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  1. Some of the decisions were mental the other commentators and camera man had hands in the air most of the time decent crack tho
  2. Thanks hopefully as impartial as possible
  3. Supporters bus on the way yam.. Someone seemed to reckon it'll be announced Friday that he's back.
  4. Thought Town played a lot better than the scoreline suggested around 10 1st team players that weren't risked. We've no 'squad issues` at all
  5. Was a very good 1st half 2 solid defences in the 1st half and 2 good rugby sides
  6. Has been but booked on a flight this week apparently
  7. Wonder if we'll hear of any signings soon
  8. Signed yesterday wasn't overly impressed with the reputation he came with. Can't fault he always put his hand up even when not at 100%. Good luck to the lad. We move forward UTT
  9. I agree. Likes of Bruie, Doran, Forber and Scholey are experienced. Got young lads who are hungry for their spot. Seems to be a better season than we've had for w bit.
  10. Things will happen every confidence in Thorman
  11. Thorman hoping to welcome back some injured players for Raiders clash.
  12. 10-4 in Whitehaven favour. Caine has a heavily bruised foot but nothing broken.
  13. From a neutral point of view (one I had to take yesterday) Workington looking as though they were lacking just that little bit of aggression up front at times. You'd think Fui Fui Moi Moi would sort that. The backs were a lot better than we've seen for a while and Marwood showed promise considering he hadn't played many minutes last season. Whitehaven reverted to up the middle stuff and it didn't work. As the breakaway tries showed. Taking Dion and Dixon out of the occasion and Whitehaven will struggle terribly. As for the last penalty that lead to the Callum Philips try. It's a blatant strip on Dawson. All in all a lot of positives for Workington to take to barrow and onto the season. Whitehaven will be happy with a win but I'd think that'll be all.
  14. We've lost Wilkes from the forwards only. Had a lot of ball for the backs last year just not enough backs to do things with whereas now we have plenty
  15. The reason for moi moi "coming out of retirement" is because he'd only signed 1 years deal so technically free agent still
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