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  1. The problem with Gale is will he ever play.... he seems to get a lot of niggles and can't be relied upon. But he got no service at all yesterday. Briscoe looks 2 stone over weight to what he used too. I don't think he has the pace to be topscorer. Regan Grace is a good shout he doesn't get any injuries. 20/1

  2. 42 minutes ago, scotchy1 said:

    20/1 is great odds for Handley. 2nd top last year in a poor leeds side.

    Leeds have much better half backs next year and Handley outside Hurrell, Ward/Martin and Gale/Lui will almost certainly put up decent figures. 

    Hi Gates1, i went with Claire last year he was ok but not quite good enough. Is Feki likely to play? what about Eden? he was 6s last year as you know.


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