. The best is when they go on about RL getting nasty and fans are apparently getting worse and worse throwing insults at officials etc.. Then sometimes in the same breath the call anybody who complains or doesn't agree with them idiots and stupid. I'm a big Leeds fan but even I cringe when I hear Caplan defend everything Leeds do especially this year. He would have made a good soviet journalist.
  3. I get it. But England RU and cricket have gone leaps and bounds since they have become a foreign legion and no one seems to care. Why should we be any different.
  4. It's a shame that we have to wait until it goes to a tenner for us to buy it. But at the end of the day it will not be seen again after the one off competition. So why should we feel obliged to fork out 50 quid.
  5. I would say it should be a penalty if a person from that teams personnel who should not be on the field interferes with play. I was shocked that there is not such a law for this occurance or can be at the referee's discretion.
  6. This really should spell the end of trainers being allowed to roam the pitch willy nilly. For the trainer to interfere with the game on its biggest stage is embarrassing for the sport.
  7. Fair enough if you want to withhold money although I don't see a good reason why. But for God's sake don't give it to the clubs to ###### up a wall. Give it as a fund for grass roots or to marketing department of SL.
  8. What a cruel game for the raiders they were totally dominent but fair play to the roosters the clung on for dear life and kept themselves in it to steal a win.
  9. If we have Toronto and Tolouse ready and primed stuck in the championship and Fev get promoted we really are doomed. I really couldn't care less if they deserved it on the field. Fair play to them but they are nothing but a feeder club who survive on Dual Registration who couldn't field a full squad only 12 months ago. Yet Toronto are the ones who have to provide extra due diligence.
  10. I agree. I also don't think that just because we have less games we suddenly become the NFL and fill every stadium every week. Saints v Wigan 3/4 times a year is still the more popular game in attendance, viewing figures and column inches than Wigan v London.
  11. That is not a fitting anology as no rugby player starts out to become a rugby 7's player earning an average 20k a year. If the rugby 7's player was good enough he would be playing in the professional 15 man game. It may be a stepping stone for some young players to become top flight pro's but it is not a top flight comp in its own right. A marathon/long distance runner would have chosen this as a profession at an early stage and trained non stop to become a top marathon runner. Marathons are not just a competition for failed sprint runners.
  12. Will Ryan Hall be in SL next year? Can't even make the bench.
  13. They are still players not good enough to play top class club or international rugby or otherwise they would not be playing sevens.
  14. To be fair no top union players play in the 7s comp no one complains.
  15. Maybe not for 14 British clubs although I don't particularly buy that. Toronto and especially Toulouse do not have to use British players.
  16. I think Elstone said something in his Rugby AM interview that Tolouse are ok nowt about Fev though. But if London can play In SL playing in a what essentially not much more than amateur RU club park field. Then Fev should be fine, but as you say no one really knows.
  17. Apart from the case study 120 miles west of Tolouse several of us have stated. They managed to get 6,100 fans for a game this season.
  18. What a load of tosh, I bet there were a lot of these types of posts before about Catalan when they were joining the SL. They were getting about 2k attendance way way behind USAP and now they have taken over as the biggest rugby club in the city.
  19. It's perfect for me as with my shift work and moving away from North Leeds it's not worth getting a season ticket and if I have buy single game tickets I end up a lot of the time not bothering. But if I have bought them upfront it gives me more motivation to get over for the game.
  20. Not disagreeing with much of your post. But I'd like to know where you work if you can wake up at 10:30-11am do you start at mid day? haha
  21. Why don't clubs just build in playoff games into season tickets and give a credit for next seasons renewal or to use on a single game if they don't want to renew if they don't make the playoffs.
  22. If its Saints v Wigan at OT I can only see Wigan winning it.
  23. Manchester has had RL on its doorstep for 100 years and not massively taken to it. Any casual RL fans in the city which I think are quite numerous already support Wigan, Salford, Saints, Warrington etc.. Dumping a semi-pro club in league 1 called Manchester is not going to work. Unless you have a mega rich benefactor who is ready to plough in tens of millions like the Toronto ownership. Even then you may only end up with a club similar in size to Salford. I do remember Elstone calling TWP spurious but he thought a non existant Manchester club was a great example of expansion.
  24. They're must be some precedent in place regarding the NBA for example. The number of disadvantaged black youths who play basketball in NBA I suspect would have a number of convictions that would normally deny you entry into Canada.
  25. Yeah it was no way the main reason but it was not in any way an advantage. That's why I don't get the issue of blocks of games.
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