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  1. Awful. The score line and our run speaks for itself. Yes I wasn’t at the game but I pay my money for my season ticket and buy merchandise every season so because I haven’t been able to get to work doesn’t make me or anyone else less than a supporter; sorry but been told today I should support my team and go — WORK. We go again.
  2. Couldn’t agree more, difficult state of affairs. Expect a six paragraph reply from Tom Coates, addressing absolutely nothing but awarding himself for all the tiresome work he does for the club and how if we really cared we would help in
  3. I can’t comment on the performance as I haven’t managed to get to this match — or the last few unfortunately, but glad to see we scored a few but it’s another game without any points — just got to get through this difficult spell. Keep the faith.
  4. Good effort but at the end of the day it’s another week without any points!
  5. You ain’t the only one who is losing enjoyment because of it but nothing you or we can do!
  6. It’s a shame the Halifax game was postponed as I thought it would have been the perfect opportunity to showcase a fine home display and maybe put some points on the board ahead of this very tough fixture. Typically I liked to be an optimist but the last few times I have watched Fev they have looked a classy outfit capable of scoring 6+ tries a game. I personally can’t see us getting anything here and although I would love to see a great performance I somewhat see this as a free hit. 1. Guzdeck 2. Worrincy 3. Glover if fit (Woolard if not) 4. Hallet 5. Morton 6. Sykes 7. Ansell 8. Reaily 9. Ward 10. Everett 11. Walshaw 12. Spicer 13. Brown Day, Speakman, Teanby, Sheriffe FTS: Ward FTS: 48 - 14 Fev MOM: Brown
  7. We are on a four loss losing streak in all competitions therefore it is vital we put in a performance on Monday and try our upmost to take advantage of being at home and get some points. 1. Guzdeck 2. Worrincy 3. Wolard 4. Hallet 5. Morton 6. Sykes 7. Ansell 8. Reaily 9. Ward 10. Everett 11. Spicer 12. Walshaw 13. Brown Speakman, Day, Teanby, Sheriffe FTS 16 - 38 Halifax FTS Guzdeck MOM Guzdeck ATT 800+
  8. We lost and played bad, negative rugby with terrible discipline — same at Leigh. The players you mentioned would not have made a difference. Sorry but we should not be the happier of the two sides. That Batley side was not much better than our’s on paper. The recalling of loaned players is part and parcel of the modern game, sooner we all accept that the better, it’s an excuse that papers over crack!
  9. A pretty dire display, let’s not beat around the bush. You will never win a game of rugby league when you have about 10 minutes worth of possession either half because of ill discipline. The going high on the last tackle, constant laying on, hitting the oppositions head after you come out of the tackle and so on needs to stop now. The referee will never give us 50/50 calls when our discipline is so bad. We lacked significant attacking nouce again and played the game wrong in the second half — pinning Batley back into their own half and waiting for mistakes should have been the game plan in the second half. Ansell did look good though when he came in, fitness must be the only issue to why he did not start — that or Ned got it very wrong in terms of selection. In terms of positives I though Guzdeck had another superb game, he reads the game effortlessly and makes high balls look easy — if it wasn’t for the lack of depth in the full back position I’d be tempted to try him at 6. Martyn Reaily also looked really handy despite what I thought was a poor pre - season showing. The fact we didn’t concede more showed that our defence is very good we just need to sharpen the attack and want to win games more. Shape up against Fax and Fev or we could be on a long winless run!
  10. I went and we were ###### poor in attack but put the effort was there; but you can’t concede three tries in the space of under ten minutes whilst giving the ball away due to ill discipline and expect to reallly challenge a full time side. Matty English ran hard and tackled well, Guzdedk read the game very well and was probably our man of the match and Day and Ward dealed with being targeted — probably due to their size, very well. A few moments when Worrincy looked as though he could of broken but seemed cautious and let Leigh players just meet him. Poor kicking from Sykes again but guessing he’s struggling with a knock on him. Leigh’s play was built almost solely on speed and power, as when they got to the line they almost looked as clueless there as us — the difference being their speed from the ruck etc. Saying that when we were at the line we looked slow and disorganised. Moore not looking sharp. The referee performance was okay in my opinion, we as fans were far too emotional towards Hewer as most of the penalties were brought onto us by ourself by laying on etc. A bit of free hit a along as we perform against Batley and Fax.
  11. A difficult result to take because we clawed away at Toulese multiple times but ultimately their class shone rather high. We didn’t help ourselves by being drawn into their scarpy tactics but when they reached our line we were defensively soft - referring to try 1 and 3 in particular. Toulese’s stand off was outstanding, one of the beet half back performances I’ve seen in a long time. I was impressed with Matty English yet again and the likes of Walshaw, Speakman, Spicer and Morton were typically good and worked hard. Knowles’ was good at times but his passing is more often then not too flat to play 7 against the full time sides and Toulese exposed that (second try was a flyer, similar to Worrincy’s against Rochdale). Could tell Sykes wasn’t fit as he shyed away from tackles but I appreciate him putting his body on the line today. Still a positive start to the season and give the likes of Potts, Haliday, Hayes, Reaily etc a chance at Haven; letting some have a rest for Leigh who seem to be in free fall (just be our luck that they get a new coach in the two weeks and it all changes) but we have a decent record there. UTR.
  12. Going to be a tough one but fairly confident we will edge this: 1. Guzdeck 2. Worrincy 3. Glover 4. Hallet 5. Morton // Simpson, if still unfit 6. Sykes 7. Moore // Knowles, if still unfit 8. Sheriffe 9. Ward 10. Teanby 11. Spicer 12. Knowles // Hayes, if not playing 7 13. Brown Speakman, Walshaw, Everett, English Lovely that the team is picking itself, gutted not to see the likes of Day, Potts etc but impossible to drop players after how we have been playing. FT 18-32 Dewsbury FTS Hallet MOM Brown
  13. Any idea on the state of the pitch after today’s weather?
  14. Hopefully a decision on the condition of the pitch is taken longer than an hour before kick off. Travelling up but would hate for it to be another Workington!
  15. When all the player has to do is catch the ball and he’s in.
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