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  1. If you can't find the channel on 445 then it is 81 on our tv. Never actually seen it and set to record.
  2. New government advice specifically for Wiganers who don't understand the metric system.
  3. I'm pretty certain plenty of pro-brexit posters are equally worried about this. In fact it has been a breath of fresh air reading the general consensus in this thread in comparison to the brexit ones. Numbers are increasing day after day. The (pro-brexit) prime minister has said that we won't even turn the tide for 12 weeks. Hopefully we won't reach the 10,000 deaths that you stated before from flu, though I have no doubt that we will. If we do manage to keep numbers down that will be because of the measures that you are saying is an overreaction. If we are having a debate in 6 months time asking if it was an overreaction, I'll be happy. If we don't do those measures then we are looking at a worse situation then Italy, and if I look into the statistics there then you have even less of a leg to stand on. And that is just considering the actual numbers of this virus, let alone the knock on impact on the NHS, services, economy etc. It's good that you are following the governments advice, thank you, but it is still incredibly dangerous to take the position that you are as other, less responsible people than you, will take that on board and ignore the advice.
  4. Hmmmmmmm, I don't believe you. If you are wanting to look at statistics then surely the graph showing the scary growth in cases in Italy is just, if not more relevant. I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt and thinking that you are just intent on trying to get an angry reaction from people. Especially when trying to bring Brexit into what is a completely different debate.
  5. You are deliberating trying to wind people up aren't you?
  6. Can I suggest a listen to the latest Howlin' Hour podcast. It probably won't change people's minds as they will already be made up, but worth a go. I think that there probably is a bit of naivety in there but a good discussion on the valid reasons why there aren't Canadian players yet. And once again the big thing that comes across is the enthusiasm for the game.
  7. Thanks for the advice. After doing a bit more research and speaking to some friends then yep, definitely isolation time.
  8. I started with a bit of a tickly cough but not what I would call persistent (maybe 2 or 3 every 10 mins or so) yesterday afternoon. No fever and no other symptoms. I'm off work anyway for the next few days anyway and will stay in the house to avoid people today. How important is the word persistent in the cough symptom? I would dread to think that I had passed on anything that I shouldn't but equally don't want to massively overreact. I'm due back in work on Saturday and wondering what I do then.
  9. That does raise a bit of a serious point though. I wonder how much of this stuff that is being stockpiled will end up eventually just being thrown away and wasted. I really hope that it will be nothing but suspect that it won't be.
  10. You can get a lot of people in a supermarket. It doesn't take that high a percentage to decided to grab an extra bag of pasta or toilet roll to empty those shelves much quicker.
  11. I went out the the shops before to grab a sandwich for dinner. As I walked out I asked my housemate if she wanted anything. She replied that I could pick up some toilet roll, y'know just in case because she's not seen much. She bought a pack of 9 on Saturday. I suspect that more people than would care to admit are doing that as opposed to walking out with 50 rolls. But it all contributes to the empty shelves.
  12. Surely the fact that someone thinks that they did and that you are advising them to listen again suggests that there is confusion and therefore not a clear message. Personally I think that it has been ok but if there are any people who aren't clear about what the advice is then it surely isn't clear enough. Especially as there is a high probability that those who are unclear are those who could be most severely affected.
  13. More of a moan than a rant and in all honesty a real irrelevance. Charity fund raising is great and well done to everyone who contributed to Sport Relief last night. The short piece on bbc news this morning to let people know how much of a success it was didn't include one clip of any sport or sportspeople. Just dancers, comedians, singers and celebrities.
  14. I've not read the rest of the thread so I've probably been beaten to it but... Does that include cardboard cut outs?
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