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  1. Anyone know anywhere near Trafford or Blackfriers in Manchester that will have the game on?
  2. Not read the thread so it might have already been Merioneth but......... Isn't that what already happens IF YOU TURN UP TO WATCH YOUR TEAM?
  3. Don't think so. George is a great hooker too though like his namesake. Full of fire, and devilment.
  4. From this, he's already one of my favourites and no doubt thousands of other wire fans. I really really hope he sticks around though and doesn't all of a sudden become homesick!
  5. I'm chuffed as mint balls! As long flipping last we have actually signed a genuine MARQUEE player!
  6. Dirty Luke! I wish the ref would sort them lying on the blinking tackle all the time!
  7. What the #**€. I told her to stay at home and save those nuggets for me tea!
  8. I'm loving this! Considering that it's on an entirely new stage... In every sense of the phrase, the crowd is very good! And I am sure the new American audience will be thirsty for more! I am loving the offload game the Kiwis are playing and if we don't stop it, it's gonna kill us in the later stages of the second half.
  9. Definitely some future superstars there! And more who couldn't make it due to knocks and injuries. The future is VERY bright! Congrats to them all! ?
  10. I can't believe they couldn't find and better clips (had to watch the spelling then ?) that those! I think the Americans would lap up some huge hits and powerful runs.
  11. Looks like a superb day out, regardless of what the miserable sods on here say. Well done to all involved with setting it up. Is the money going to a good cause, or to help the Yorkshire lot get there toilets out of their back yards? <<runs away fastening the chin strap to his helmet.>>
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