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  1. Hes a good solid player disappointed when he left haven hes a very fit player my only concern for him was he isn't the biggest forward in terms of weight and he found it hard at pro level to gain yards but another chop at it will do him good best of luck to Jordan tomposh
  2. Just wonderd what your opinions are on Andrew hes signed for haven for 2021 been at town a bit will he be good for the championship?
  3. Asked what he's like pal not giddy at all
  4. If hes coming to haven we have a signing announcement in the morning whats he like will he make the step up?
  5. Finally someone without rose tinted glasses on
  6. Replying to a comment from a haven fan mate
  7. Just remind me what leagues are both clubs in still.......
  8. Last season that pal not this year and I'd say 3 of the 5 games that we played we could have won and should have but no excuse for that this year totally different and the calibre of players coming in think we will be just fine very optimistic
  9. I agree marra he's not gonna leave town anytime soon I think he will play at haven at some point in his career being a haven lad
  10. In your opinion pal just like me saying you aint got a of hope of getting promoted this year simply because barrow and attowa and a few others are much stronger than town
  11. Very pleased pal the kid is top class got some real quality in the side this year
  12. Woukd say it was to test the water to see if it was right for him. Hopefully realises he stepped up with ease and stood out in a few games so I would be disopointed if he didn't commit
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