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  1. Got a good kid there was outstanding when on loan with us massive potential
  2. Carl Forster has said he left haven only to be closer to home with his family I can't see him going to barrow with all due respect the traveling time isn't much different and in the league below when he has just got promotion I reckon hel be snapped up either by SL or a club on his doorstep Leigh etc but if you have got him my god he's quality and will rip up league 1 best of luck to you guys
  3. Hopefully it's the most important part of the team imo get that right it's sets a great platform for this side to strive
  4. Half back is key we struggled there all year it needs sorted as a priority
  5. Struggling to understand why he was so poor for you guys in the season you got promotion over us he was unbelievable for us maybe travelling up that road 4 times a week took its toll hopefully can get some of the form back
  6. People said He put on a lot of weight and just lost his place and never seemed to get it back
  7. Meaning at his current age and condition he's very good for league 1 but not championship level anymore and we need championship class players or higher now town are in league 1 and would DO a fine job at league 1 level there's a big step between league 1 and championship standard
  8. Be very good for town but isn't the player he was hasn't played much 2nd half of the season won't make it at champ level now so in league 1 can still do a job I'd say very hard for me to say he's passed it but he is sadly when we first got him wow what a strike player
  9. We have a huge forward pack and adding tom today has made it even bigger we still have Matty while to come back.from.injury who hasnt played all year and he was quality when on loan a couple seasons ago. Half back is the only area I believe we are weak we need atleast one top game controller with a kicking game
  10. Haven't seen tom play is he that good pal heard he's a proper workhorse
  11. Yea think this season he's not the player he was he shows glimpses of brilliance but nothing to win down a regular first team spot this year
  12. We only played West Wales not exactly a crowd puller is it tbh and to get 978 for that game is pretty good and looked a lot more there if I remember, if we played Newcastle Donny etc it would have been wel over the given crowd
  13. Riley is quality and if he's gonna take over from coward who surley hasn't got it in him at champ level then I'm more than happy with in the championship u need 4-5 massive props to compete we need to replace like for like or better
  14. You travel to barrow 2- 3 times a week and then play a game down that road and I'm sure u would be half arsed aswell marra
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