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  1. Same here John, get well soon mate.
  2. Thats a steamingly good idea. A nice pint.
  3. Great news that Brining is going round again. BUT, I didn't know that Jason Bass is moving on?
  4. IMO this highlights a potential problem of super league players, especially the older ones, leaving full time clubs and having to get used to training twice a week. Even the most dedicated ones will never be as fit as they were. Thus, on paper last seasons group looked brilliant, but it was no surprise that some of the ' oldies ' couldn't reproduce their best form. I'm hoping that Paulie Paulie, being only 27, can retain enough fitness to impress.
  5. I'd like to re-sign all of those John for various reasons but know thats not possible. I would be surprised and disappointed if Bass moved on and very sorry if Brining had to call it a day. And similar to Kris, you would need a crystal ball for a couple of the others regarding future fitness etc. Over to you mystic Meg Fordy.
  6. Agree with that, but I'm not yet convinced re the captaincy, especially on the field. But in interview Chris says he learned a lot last season about his new role so we'll see. Captain fantastic was a hard act to follow.
  7. I hope so. Like others I was disappointed with Adam's contribution at times but injuries didn't help. He has something to prove to Knights fans if not himself. Playing behind our new big lads his ball handling could be invaluable. Just a thought.
  8. Should also be useful anywhere near the line!!
  9. Don't like the sound of that John. Let's hope the lad is over his problems and can regain full fitness. He's just the sort of unit we've been crying out for. Fingers crossed.
  10. Spot on John, think he was an arrogant 19 year old who didn't like leaving Cas. He was never going to make it as a centre anyway, luckily he found his niche later in the back row.
  11. They aren't fans, they are opportunists who can't bear to lose.
  12. A very important point there, " Haven played as well as the Knights allowed them to". I never made it up to Haven but by all accounts we were bloody awful that day. So maybe we should give the Knights some credit today for digging deep, tackling hard and not allowing Haven to fully get into their stride. Just a thought, instead of saying Haven were ######.
  13. I can truly empathise John. I've supported York RL in its various guises for nigh on 60 years ( about half of Spanish Ks innings ). I've contributed much less than many fans who've supported for half those years but, like a bad penny, l keep on turning up. I've told successive doctors over the years about this malady but they tell me to just keep taking the tablets. Good luck with the beast and hope you can make it on sunday. The way things are after the Fev match, we may be on the bench!
  14. I know what you mean JT about occasional silence and non-greeters in the office but I am well aware that the Knights staff have been under many extra pressures not of their making such as covid and the ineptitude of other stakeholders. But l do know that they still care passionately about the clubs fans, as an example l have a friend who requires some help in supporting her team, a senior manager of the club personally delivered her Wembley tickets to her home at 8.0 pm one night, presumably after leaving the office. That's caring in my book. There have been many issues this season that have tested the patience of staff and fans alike, making it very difficult to settle into our new home. Lets hope that next season we can put a lot of this ###### behind us and get that ' Knights togetherness ' back and move forward.
  15. Arguably the Knights best ever signing, certainly in recent years. Has been so influential in the club's rise. Thanks for everything Tim, especially at the club's awards dinner at the Knavesmire a couple of years ago when Harry Gration couldn't get a word in!
  16. Agree with all of that HK. It was very apparent in the first quarter that Brendan was quite tentative, running himself in so to speak and letting Matty look after the kicking. Very understandable after three months out with a couple of injuries plus covid. It was plain to see that as the game progressed and his body held up that he grew in confidence. Clarkson took a bad knock in the first half and looked winded so Tim led the team at the start of the second half, what more can we say about him, he's been pure gold for the Knights. And yes, l can just picture yesterday's ref fending off the cushions at Clarence Street. I didn't necessarily disagree with all his decisions, but he was so annoyingly inconsistent, for example penalising the Knights for offside when Widnes had been doing it for ages. I think all fans want is a ref who is consistent for both teams. Well done everyone yesterday, there were a few man of the match contenders which always bodes well.
  17. They didn't. Someone put a comment on the Press website saying they gave up waiting to buy a ticket. Not surprised as when we entered the concourse at 2.30 we had to walk round a queue that looked like an airport check in. Did people turn up a little late, or was this process as "good" as the online ticketing system that presumably was devised by the makers of The Krypton Factor?
  18. Today, the key for me was to start well ,get on top and for a change make our opponents chase the game. After watching so many poor first half performances it was refreshing to see the Knights do just that. Mikey made us tick again ably assisted by Matty and it'll be a shame if he quickly returns to KR again. And as already said the Leeds loanees played well. Young Hall reminded me a bit of Kallum Watkins at that age and if he's half as good the Rhinos will do well out of the kid. Well done everybody, an important 2 points.
  19. That's cos its like a SAGA trip Gary! Seriously though, it's always a well organised weekend with like-minded RL fans, both male and female, enjoying each other's company. Even the ones who like a few drinks, like me, still have half a brain left and respect fellow travellers. And, we DONT booze on the coach.
  20. Really sorry to hear that LadyK. I've been supporting York RL for about 60 years, travelling to various grounds and clubs. One thing I've noticed over the last 30 years is a creeping hooligan behaviour amongst a minority of rugby fans that is more akin to many of the slobs that " support " football. It is very sad that this type of disrespectful behaviour is becoming more prevalent in the greatest game, but is probably only a reflection of modern society. So glad that like us you enjoyed following the Knights to Wembley and that the sh#$e you witnessed later didnt totally ruin your trip.
  21. Agree with three of your sentences Deano. As for the fourth one, there were a few friends l knew of who were missing and definately couldnt make it. But apart from that, l think l might just alter that sentence to " shame there was one thousand missing ". I can't help but feel that if we'd been having the much hoped for good season up there in the top four that we may have taken a few more coaches. But each to his own.
  22. Fev also looking at past loanees?
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