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  1. They always do the same with us always going there
  2. Is he really? How did he do for you guys seen him at town a few years back is he any better
  3. I'm shocked with this donald but if that's what the lads wants we can't stop him he's essential to us
  4. Jordan burns is haven through and through I don't care what town offer I don't believe he would consider going there and why would you, you only have to see him play to see how much he loves haven he's also contracted for this season already so don't believe any of this
  5. Forster is a great 13 aswell as the best prop in that league by far I don't think you guys realise how good a player u have got in Carl I'm still gutted he's not with us should be playing much higher rugby I know who my money is going on to win league 1 next year at a canter
  6. Yea that's why I think he is at haven pal
  7. Believe me I don't think most haven fans are doing cartwheels over this signing i can only assume he's at haven for experience and cant see him playing much
  8. Big forwards then why sign a very small thackery marra make no sense
  9. If you say so marra if you say so
  10. With all due respect to Karl not sure if he's ready for the championship the step up in class is huge would be better off in league 1 and we can't afford to carry anyone next year we need proven Championship players or higher
  11. Time will tell nothing for you to be worried about you have your own problems to sort out and firstly id sort out getting 17 players on the field for a game
  12. When did town last win anything? Haven have won the championship, won league 2 been in 2 semi finals and a northern rail cup final all since town won there last final so we are proud obviously
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