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  1. I had that recorded on VHS , 3 house moves later it has disappeared .
  2. Burnt his boats when he left York , Ellis and Harris should do us but now O'hagan has had an op to clear up his injury probs I would like us to keep him if money allows. You could be right about Donny for Robbo.
  3. Five forwards gone and one signed , looking forward to see who Fordy has lined up to replace them.
  4. Dean Parata signs for Broncos from Fev , one minute they appear to be having a clear out ready for part time then sign a quality player like Parata.
  5. Must be good if you wanted to hang on to him.
  6. Yep https://www.examinerlive.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/york-city-knights-jordan-thompson-21879776?fbclid=IwAR1NEyRVbn6wTOEspHWKc9nQlfX1S6EgGPH4w4ajprZ5UyqPgjyf2XrhbZM
  7. Broncos exit door swings again , 5th player to leave this week.
  8. Big fella Green got one goal , did he buy Sammut a pint ?.
  9. Last Commands of Xyralothep......The Fall This one sure looks tired.
  10. Disability RL festival at York St john Sports Park Haxby Road , York YO31 8FY home of Knights training ground this Sunday 26th September 13 clubs from across the country will be in attendance.
  11. Yet selling their best centre and top try score Kieron Gill to the Bulls ? , be interesting to see who they have lined up to replace him.
  12. Pretty in pink Psychedelic Furs Another waitress....with an IUD.
  13. Different class , just glad York played TO early doors of season where the score was a much more respectable 6 - 21.
  14. I am pig sick of rumours/gossip , UNLESS it comes directly from the club I do not want to know.
  15. Can't speak for the junior services Paul but Royal Navy Rugby league was founded in 1997.
  16. Heworth winners of their group. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/sport/19577060.heworth-secure-ncl-group-g-title-win-drighlington/
  17. Yes it is only first episode but so far so bland , Farrell depicted as a hard man ? , gaining weight and growing a beard does not cut it , he should have watched his co star Jack O' Connel in Starred Up to know real menace. Will stick with it for Jack and Steven Graham.
  18. I like Washy , when he came to us he said it was his last season , I would not say he is laid back but he makes the game look easy as we all know it is far from that.....no , he plays the game with a smile on his face and given that he has been asked to play out of position during this season he has done very well and thanks for your time in amber and black Washy.
  19. I will not like your post HG as that would be wrong but it echoes my situation to a tee , changing jobs the patronising bunch now blank you in the street.
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