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  1. That’s must have slipped my mind, what happed?
  2. He was, along with David Stirling, one of the original SAS troopers. He was hard a nails, and very well respected.
  3. Keep it at 12 and lock Toulouse in for 3 years.
  4. If Catalan and Toulouse negotiate their own TV contract, will they have to share the revenue with the rest of SL?
  5. If you are that desperate for the big time, do the commercially sensible things and merge with Cas and Wakefield. Create a club with a large Suppprt base and take it from there.
  6. So it’s a choice between a team that represent a population of 500K, and increased commercial potential, or a team that represents a set of traffic lights, a Lidl and a row of shops.
  7. That’s why the game needs to attract new fans. It’s not impossible, it will take time and effort, and some investment.
  8. It’s time for the game to cut the flat cappers loose. The game is held back by miserable idiots like this.
  9. I am 99% certain that any successful business person would look at the state of the game and it’s finances and advise that we focus on SL. The NRL is proof that we don’t need promotion and relegation.
  10. We need to face facts the no one at the RFL has any clue how to promote an event. For a smallish budget you can advertise on YouTube and Facebook (using video). Using new networks like TikTok can be cheap and very effective, getting an influencer to join in on a light training and gym session could have great results.
  11. Great game spoilt my the ref right at the end. I honestly believe that England could be 24 points up against Australia, with 5 mins to go, in front of 80K at Wembley and we will still find a way of shooting ourselves on the foot and losing.
  12. Brutal pace, so much so the director can’t keep up with play.
  13. Alex Simmons - no thanks! I can listen to inane ‘banter’ on any morning radio station. The live Out of Your League podcast sounds good though.
  14. And if it was up to some people in the game, we would pay them even less.
  15. Considering you could earn £30k as a plasterer or electrician, why would you do permanent damage to your body and mental health for peanuts.
  16. If Oledski didn’t get a ban for what he did last week there is no chance he will be banned!
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