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  1. Blake Wallace...... Blessed with a larger-than-life personality and scintillating sidestep, Blake Wallace’s journey to becoming a permanent member of the Wolfpack team has been one of hard-work and determination. Hailing from Wollongong in Australia, Wallace has been on the Wolfpack roster since their inaugural season and scored the Club’s first ever try. Since then he has proven himself as an elusive runner that never fails to step up to every challenge. 2019 will always be a memorable year for Wallace, not least of all for the stunning try that set Lamport Stadium alight during the Playoff Final. With the season on the line, Wallace gave everything in a push for the line that left defenders in his wake and sparked the Wolfpack into life and inspired a famous victory that secured Super League promotion. Wallace pulled on the Wolfpack jersey 22 times in 2019 and collected an impressive total of 132 points, including 16 tries. A player that has gotten better with each passing week during his time in Toronto, Wallace is primed for the Club’s maiden Super League campaign and will be integral in their desire to not just perform at the top level but to challenge for the title. After a strong junior career in Australia, Wallace made his professional debut with the Wolfpack in 2017 as a 24 year old and immediately showed his worth to the fledgling side. He has become a favourite with both fans and players as a result of his energetic personality and hardworking attitude, traits that saw him one of the first picked by Brian McDermott each week in 2019. Ready to take his game to another level in 2020, the product of Wollongong in Australia will be one to watch on the biggest stage.
  2. ALL Toronto's players are up for sale , does Wallace want to take a huge pay cut to play for us ? , very good if we can get him but I fear others with deeper pockets would beat us to it. Argyle , although a billionaire looks to be cutting his losses and writing off the loans he made to TWP and putting the club on the market with New York looking favorite.
  3. ...and Scott Murrell to Keighley .
  4. Walked past today SK and the car park in front of stadium was empty and temp fencing was locked , survey team of 4 near ten pin bowling alley which still has 2 units awaiting tenants and no one else around , maybe just sweeping up to do.
  5. Under all the different names the club have had at least , with Sheffield , they survived and prospered that '' new wave '' of clubs , Carlisle , Mansfield Marksmen , Kent Invicta..........
  6. Had a look around the stadium a couple of weeks ago organised by the club , Chairman , Neil the general manager , Scotty and his son , Baldy and Jack Teanby plus about 10 vice pres. Entered by the hospitality entrance and had a look around the changing rooms and stuff then walked out of the players tunnel into ground....WOW , no pictures you may have seen do the place justice. Had a peek in the hospitality suites at the back of main stand and Premier Lounge and vice pres suite. Beer on offer is Theakstons Pale Ale , Fosters , Amstel , Bier Morreti and a couple of Strongbow ciders , I guess the same will be on offer in the main bar at ground floor level. It really is a fantastic place , just a bit of snagging left to do. Not sure about the bus situation , maybe Gav could answer that for you.
  7. Think he has had a smell of the barmaids apron......still wrong though and he has nothing to back up his claims.
  8. You have missed the point , SL have gone for August hoping for playing in front of normal crowds which is speculative but fair given the 2 month time frame and Champ/Lge1 could follow suit. There could be a second wave of covid but I would prefer to be optimistic that we could see some games this season.
  9. Well until the RFL gives us notice......Super League would want to kick start in August which would give Champ/Lge 1 two months time to prepare , players in this situation will be holding off on holiday preps just in case season resumes. As for season tickets I am a pensioner and paid for my season ticket almost a year ago so is dead money , I do not want any freebies from the club as we have one of the smallest budgets in the Champ. Suck it up and hope for some games this season.
  10. Where is the '' official '' notification that the season has ended ?.
  11. A small mistake that you should own up to , it gave us all a laff and you would have earned respect if you had countered with summat like '' Duh , my bad '' instead of the lame post I have quoted.
  12. Stirlin


    Pinched from Knights web site twitter feed. Absolute class. -
  13. RIP Coxy , how we all remember him...with that huge smile. -
  14. Signed up , owt to help the club while we are inactive.
  15. There are some TO pics from last year on Knights website CS.
  16. Watched the match again on Knights Twitter feed yesterday , Phil Vievers commentating was pathetic from start to finish. Bigging up TWP at every opportunity and highlighting our mistakes to the hilt , the only thing he picked up on RE TWP was the amount of penalties they were giving away , not until about 5 minutes left did he accept that we would win the match .
  17. Workers still on site , access road to MSV finished and groundworks around that area now being looked at. 2 posh new signs erected with all that's available on stadium site.
  18. Plenty of laffs from the audience during first half , why ? , they only laughed at the profanity .
  19. Saw the stage play , pile of dung......I left at the interval.
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