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  1. Don't think anyone is bagging him for investing the money. It's the way he conducted himself that's led to the "terribly harsh" attacks. The bloke was an absolute tool Who can forgot the "feeling sorry for Fev and Bradford" speech Or the social media rants Or the drunken slanging matches Or offering fans out for a fight Or the complete lack of class And now the "it's everyone's fault but mine" routine. He is/was a grade A, cast iron, copper bottomed, gold plated cock. Feel for some of the Leigh fans who are potentially looking at starting again in League 1. There were however, plenty who took their lead from the be-suited gorrila and showed all the class he did. They can go fooey.
  2. Can you share your thoughts about Toronto? I think you might be Parky in a new frocK
  3. I'm second generation. Dad came over from the dark side having been a Wigan fan. In the pre M62 days, travelling home for a game wasn't really an option, so he started going to Fev with some mates he made at Ponte RUFC. Then he started taking me and they got into my blood. I've bled blue and white since. I sometimes curse him, but I'm usually grateful he took me to Post Office Road. I've inflicted Rovers on my kids and they're just as obsessed as I am. Sadly, I don't think there'll be many 1st generation fans, 20 years out of the top flight has gifted incomers and new fans to the other lot.
  4. Poor Degsy Not that I had much respect for the load mouthed oaf, but he might have earned a bit if he'd 'fessed up to the string of stupid errors he made on the way. The bit about liquidation is interesting and I suspect he's preparing the way for just that eventuality. Is moaning about LSV's owners also preparing Leythers for a move to a small local football ground too? Not too much sympathy for his situation, he was a complete cock on the way up. It's really difficult to not wet your pants watching him on the way down.
  5. Don't think anyone's suggesting Toulouse should have won. Leeds were clearly the better team. What Hewer did though was break Toulouse's spirit and ruined the game. It's nowhere near the first time Mr Hewer has done this. He's certainly not SL standard, nor is he Championship standard in my experience .
  6. All games are easy when the ref is favouring you. Hewer has broken Toulouse's back in this game and ruined it.
  7. Every game between a SL and Champ team officiated by this clown is the same. He sees the Champ team's infringements, but not the SL team's.
  8. Some really poor Reffing from Hewer. Has he got a blue and yellow vest on?
  9. That'd be amazing. I can see it now, it's 2022 and we're all just settling in to watch 14th v 15th in a late season game. Neither team can be relegated, neither team has a hope of winning anything. It's all set to be the most enthralling game of the season, Super League Europe are predicting record ticket sales and Sky are set to offer a big increase in TV money, such is the excitement around games like these. I think you've forgotten that we're in the entertainment industry.
  10. You're not offending us! We couldn't care less about the losers cup either. Zero the points of all three competitions. That will instantly add some excitement.
  11. Amazing entertainment. Believe it or not, there are some folk who want to get rid of this format ?
  12. Yesssssssssss Fantastic effort from London. Widnes look fairly screwed to me. They'd better get dusting off those directions to Dewsbury, Batley and Featherstone.
  13. All home wins. I know it's as a result of the incredibly tight race for the top 4, but with Fev already in the final I really can't muster much enthusiasm for this weekend's game. To be honest, if it was at Batley, I'd be more likely to go, it's a great afternoon in the sun and I'm missing their pies. There's a mini music festival at Ponte RUFC on Sunday. It's very unusual for me to miss a Rovers game, but I must admit I'm more tempted by a bit of Rock n Roll and a gallon of ale than I am by Fev v Batley.
  14. Slightly off topic Am I right in thinking that 1983/84 was the season that the 4 point try was introduced, along with the handover after the 6th tackle? Who was the last scorer of a 3 point try? It could be David Hobbs in the 83 cup final, or was there a later premiership final in those days?
  15. Still think that Widnes and Salford are likely candidates,. That said, Toronto are in for a shock. Two seasons of being flat track bullies and enjoying weaker, inexperienced refs doesn't prepare you for the intensity of playing the SL teams and the scrutiny of the better, more experienced officials. Paul Rowley could be an issue too, I don't think he's capable of coaching at this level. Toulouse are hot and cold, it all depends which version turn up. They have the ability. London aren't quite there, 'fax are making up the numbers. Whoever gets relegated, life won't end. You'll get to see some places you haven't been in a while and you'll enjoy some cracking rugby.
  16. Imagine Parky's computer screen. It'll look like a plasterer's radio.
  17. Doesn't all this historical footage belong to either The BBC, Sky or ITV? Think that might be the major stumbling block to getting content out there.
  18. You do realise that Wakefield is a city in name only? It just happened to have a cathedral at a time in history when that was the requirement to be called a city. It's really a medium sized town. There are many towns, some of them with Rugby League clubs that dwarf Wakefield's population.
  19. Probably, as long as it's a 999 year lease, with perpetual renewal options ?
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