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  1. I’m not gonna lie the side we put out today should have blew you off the park and probs will in the league games I’m just ###### off at the performance and attitude thought the game was won at 14-6 and threw it away well done on your behalf very frustrating on ours
  2. Your judging you will hold your own in the championship because you beat a rusty haven side today wow
  3. Pre season game mate as I keep saying maybe we played into your hands because of being a rusty side who’s playing their first game for over 3 months no team is squeaky clean first game it takes time
  4. Was jontys first games marra I’m sure jonty will get it right hopefully starting next week at swinton
  5. That’s the scary thing marra not saying we are a top side but much much better than what we got served up today our fans deserve better
  6. That’s what happens when teams play on paper mate but derbys can go either way as today showed haven thought we had to turn up and town shot us down and fair play you deserved the win
  7. Are you really that thick or deluded you have won nothing except a pre season game nothing more I get people get excited but you lot take it to a different level let’s see who’s laughing at who come Easter
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