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  1. Only saving grace is it hasn't rained much the last few weeks
  2. Back to the actual game itself. Do we approach as a trial game or a competitive hit out. They scored the 3rd most points in English rugby last year. Fingers crossed the weather doesn't take too many off the gate
  3. In the league express it says that the 3 trialist have been given contracts along with Fui Fui Re-signing but the club are yet to comment on this.. I see what you mean
  4. Let's have Wilkes back (Twitter )
  5. Friend of mine reckons he's been offered to Whitehaven to solve their halves issue but Whitehaven can't afford his loan fee and are trying to get Martyn Ridyard instead on the same bases
  6. Sammut plays for Leigh u mean lunt? Dickinson has signed up with them 2yr deal I think
  7. God awful that game about 28-6? Ran round like headless chicken's majority of it. 2020 though now new man in charge. Good feeling.
  8. He trained with them Saturday and might have a run out Sunday. He's been training daily in the USA
  9. League express predicting 6th place finish let's prove em wrong UTT
  10. By all accounts it's flying off the shelves
  11. Needs a new photo in the new shirt pal I bet
  12. A really positive night at the AGM loads of stuff happening. Brilliant to be a part of the SC. A great insight off Chris and Gus. Roll on West Bowling
  13. They've had two run outs in pre season need the strongest squad available for this game.
  14. Tbf we've had Siddal, Newcastle Thunder and now West Bowling at home in the last 2 seasons in the Challenge cup.
  15. https://www.timesandstar.co.uk/sport/18189114.head-coach-chris-thorman-not-concerned-injury-hit-workington-towns-loss/
  16. 630pm on the BBC Sport website
  17. Some of the decisions were mental the other commentators and camera man had hands in the air most of the time decent crack tho
  18. Thanks hopefully as impartial as possible
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