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  1. Does anyone know what the semi final line ups are and kick off times? Thanks.
  2. I once had trouble in subway getting chillies on my sandwich. Apparently they didn't have any. They only had jalapenos.
  3. Me and my brother got tickets yesterday! Can't wait.
  4. Oldham don't claim the high ball and Newcastle go in under the sticks! This is getting even more entertaining!
  5. Oldham score in the corner to nose ahead again. Tough touchline kick very well converted. 12 - 8
  6. Entertaining first half. Oldham definitely on top but Newcastle holding on in there. I suspect that Oldham will go on to win but our could get very interesting if Newcastle score first and the pressure comes onto Oldham.
  7. I am expecting some on this thread to be arguing that the whole world is flat.
  8. I did think at one point last night that if there were to be a scuffle and a selection of players from both sides were given 1 match bans then it would work in favour of the losing side if they were to win next week and get to the final with those players back having already served their suspension.
  9. Sounds like the weather is causing trouble today. They have had to delay the Women's TT, and Hayley Simmonds (the British rider) is not happy at all judging by her interview just then. I went on Saturday to watch the para event. It was a really good day and great event. Probably not the strongest of fields but still nice to see plenty of British success and some fantastic crowds though I'm not entirely sure that they knew what they were watching.
  10. I did. We ended up at York instead so given it is something like the 4th flattest so I had to go for it really. I got a new pb which I was chuffed with but I'm not sure I'd recommend it as a run unless you want to go fast. It is on the access road of York racecourse so is very fast but very difficult mentally as there is nothing to distract you and you can see the whole circuit stretching out in front of you!
  11. I'm going to Harrogate this weekend and was just wondering if anyone had done either Harrogate or Conyngham Hall though I think that it is very new (or even Wetherby) parkrun? I'm hoping to go for quite a quick time so was wondering which one was faster. Thanks.
  12. I've no doubt that he sat on your heels the whole way round and outsprinted you.
  13. New 5k pb today! But I forgot my barcode. So presumably doesn't count. Going to need to up my game again and DON'T FORGET YOUR BARCODE!
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