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  1. This is horrible! These 2 have got to get us close, huge pressure on them, let's hope they handle it better than some of the other players!
  2. Getting Smith or Carey in the next few overs will be huge, that will really put them on the back foot. Those two can not only rebuild but rebuild quickly if they manage to get in.
  3. I suspect that they and many more see it as with Jeremy Corbyn in charge you will have an indefinite Tory government. And one which won't be held to account by the opposition. I'm sure that they would prefer a Corbyn government to a Tory one, especially one which seems far to the right at the moment, but just don't see it happening.
  4. I went to the Sri Lanka vs Windies today. It was a really entertaining game for a dead rubber. Sri Lanka looked dead certs for the vast majority but the sun and enjoyable Sri Lankan support made it great fun. And the Windies refused to roll over and hung on in there. The crowd got very nervous when Poornan and Allen were going strong, especially when Angelo Mathews came on to bowl the 3rd last over, though only for 30 seconds as he got rid of Poornan and in effect ended the game with his first ball. A really good day, as it always is at the cricket.
  5. To play devils advocate, I know of 1 airline that has told it's pilot's to keep their passengers up to date with the scores from the world cup. Whilst (cynically) I think this is the airline trying to jump on a band wagon in an effort to push their own image as being associated with promoting women in the work place it could definitely come across as being 'shoved in people's faces'. As far as I am aware they did not tell their pilots to do this for the world cup last year. Great news on the attendance. I've watched a bit of women's rl on the internet but not live yet and thoroughly enjoy it. Hopefully will get to Bolton and see it then. Looking forward to it.
  6. Watched the final episode of Years and Years tonight. Then straight away watched the news. I wasn't 100% sure that it wasn't the same programme.
  7. I heard this on the radio. I did wonder how 'standing your ground' is the same as 'dynamism'...
  8. What a strange comment. Does anyone have a link to place it in some context? I understand being cautious about expanding too quickly or aggressively but you've got to take a chance with someone at some point otherwise you would be left with a fraction of those original clubs from the original split, many of whom now don't exist.
  9. Following a move to the north east last year I got to my first Thunder game today. Great atmosphere and I have no worries about the future of the sport up here after seeing the number of kids and kits on show following what was presumably a junior tournament before the match. Enjoyable game. Thunder raced into an early 16 point lead including a smart try from Marginet after a couple of off loads. Keighley fought back well with momentum shifting once the starting props went off and to me looked the more likely to push on in the second half possibly aided by a couple of confusing decisions by the ref. However thunder finished strongly (when their starting props returned?) and 3 tries in the last 10 minutes was a bit harsh on Keighley. It was my visit experience of league that wasn't either international or super league and I was quite impressed by the quality. I'll definitely be back again. One last thing, how many of the team today (and in general) are 'locals'? The club seem to be doing great things and I'm sure there will be plenty more running around both for thunder and other clubs in years to come.
  10. At the risk of sounding like a broken record I'd like to see a variation of the salary cap for any new noth american teams. Maybe no cap at all as long as there are a minimum of 12 NA players in the 17. Or maybe that NA players don't count on the cap. It would be fantastic to see some of the greats of rugby such as Burgess, SBW, Shaun Johnson, Cameron Smith at the end of their career playing alongside and mentoring young keen athletic Canadians or New Yorkers. They could give something back to the sport whilst being based in NY. Fantasy perhaps but not beyond the realms of possibility to get a few players like that.
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