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  1. I want Perth in but that bid is awful. Anything that involves the Bears will be a compromise.
  2. I wonder whether Cornwall will satisfy Perez or if one day post covid he will try to revive his dream again.
  3. As long as the plan is to also grow the game in North America. Assist the NARL for example.
  4. If we were to start judging clubs worth and value, Leigh would rate below the French clubs. The irony.
  5. 23,214 @ Newcastle NSW today against Wests Tigers for our first home game.
  6. Great to see that these three teams haven't been lost.
  7. How does allowing a part time club into a professional comp grow the game and even make business sense?
  8. So we can look forward to which part time club who will be even more ill prepared than TO to be cannon fodder next year meanwhile restricting the games footprint and growth?
  9. Lets hope that the season starts. Any idea who team 6 is and what the hold up is?
  10. The National side should be doing this. If an indigenous player is good enough they will be selected for the Kangaroos. Simple.
  11. For the uninformed, why do you say this?
  12. Why is this guy so popular at the moment. Mentioned in multiple threads.
  13. If that were to happen you can expect the broadcast deal and revenue to plummet.
  14. That's an easy answer. Increased likelihood of French broadcast deal. Successful 2025 World Cup. A full time team unlike the part time teams you mention. A market that isn't at saturation point.
  15. It didn't take long for this topic to arise because the current system is broken. If you care to reread my original post you'll see that I did mention Leigh as a victim of this system along with Toronto. Also, maybe this topic didn't surface when Leigh were relegated is because Super League stands to lose little whether they are in the top flight or not. Sorry but true.
  16. Everyone bar the traditionalists can see the growth potential in having two French clubs in Super League. Why limit that?
  17. After watching the Toulouse game earlier this morning full of excitement and hope, only for it to end with a feeling that I've seen this before too many times. The promoted team has next to no chance of staying up and avoiding relegation which is why automatic relegation needs to end. How many years does it have to take before people realise that it just doesn't work? The last couple of years, Toronto, Leigh. Toulouse haven't lost a game in a long time and are a country mile ahead of the rest of the Championship and have great potential to grow the game but it all rests on chance and an outdated system that is designed to kneecap the promoted team from the beginning. P and R doesn't work when most of us know who will be relegated each year, while there is possibility that a current part time club will be promoted at the end of this year. Are they going to fair any better than the full time Toulouse? My solution is either allow the two French clubs exemption from relegation or have P and R every two years to allow the promoted team an opportunity to compete on a level playing field by allowing time to build a squad. You only have to look at the difficulties the Dolphin's are having in the Nrl with 18monhs to prepare. I understand that P and R is a decisive topic in the Uk and my view is from an Aussie perspective. Covid killed the North American dream, let's not let stupidity ruin the French dream.
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