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  1. As I see it the only legal option for watching live Super League in the US is Fox Soccer Plus. The problem is that this is a channel that has to be bundled with cable or a cable replacement (e.g. YouTube TV). For a cord cutter like me that means a minimum of $61 per month vs $149 per year for WatchNRL. There were some standalone methods to watch Fox Soccer Plus but I think the last of them, PlayStation Vue ends on Jan 30th. Would love someone to correct me. Guess I'll be watching Live NRL and YouTubing Super League highlights.
  2. Slight correction - the score was 58-12 to SF. I missed one of the conversions.
  3. I just got back from the game. Kudos for Tom from California Rugby League for organizing the event especially considering the weather disruption. Unfortunately heavy rain in the San Francisco bay area over the last week meant that the games had to be moved from their original spot (Boxer Stadium) in SF to a local sports park in Orinda (a town about 20 miles east of SF). The original line-up was for a Santa Rosa team to play Sacramento Immortals before the main SF vs LA match but Santa Rosa dropped out so Sacramento played a SF development team. The first match Sacramento vs SF development was fun and the referee let the game flow and overlooked a few knock-ons at the play the ball but there was a big step up in quality for the main event. Watching the two teams warm up I thought LA looked sharper but SF dominated the game and won 56-12 (I might have over counted a couple of SF conversions). SF scored first and then LA took advantage of some lapses in concentration (failing to find touch) to take a 6-12 lead. After that it was all SF though LA continued to try until the final whistle. USA Hawk Matty Walsh for LA was definitely their best player but SF just played better as a team. They seemed to have more RL experience and defended better and break the line regularly. Shout out to the ref who ran both games without touch judges. There were more than 200 in attendance and hopefully this means that a Northern California league of SF, Sacramento and others can be viable and that a southern California comp can happen too.
  4. And if you're interested join us on the RL Wikiproject https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:WikiProject_Rugby_league helping to record the history of the game.
  5. Personally I'd say that 29 matches makes the season too long. Fewer matches and a longer preseason should result in closer matches as the number of injuries should be reduced and teams with smaller squads are less disadvantaged. It would also mean the season could start later and avoid the 6 Nations and perhaps some of the worst of the English weather. I thought Robert Elstone was against loop fixtures but was pressured into it by some of the chairmen but couldn't find any evidence of that based on a quick search but what I did find was an interesting suggestion from the Sun of having 2 Magic Weekends as one way of holding an "on the road" round. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/7192481/sunsport-proposes-new-system-as-league-structure-is-set-to-change-no-loop/
  6. As a British Asian fan of Rugby League originally from Batley I'd like to throw in some thoughts on this topic. It's great to see what the Eels are achieving. Reading some of the comments on this thread I feel like I need to try to provide an alternative view; yes there are some Muslims who don't want to assimilate but the vast majority of them (in my experience) have the same concerns everyone else has and are just trying to live a decent life. Asian people are underrepresented in the sport as fans, players and officials but this isn't because of some inherent dislike of the sport. The problem is that to many of them the sport just doesn't attract their attention. This isn't an issue that is unique to this community! I think we have to ask ourselves how do people find the game? For many of my friends of British heritage it was because their families already enjoyed it but there were plenty more who weren't interested at all. Now if you're an immigrant or the child of immigrants, you're mostly likely to get into a new sport if someone you know introduces you to it but if the sport has a low-profile the chances of you knowing someone who is passionate enough to draw you in is vanishingly small. In Sydney, the sport is number one and Paramatta have a shiny new stadium which attracts new fans and that pulls in people of different cultures. I'm sure if Bradford had a shiny new stadium and there were 25k going regularly the crowd would be more diverse just because the sport would have a higher profile. The big question is how to attract more people to our sport and whether a different approaches are needed for people of different backgrounds. I wish I had answers to these questions but this article about the founding of the Brisbane Broncos describes a deliberate attempt to attract more women and break the class prejudice around league. https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/aug/22/how-the-brisbane-broncos-rose-out-of-the-political-mess-that-was-1980s-queensland If clubs are serious about attracting more people to the game they could do with asking themselves how they make the matchday experience more inclusive and how they draw attention to themselves in their local communities.
  7. Yep, really disappointed with the complete lack of warning for this change and there's no explanation why. Just as a comparison in the US The Premier League - free to air matches nationwide on NBC and a $50 per season pass that gets you access to every match live and after the event English Premiership Rugby Union - free to air matches nationwide on NBC and a $50 per season pass that gets you access to matches live and after the event We're missing a trick by not having Super League on TV in the States.
  8. I've been told by tech support that there will be no non-soccer related content on Fox Soccer Match Pass for the foreseeable future and Steve Mascord has tweeted something similar. I've emailed Fox Soccer Match Pass to express my disappointment at coverage disappearing in the middle of a season with no warning and asking for a refund on the remainder of my annual subscription. I can switch to WatchNRL but I'm more interested in Super League than the NRL.
  9. I've emailed them again for an update on the situation as it looks like we won't have coverage of this weekend's matches either.
  10. I emailed them yesterday and they said that it was a technical glitch that they're working to resolve ASAP. Not sure I can avoid the result of the HKR-London match until they fix it though.
  11. Episode 70 of the Rugby League in America podcast has an interview with Andy Lucas. He's been steadily growing the game down in Columbia, South Carolina. Really exciting to see how the 9s pans out.
  12. This week's Rugby Reloaded podcast is "A Short History of Black Players in Rugby League" with a quote from the Rugby League gazette in 1957 outlining its anti-apartheid stance "We have no colour bar. We judge a man as a man irrespective of colour and anyone good enough is eligible to play for the country of his birth"
  13. SteveSN5 and Polska XIII thanks for taking the time to answer the questions raised. It's really great to hear of continued progress for some more of RL's Emerging Nations.
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