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  1. I'm going to Harrogate this weekend and was just wondering if anyone had done either Harrogate or Conyngham Hall though I think that it is very new (or even Wetherby) parkrun? I'm hoping to go for quite a quick time so was wondering which one was faster. Thanks.
  2. I've no doubt that he sat on your heels the whole way round and outsprinted you.
  3. New 5k pb today! But I forgot my barcode. So presumably doesn't count. Going to need to up my game again and DON'T FORGET YOUR BARCODE!
  4. Well done Wire. After the first 20 mins they have been by far the better team. They have had a plan and done it really well. I don't think that Saints believed any of their own hype as some have suggested. But I think that they did want it too much, probably because of the monkey of underperforming in big games on their back. They made too many errors which in this heat is really compounded, especially in the second half. Pressure builds even more for the play offs, can they change the mentality to cope??
  5. We get told constantly about the good old days when neutral supporters from clubs all across the North used to have their big day out in London. Many people have suggested schemes encouraging spectators to buy tickets well well in advance of the later rounds of the cup. So yes, neutral supporters do play a part in selling out Wembley.
  6. What was the Warrington penalty for after ratchford booted it out for the drop out? Missed it as they were showing replays.
  7. Not that I expect them to come back any time soon but isn't the absence of Hemel Stags only temporary? I assume that there is no word from them about returning?
  8. I'm flying out to Copenhagen this Thursday for the weekend with a Leeds fan so would hate to miss out on a opportunity to watch Saints beat Leeds with him. Does anyone know if there is anywhere there that would be showing the match? Thanks.
  9. Not a great start! Need a captains innings from Root now.
  10. Whaley Bridge in Derbyshire being evacuated due to concerns about a dam. Also some pretty serious flooding in Stockport yesterday.
  11. As far as I am concerned then I think that the last 15/20 years or so Glossop has become more drawn to Manchester and as opposed to Derbyshire. Personally I think that is a little sad as Glossop and Glossopians had a character of their own which is being lost, as I suspect is the case with lots of towns which are on the outskirts of bigger cities. I presume that that probably makes it a bit more northern though I think it has probably always been northern. For me places like Chapel, Whaley Bridge and Buxton are probably now the hinterland that Glossop maybe was a couple of decades ago. Those accents definitely have a bit more of a midland twang to them though I suspect that they probably see themselves as northern.
  12. England collapsing. Something reassuring about it all isn't there?
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