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  1. I've got a pair of altbergs and they are great. If you are after a visit to a shop which will do a full fitting and also do insoles then there is one is Marsden that I would recommend. I think it is called mountain feet. He really knows he stuff about both feet and the outdoors.
  2. A thread listing failed (expansion and heartland) rugby league clubs. And people competing who can name more. Genuinely brings a tear to the eye.
  3. Bought tickets for between 4 and 7 people for Tonga v PNG, Eng v Greece, Samoa v France, PNG v Wales and the final. Hoping for maybe the liverpool or Bolton quarter and the Leeds semi as well later on. Can completely understand not buying tickets yet but for me then redundancy in the next 6 months is a possibility if things don't improve so will get them now whilst I have the chance. Can't wait, whenever it is.
  4. I'm not sure where the village of No Place in Durham should be if anywhere.
  5. Probably. Giving them the benefit of the doubt, I suspect written by someone who doesn't even know rugby league exists, hence the lack of quote or even mention. As it will ever be unless we have a change at either the BBC or within the sport. Both of which I suspect are unlikely.
  6. There's an article on the BBC discussing the lack of BAME sportspeople statues. Despite having 2 of the (only) 10 statues RL doesn't get a mention in the main body of the article, only the graphics. Obviously RL can do more and I definitely don't want to distract from the point of the article but you would expect some mention that it is the only sport other than football with more than one and presumably the sport with the highest percentage. Also, guess which sport is missing from the list that of sports without a single BAME statue despite not having one?
  7. 'Will be fine' from a common sense perspective or a legal/guidance perspective? Either way I still can't quite understand why pubs etc can open.
  8. Or in gardens according to the news. Don't quite get that logic.
  9. Good swimming pool though. And much better than neighbouring Stanley but that isn't saying much.
  10. I go to Brittany most years. Very rural, other than a shop you can go for the whole week without seeing anyone. I'd go if I could, but I must admit that I would be worried about how I would be welcomed. Equally if I was to go to North Wales or the Lakes now or within the next month or so I'd worry about the welcome.
  11. My dad is really into his board games so I get dragged along with him. I've not played Pandemic but Carcassonne is really good. Other games that don't use dice like Ticket to Ride are K2 and Flamme Rouge. For those that don't have company in lockdown there is a website called board game arena. You can play for free but can't set up games, can only join them. The premium account is something like a couple of quid a month and is well worth it if you spend any amount of time on it or want to play against friends. There are rules are videos about how to play games if you want to learn new o
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