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  1. I thought game would be delayed look of fans trying to get in when game was kicking off looked a very healthy crowd of 2k plus so should help both clubs out
  2. Thought the pitch held up well tbh thought town looked ok first half and it was a real arm wrestle but I thought 2nd half we introduced some key players and we dominated the 2nd but quite impressed with some of the town players tbh was a better game than I was expecting good luck town
  3. Pitch is one of the best in summer and one of the worst in winter
  4. Pitch is fine don’t worry about it considering the amount of rain and the weather lately up here look on social media
  5. Eilbeck is the problem at haven needs to go
  6. I’m sure the league 1 season doesn’t start until march a month after the championship so still a fair bit away pal
  7. Brilliant signing for town
  8. Personally don’t think Callum will return was avery bad injury he got
  9. Telling me mate but think he’s found his level for 2023
  10. Very happy with that quality player
  11. Your right mate loyalty is a great thing but if haven had offered such a great contract surely the lad would want to play at the best level at the championship and not in league 1 if he had goals then that’s surely would be his option just saying mind
  12. Please take scholey aswell hope to god he’s not anywhere near our side actually bricking it for 7 for our announcement
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