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  1. Good swimming pool though. And much better than neighbouring Stanley but that isn't saying much.
  2. I go to Brittany most years. Very rural, other than a shop you can go for the whole week without seeing anyone. I'd go if I could, but I must admit that I would be worried about how I would be welcomed. Equally if I was to go to North Wales or the Lakes now or within the next month or so I'd worry about the welcome.
  3. My dad is really into his board games so I get dragged along with him. I've not played Pandemic but Carcassonne is really good. Other games that don't use dice like Ticket to Ride are K2 and Flamme Rouge. For those that don't have company in lockdown there is a website called board game arena. You can play for free but can't set up games, can only join them. The premium account is something like a couple of quid a month and is well worth it if you spend any amount of time on it or want to play against friends. There are rules are videos about how to play games if you want to learn new ones.
  4. I don't think that it is a case of either/or. How much money (or support) has the game actually put into expansion, either here or abroad? I've not listened to the podcast yet, but intend to. How does Carter intend to do this expansion? How much successful expansion has there been? France 90 years ago (and we have people complaining that Catalans and Toulouse are in the league). London comes and goes (and gets a lot stick as well). Maybe Newcastle and Coventry (where good things are happening but still a long way to go)? Wales? I would be happy for any expansion for the game as I think it deserves so much more, but just listing cities or regions is not how to do it. You need ambition, hard work, money, support and lots more besides. Not just a chat on a podcast. Toronto has all of this and whilst making great progress are still a long way (decades) from being fully established. If Carter wants to expand into a city let him do it. But don't just have 1 amateur team and a magic weekend and forget about it. Do a study into which city would be most appropriate, get into schools (both coaches and players), give them a challenge cup semi, internationals, local teams both amateur and semi pro, on the road superleague games, funding, positivity and so much more that is needed.
  5. I know I can get faster but on seeing that I thought I would just give up and spend lockdown eating pizza and ice cream!
  6. As much as I agree with your point, a 10K in less than 30mins?! The world record is 26 mins 17 seconds! And British female record is Paula Radcliffe with 30.01.
  7. Stockport definitely weren't faultless in their own downfall as with pretty much any club in any sport that goes through hard times. However without getting into the rights or wrongs of it then Sale (and the game of 'rugby') got the blame from a lot of supporters, myself included to be honest. My original point was I would wonder how that would effect the crowd if the mooted Salford game at edgeley Park a few years ago ever happened.
  8. The union club are definitely a bit out of town, in the leafy suburbs which is a bit more union territory than central Stockport! Even it's old name of Davenport is a bit of a push. And on the subject of pushing it with location and name then Manchester RUFC are based further out of Manchester than Cheadle, well outside the M60. Anyway, before this goes too far down the cross code route, I'm not sure that there is any RL activity in Stockport or has been for a long time. I seem to remember that during the Koukash era at Salford there was talk of playing a game at Edgeley Park. I think it would be a really interesting experiment. There would be quite a big catchment area (from as far east as Glossop, as far south as Macclesfield and west as Sale) and I think you would get a good number of league fans going to support the venture. However just the name rugby might cause some people to be angry as Iffley referred to earlier and the actions of Sale in the demise of County.
  9. I realise that and as Hopping Mad says, County are all but a league club. But the town does fit the criteria and we need something to talk about on these long boring lockdown days. Hopefully Stockport are only a couple of years from getting back into the league. I was I could say the same about getting back into league.
  10. I'm not sure of the size of the town without looking at wikipedia but Stockport surely must be up there with towns that have no football league club or rugby club (of either code) close to the m62. Interestingly it did have a rugby league team in the early days (possibly even the initial split?) but it didn't last unfortunately. I'm not sure if it changed back to union but the current Stockport RUFC is just round the corner from where I live.
  11. If you can't find the channel on 445 then it is 81 on our tv. Never actually seen it and set to record.
  12. New government advice specifically for Wiganers who don't understand the metric system.
  13. I'm pretty certain plenty of pro-brexit posters are equally worried about this. In fact it has been a breath of fresh air reading the general consensus in this thread in comparison to the brexit ones. Numbers are increasing day after day. The (pro-brexit) prime minister has said that we won't even turn the tide for 12 weeks. Hopefully we won't reach the 10,000 deaths that you stated before from flu, though I have no doubt that we will. If we do manage to keep numbers down that will be because of the measures that you are saying is an overreaction. If we are having a debate in 6 months time asking if it was an overreaction, I'll be happy. If we don't do those measures then we are looking at a worse situation then Italy, and if I look into the statistics there then you have even less of a leg to stand on. And that is just considering the actual numbers of this virus, let alone the knock on impact on the NHS, services, economy etc. It's good that you are following the governments advice, thank you, but it is still incredibly dangerous to take the position that you are as other, less responsible people than you, will take that on board and ignore the advice.
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