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  1. Pointless Celebrities is shirley the most apt title ever , unless you know better.
  2. Stirlin


    Stop being so patronising , it is a journo view , not ours. We KNOW we are far from the finished product and it will be some years before we make the grade.
  3. And he was a country player , not NRL , bet the Rayne twins remember him.
  4. Josh Daley signs for York. https://yorkcityknights.com/club/daley-signs/
  5. You should check O'Hagans again , PP had a few banned games where he was not injured , i could go on.
  6. You should check players stats before making statements like that.
  7. ''It is absolutely not acceptable for a York team to ever be beaten on effort and attitude''
  8. I had never seen Mark Rylance on screen but had read his numerous notices for stage performance over the years , Without ever resorting to violence the menace he portrayed in numerous scenes brought Hilary's Cromwell character to life . Another memorable highlight was his tussle with Anton Lesser who played Thomas More.
  9. Apparently the follow up to the BBC series Wolf Hall , based on the Mirror and the Light is in production. Wolf Hall was one of the best historical drama's the beeb have ever come up with but to shunt it away on BBC4 was dumb , the performance of Mark Rylance and Clair Foy in particular were outstanding and deserved a bigger stage. According to Mark the August day they were to shoot the scene of Anne Boleyn losing her head started sunny and warm but as the scene was about to start a squall came in , dark clouds , windy , rain and cold , one take and the scene was done followed by a bright , warm sunny August day.
  10. The Stadium Management Company at York is owned by YCFC , the SMC office is next door to the Knights at the stadium , heads banging together does not seem to be in their lockers.
  11. There is a rumour that he is going elsewhere but I am hoping it is Danny Kirmond. https://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/rugby-league/ex-super-league-star-danny-27993861?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  12. PG Tips most of the day , Nescafe Black Roast coffee to wake me up.
  13. Danny Kirmond did say that this was his last season , shame as he has been a standout during his time here and I would have wanted to retain him , Joe Porter retiring due to work commitments , same comment as Danny , Jamie Ellis ?.
  14. One years FREE loan of Levi , with no recall clause.
  15. Proud to serve HM Queen Elizabeth in the Royal Navy.......RIP Ma'am.
  16. It is Heroes Day on Sunday Barley. https://www.yorkpress.co.uk/news/20908296.york-city-knights-rugby-free-tickets-key-workers-family/
  17. As are the PT's in Asda......can't eat just one , or two.
  18. You are just one big tease.
  19. Shame , he was not getting much game time at Leigh and came to us hoping to get plenty of minutes in to put himself in the shop window for the World Cup.
  20. Was the HORROR channel , always worth checking out whats on.
  21. Warm goats cheese and cheery tomatoes on ciabatta are very good , early doors if you want them warm.
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