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  1. By the way could we please have a neutral referee for tomorrow's match
  2. I would have liked Powell to have been given the opportunity as head coach for the GB lions tour when it was announced. I know it's too late now but I just wonder what might have happened.
  3. Highlight for me was his try for England against New Zealand in the 2013 World Cup semi-final @ Wembley.
  4. Looking forward to this match. I shall be up early on Saturday morning (4am) for this!! Alarm set for 3am.
  5. Because Salford are going to win on Saturday, I'm going for 66,666!!!
  6. Heart wants Salford to win. Head says Saints to win. As long as we get an entertaining match it doesn't really matter. RL needs to be the real winner here.
  7. Congratulations to Toronto. Looking forward to seeing you next season. Can't wait to go and watch Rugby League in Canada.
  8. But that's how the system works. Leeds won the Super league grand final in 2011 & 2012 from 5th place while he was in charge.
  9. Wow. What a game. Congratulations to Salford. Don't you just love this sport. What a season!! Hope they go all the way and win it.
  10. Newcastle is a great city. However should we not be trying out new places?. What's wrong with taking to major cities like Birmingham, Bristol or even abroad to Barcelona? If that's what the club's and majority of fan's want then so be it.
  11. On this day 4 years ago Leeds won the league leaders shield at Huddersfield with the last kick of the game (20-16). What a night! How time flies!!
  12. Really enjoying the commentary from Mark Wilson (whether on the radio or on TV). Hopefully he'll be commentating on Super league games next season.
  13. https://membership.rugby-league.com/ Just click on the sign up button. Hope that helps.
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