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  1. There has been more people on here saying they are more likely to go now it is at Wigan than at Anfield than vice versa. Whilst good news for that particular game I don't think that this attitude is great for the sport.
  2. It might be a bit unfair but I think the pressure is on Wigan now to make this a sell out and a really good event. After the disappointment of missing out originally then this is a good opportunity to prove people wrong and give the WC a boost in the process.
  3. I have no doubt that there are costs involved with setting this up, and probably some running costs, but why would those running costs be any different to other areas where there are a network of amateur clubs? And therefore why would it all collapse if the benefactor pulled out? Also I thought that Mick Hogan was the energy and drive behind the club as opposed to the money man who was the same man involved with the union club maybe.
  4. Crusaders were the team that got me into rugby league. My first 4 games were at Wrexham, either Cru or Wales. I wish Cru all the luck in the world and will definitely get a Colwyn Bay trip in combined with a climbing or mountain biking North Wales trip. On a sadder note, very sad that the last Welsh International game was 3 years ago. I was supposed to be watching them against PNG (I think) this week if the World Cup had gone ahead. The more I think about the missed opportunity with the world cup this year the more annoyed I get. Or even the International game in general.
  5. Isn't the point of expansion to expand and find new markets, fans and players? Saying that a city doesn't have many people that are aware of rugby league is surely the perfect place for expansion. I have enough confidence in the game that people new to the sport will like or even love it (there are enough examples on this very forum), unfortunately I don't have the confidence that the administrators of the sport have enough of a plan to make a concerted and targeted effort to make it successful and sustainable (though I do think this is understandable in some instances).
  6. There seems to be a good few people coming on this to say that they live in Liverpool and follow rugby league but no one else in the city does and that it is all about football. Maybe if these people had the opportunity to go to a Liverpool club and to take a friend along then you would quite quickly get to enough fans to match most league 1 teams? I appreciate that this isn't the 10,000s that will be needed for a successful SL club but maybe over time it will be. There is no doubt that football is king but just because a few Liverpool or Everton obsessives tell you that they only watch football then that doesn't rule out the whole city (and the Wirral which any club has the potential to draw fans from).
  7. I don't doubt that there are gains to be made in the heartlands. I think you are probably right with saying that it is 5/10 in terms of grading. I would however be more inclined to give Coventry, skolars, or crusaders £10m than Keighley or Oldham. I wonder how many potential fans there are in the heartlands who do not know the game exists. I am certain there are lots of potential fans in none heartland areas. Good point, the RLWC is focusing on the heartlands. Yet still some people complain about how the heartlands are being neglected for expansion teams. How much more focus do they want? I hope that the world cup does blow the previous one out of the water, I personally have many more tickets for this. However I think that the last one offered opportunities that were failed to be taken. I hope that they don't make the same mistakes again.
  8. I might be wrong but I get the impression that when some people say we need to focus on the North they generally mean on their club, or within 10 miles of that. Often some of these same people are generally hostile to other northern but not heartland clubs, Newcastle, Sheffield, Manchester Rangers to mention a few. If people want to 'focus' on the North then what do they mean by that? Increased funding for Northern expansion teams? Increased salary cap to attract players? Protection from relegation? Or do they only want to focus on grass roots? In which case how are they suggesting to support the development of the game in Stockport, Preston or Middlesborough?
  9. There's a (brief) match report on the BBC sport website. Including a clip with an interview with the Welsh captain. If nothing else this shows the value of the international game, be it men or women. Sounds like a cracking game. Are both these teams in the world cup next year? If not then it would be great to think that they will be building on this to compete in 4 years time.
  10. I know it's a forum and we need something to discuss but it always confuses me how people often want Fages to move back to France. He showed great courage and confidence to move over to England at a young age to make a career from the game, and has developed to be a very good player and win multiple titles. Whilst it might be nice for him to have the option to move back as far as I know he hasn't ever mentioned this. He wouldn't necessarily have his pick of clubs but he has a very strong CV and I suspect wants to continue to do what is best for his career and for him, not just running back home at the first opportunity. He's not from Yorkshire.
  11. Whilst very funny it does actually have a serious point here. Some players have struggled moving over the pennines let alone south of France. There was an interesting bit in the last Out of Your League podcast talking about how Sam Tomkins has adapted to French life and comparing him to some of Catalans other high profile signings who haven't been as successful. Given the apparent team spirit and the way TO have gone about building the squad then I assume that they do give this due consideration however it probably reduces further the pool of players that they can/will go for.
  12. Well that must have been the perfect final for this forum. Plenty of empty seats to discuss, a Saints win to please the anti expansionists, a dodgy ref performance and a brilliant opportunity for people to vent their frustrations against Saints using a keyboard. If only there was a way to bring in Leigh or Fev and it would tick all the boxes.
  13. How are you anticipating this marketing happening? And who by? Even with the level of marketing applied to the Challenge Cup final, SL Grand Final or International game I can't see many additional people suddenly buying up subscriptions to Premier or a huge increase in spectators.
  14. It'll be interesting to see when details of the deal get released/leaked. I hope that there is a decent price involved. It will be interesting to see viewing figures as well, especially behind a pay wall.
  15. If I was Newcastle then I wouldn't take that chance. And they need to plan now if they (or any other teams) want to go full time. Unfortunately I would be surprised is the criteria for being in the 20 is released before January and certainly before pre season starts, let alone when players need signing.
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