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  1. Our game was televised and on a Sunday night never gonna get big gate
  2. Conditions wer a massive part of it pal they handled it better but I reckon if it was dry and hard pitch we would have won but as I've said previous it's game 1 not 29
  3. No we played out best rugby last year in summer
  4. I'm not worrying one bit marra things will come good people too quick to judge after one game
  5. Conditions massive leveler was very heavy field today in the summer they will win quite a few games there's 30 league games this year and people are panicking over a loss on a muddy field in February
  6. Didn't know town played today pal ?
  7. Considering they had 21 players to towns 16 was always going to tell in the end and only pre season these games mean nothing more than getting match fitness
  8. Haven scored 20 points in the first 30 mins the rest of the game was just chopping and changing the side and had gone flat that's why not many points wer scored in 2nd half nothing to do with Wales injuries they wer adecent side tbf
  9. Haven tried Saturdays years back and it knocked hundreds off crowds doesn't work pal
  10. ####### down freezing and 17 quid to get in would you go
  11. Hopkins has signed for Rochdale today
  12. On that showing we should be in not acceptable
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