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  1. I thought they were far more dominant in the tackle than us, which is why they were "allowed" to slow things down. With the ball they were getting to ground, on their fronts quickly which forces the ref to speed up play. When we had the ball, they were quite legally slowing it down and being dominant, which is why we appeared slow at the ruck. They were just better than us, nowt to do with the ref. Agree that Chizzy on the field and a rust free Holmes would have made a huge difference to our performance.
  2. Not necessarily. How many kids are we losing to Kick & Clap because the earning potential just isn't there in RL? I know of 3 from my lad's age group that turned down RL academies for this very reason and are now lost to the game, playing a game they didn't have much interest in, but are making a living from.
  3. It's the first game where there hasn't been a blow out score for TO. The first real test they've had this year and they were the better team on the day. On paper, I see the two teams as fairly evenly matched. The Pro / Semi-Pro argument doesn't cut it for me. Fev have consistently shown that they are somewhere close to full-time in term of fitness. Fev were poor today. Too many errors and a serious lack of composure. We can play way better than that. The Grand Final should be an absolute belter.
  4. I had a rough count because I was genuinely surprised that there were any at all, what with the 'rona nonsense and the de facto closure of the border.
  5. But they still managed to bring more than Sheffield and London. Combined
  6. An extremely unlikely scenario. It's far more likely to be a Leigh/Salford/Wakefield playing a Fev/London/Halifax for that place. Most of the clubs I refer to as providing no value (we all know who they are) are utterly invisible in their local areas. They need to seriously up their game and stop just taking the TV money and thinking all is well.
  7. Having got thoroughly bored watching the loop fixtures that SL play over the last couple of years, I think 2 x 10 is a bloody awful idea. Neutrals like me will switch off in droves if they see the same teams playing each other as much as 5 times a year if we include cup and play-offs. The only way 2 x 10 works is if it's conferences with cross-league fixtures. Ideally I'd like 14 in SL, with 2 up, 2 down (1 automatic, 1 decided by the MPG). Yes the funding has to be shared out more than it is now and yes, some of it still needs to go to the two divisions below. Some clubs
  8. I don't buy the TOXIII getting special treatment argument. They're victims of circumstance this season and I have no issue with the way the season and the table has panned out. It's actually in the SL clubs' short term financial interest for Fev to go up and we know how SL can only see the ends of their noses. They'll much prefer a few hundred Rovers fans swelling the coffers than zero Toulouse fans and the cost of getting over there. Hopefully on Sunday the table will correct itself and we'll have a massive crowd to celebrate our 1895 victory.
  9. I've a feeling the exact opposite will happen. Just like it did in Texas and Florida when they lifted restrictions and ended the mask mandate.
  10. Hope Misi isn't one of them. Was in his company for a while on Friday night at Skolars.
  11. It can only be Featherstone Rovers.
  12. Is it normal to still have a monster hangover 36 hours later? Asking for a friend.
  13. These are fit young men. Their risk of any bad effects is so miniscule, there is probably more chance of them becoming seriously injured by a homicidal pair of swimming trunks.
  14. Christ on a bike. Spent about £600 on trains and hotels for the family. All non-refundable. This screening of healthy people with no symptoms is insane. As a society, we've collectively lost our marbles.
  15. Don't think so. The enabling development is dead in the water and the site has been abandoned.
  16. Really? You think that's offensive/patronising/rude? It's a figure of speech.
  17. Backside is twitching like a rabbit's nose. Not sure how much more of this I can take. Four bloody hours to go. Wish I was there. Used all my brownie points for the league game. I'll have to settle for being at Post Office Road. UTR
  18. That is indeed a heavy price. Stock up on bleach just in case. I hope you'll need it on Tuesday ? UTR
  19. I've been to Lamport. It's decent enough. The seats are quite uncomfortable and it's very open to the elements (I got sunburned and wet through in the space of 3 hours). The bogs were of a similar standard to Post Office Road. And weirdly, you're not allowed to vape in the open air. Yet you can stand outside the stadium and smoke weed.
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