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  1. If we're not careful we'll lose half the forum to football given how many people enjoy that aspect of the sport!
  2. And how would the French feel? That we were patronising them by sending an academy team to play their champions? I'm all for link ups with the French but it is incredibly patronising to send a B team of the SL champions to play the French champions.
  3. And show the French the same disrespect that we are accusing the Aussies of showing us?!
  4. There is actually more chance of me attending separate men's and women's games than a double header. I know that sounds daft but having a toddler means that I'm generally limited by his short attention span. I would like to see both but can't really see us managing the 2nd half of the women and 1st half of the men. We didn't go to Wigan for this reason. There is a good chance I'd go to a men's game and my wife would be keen to go and see the women (which obviously I'd go to and encourage).
  5. Laziness is a lazy excuse. Those are all valid reasons. Another to throw into the mix is fear of failure I think. A failed mid season game against France in Warrington on sky is easier to hide. I have no problem with Warrington staging it but very little about it so far has filled me with confidence that it will be a success.
  6. To be fair it was probably just parents as opposed to anyone official. And they have probably moved on. There's quite a few union clubs in the surrounding towns and so you'd probably only need a few players who want to give it a go from each of them to come up with a team. And it is close enough to the heartlands to have plenty of teams within travelling distance for matches.
  7. My brother used to play junior union at Stockport a few years back. I'm surprised they are dual coding based on some of the comments from people at the club back then. Though best of luck with setting something up, especially if it is at SRUFC, I don't live far away so would definitely be down to watch some games.
  8. I made a comment 30 mins in that NZ would need an score lead going into the last 20 as they were already blowing. NZ gave everything and full marks to them but Australia should have really put them to the sword. Previous Australian teams would have been ruthless.
  9. I suspect that is because he is a union fan and so that is his default 'rugby'. You are right in that it is a terrible attitude to have but there are too many unfortunate people out there who are exposed to union and use that as a base for judging entertainment. Poor souls.
  10. I thought that the Holmes try shouldn't have been given but was marginal. The offside was the correct call. For me it was the fact that the vast majority of decisions erred on the side of Australia. Shoulder charges, 'fights', set resets, slow play the balls. NZ did get a couple of dodgy knock on/strips in their favour. I am definitely in a minority and accept that I am probably wrong but I don't think Klein had a good game. It also doesn't help that it was an Australian ref giving Australia those marginal calls. Somewhere where the game really doesn't help itself.
  11. After a brief moan about the ref, we've got to focus on how great that game was. Both teams gave everything. The game had pretty much everything. When rugby league is good it is absolutely awesome.
  12. Hopefully we can have an aussie ref in the final... as a neutral.
  13. I expect that is because people are voting with either their heart or their head. And neither gives a narrow Aus win.
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