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  1. I thought the answer to the question in the thread title was, "Only if Dame Edna comes along too!"
  2. This just seems a neat and tidy solution which helps to avoid contributing to what could become a difficult backlog later in the season. Fair play to Swinton for agreeing to it. I see that TOXIII have recorded their thanks to the Lions on their website.
  3. Have you spoken to your local Salvation Army citadel, bleep? They might be worth having a conversation with. Here is the link: Hastings Citadel | The Salvation Army Good luck!
  4. Maybe Trent Robinson will come into his own there, in a low profile behind the scenes sort of way, and that old custom will change for the better. Likewise, and going back to Manfred's point, he might have a conversation beginning, "Jason, mon ami..."!
  5. I think he had a fall-out with previous senior figures in FFR13, possibly while on tour 'down under' and retired forthwith from international competition. He is a loss; 'hard working' is an excellent description. In other words, the sort of player that every team needs, even if they don't always get noticed very much. In Baitieri's case, his bilingualism could be handy to, I would have thought.
  6. Well, with the sudden demise of this new fangled Super League for the wimps' 11-a-side code of football, I obviously wanted to cancel my brand new Pornhub subscription, but, sadly, cannot work out how to do that. Oh well, a year of Pornhub it is then; life can be so cruel and demanding...
  7. Well, it probably means that Dunbar should have put a comma after 'dead' (a pedant writes)
  8. I'm a great fan of Liverpool United and quite enjoy the attractive football played by Manchester Hotspur, so don't want to miss out on this exciting new venture. If that means a Pornhub subscription, oh well, so be it!
  9. Not sure there is much to disagree on, RP, as I have simply laid out the facts as I understand them. Whether you or I like how the authorities reacted to London's decision is another matter, of course, which is why I steered clear of expressing an opinion because, as you rightly say, that way looms thread derailment. OK, agreed!
  10. No. The whole point of the percentage idea is to cope with the scenario in which a game cannot be played for reasons beyond both teams' control, and there is not a suitable point later in the calendar at which it can be played. The only thing that stopped the Toulouse -v- London fixture going ahead was the decision of the London club not to fulfill it. I have some sympathy for the point that you and others have made about the limitations of a points percentage, as opposed to average winning margin. For instance if the game had gone ahead in Toulouse last weekend and the home side had w
  11. I have a suspicion that SL talked about a 'wins percentage' in which case the percentages you mention, Scubby, would be correct. In other words, a draw is no better than a defeat as both are not a win! It would have made more sense to have an available points percentage, on the basis of a win being two points and a draw one, in which case the Wire and Hull FC percentages would be as Les Tonks Sidestep suggested in an earlier post. Meanwhile, the dear old BBC, on its website. cheerfully lists teams on the basis of points gained for winning and drawing and with on-the-field points shown a
  12. To be fair, the BBC had it wrong too, but appear to have made the necessary correction.
  13. Yes, I wondered about that too, BM. I was just quoting what is said on the BBC's website RL page. So, not too sure, in reply to your specific question.
  14. For God's sake, Futtocks! Do you have to be so positive? The next thing is you will be telling us that one or both of Sunday afternoon's Elite 1 games will be transmitted live as well!
  15. Indeed. Apparently, they were the best figures for this round for the last four years.
  16. A partial answer to your question, HW, is that it suits the broadcasters. Keeping them sweet may not be critical, but it does no harm. It also suits those who want to go and support their own team, but quite fancy being a neutral observer at another match - same venue, same day, so no excessive, extra time commitment and no extra travel costs. I see it as an addition to, not alternative for, Magic Weekend. To suggest that they are alternatives seems to me to be both specious and spurious. This year, the only people who might feel a tad grumpy about this apparently lately determine
  17. The thread title omits to mention that this match is on Sky TV, where it is said to kick off at 5pm BST, which looks right as Les Dracs' website gives a start time of 1800 hours, and I think France is still one hour different from us. I predict a home win, but only by a few - two, three or four points maybe.
  18. I'm very envious, Ullman - a lovely species that can cheer up even the dullest day. When Mrs WWD and I were seriously courting, we sometimes stayed at her family's clifftop chalet at Skipsea and there were often yellowhammers in the clifftop, scrubby vegetation, along with big numbers of linnets. Needless to say, the chalet was claimed by the avaricious North Sea many decades ago!
  19. Mrs WWD and I got an excellent view of two peregrine falcons in the New Forest this afternoon, when we went there to walk the dog. It was a good reminder that not all members of this species are to be found hanging around churches and cathedrals!
  20. I enjoyed the game, even though it was obvious Wigan would win from fairly early on. I also enjoyed the coverage. In particular, the use of action replays was restrained and, usually, timely. George Riley was a good (i.e. unobtrusive) commentator. Tony Rea is head and shoulders above anybody at Sky, possibly Jon Wells excepted. Specifically, Rea points out things that I haven't seen, because his reading of a game is far superior to mine and he has the articulacy to describe succinctly what he is seeing and thinking.
  21. Fair enough, though Catalans, to be pedantic, play in the Super League Europe!
  22. Here is the TOXIII's club president's take on the matter: Le Président du Toulouse Olympique XIII Bernard SARRAZAIN s’est exprimé sur le sujet : ” Cela fait plus d’un an que nous n’avons pas évolué à domicile, nous attendions ce rendez-vous avec impatience, tout était en place, aussi nous sommes très déçus par cette décision et son timing, à seulement 10 jours du match, que nous ne comprenons pas. En effet, nous avons tout mis en œuvre pour que Londres soit dans les meilleures conditions possibles, autant sur le plan sportif que sanitaire, en finançant nous-mêmes un avion affr
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