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  1. No they wouldn't. But what's wrong with giving it away, or giving The Championship away? The game needs exposure. Exposure that we're just not getting by hiding away on pay TV twice a week. There are other options too. Dave is a fairly popular channel that has dabbled in sport. ITV7 Racing must struggle for content in the evenings etc etc
  2. No thanks. How will Castleford pass any stadium criteria? How will London and Huddersfield pass any crowd size criteria? Where will the three non-existent teams learn the ropes and build a following? How will ambitious clubs gain entry to your closed shop? I just don't get this obsession with licensing. Just let sporting results dictate which league a team plays in. It's really quite simple and dispenses with 99% of the fantasy island time wasting that goes on in TRL Land.
  3. As long as you first apply exactly the same standards to the incumbents of the league in question. Unless "minimum standards" is code for "we'll make some stuff up to keep that team out"
  4. This Can we just stop this "x should be a SL club because y"? Win your games, be the best in your league and move up. It's really quite simple.
  5. Similar story in our house. Other than sport, I can't remember the last time I watched a scheduled program. It was probably GOT last year. Sky box sets, Netflix or Prime are the norm. Kids almost exclusively watch Netflix or Prime (Or some dodgy illegal stream)
  6. This is my industry and in defence of Jet2, it clearly a massive balls up. Knowing all of the management team at both the airline and tour operator, they will be absolutely mortified at this. This is not what they do. Many of my customers have health issues and/or disabilities and Jet2 have always fallen over themselves to make sure these customers have a great experience. In ten years dealing with Jet2, I can honestly say that they are head and shoulders above all the other airlines and tour operators in the industry.
  7. They've got enough fans to make a Supporters Association viable? Someone had to do it ?
  8. Inappropriate use of the apostrophe in general gets on my wick. They're, There and Their is another one. But the one that really gets on my man boobs and makes me yell at the internet is "Loose", rather than "Lose". It even takes more effort to get it wrong. On the subject of TWP etc, can't say it worries me. Some posters still refer to the championship as the "CC", when it hasn't been the CO-OP championship for years. NL1 for the championship is another one. Both of these are fairly irritating.
  9. Or maybe just save him for the final, just to rub Leigh's nose in it a bit more. Could be the thing that bags us the extra cash.
  10. The was a fella used to stand near me, me dad and me uncle at Fev, just to the Post Office Road side of the old Bullock Shed. We called him Blue Nose, on account of his bright red boozer's nose. He'd pay his money every week. All you ever heard him shout was "Bloody Rubbish Featherstone", even when we were winning.
  11. Of course some Pomfretians have always supported Cas, but the percentage that do so now is way higher than it used to be. I appreciate that it's not a scientific sample, but in my days at Carleton High (Ponte Boys to the older among us) in the 80s, I can honestly remember only 5 Cas fans. And two of them had transferred from Airedale High. The vast majority supported the rovers. 20 years out of the top flight has gifted two generations to the Tigers. I'm not moaning, it is what it is and is an inevitable consequence of our being in the 2nd division.
  12. This. In my opinion, WMDC is badly suffering from being a one party state. This leaves the leadership able to do whatever the hell they like, without fear of losing office. Lack of effective democracy is the best breeding ground for corruption. I wish the people of Wakefield would wake up and stop voting for the ruling party.
  13. I think that's all the pollution from Hicksons
  14. It's a dump. Asbestos in the roof, toilets like a medieval privvy, massive fire hazard of a main stand (Google the Bradford City Fire). Playing surface short by at least 10 metres. No trophy cabinet ?
  15. They'll never know the pleasure of peeing on a brick wall behind Fev's Bullock Shed. I can still smell it now. Nor the joy of seeing a ball kicked over and knocking an old boy into the trough. Happy days
  16. Yep, heard it. It was started by Fev fans who are naturally a bit worried about the future. Especially as Mark has an interest in York too. Reliably informed by a mate who's out in Toronto that chatting over several beers after Saturday's game with MC and Longo, we've nothing to worry about and it's very much business as usual next year. We'll see what happens.
  17. I'm pretty sure that even the wildly enthusiastic TWP fans of this parish will know that to even be top of The Championship after two years is excellent going. I'm sure they're realistic enough to know that even if it takes 5 years to get into Super League, they'll still be doing bloody well.
  18. What land would WMDC sell? None of the three stadiums are owned by WMDC. The three combined stadiums and the land around will come nowhere near £25M. Belle Vue is owned by Bank of Ireland, what's in it for them?
  19. Not often I agree with stuff you post Scotchy, but the comparison with The Packers is daft. The only point of difference I have is with your small town assertion. Traditionally, we are Pontefract's team. When you add in Pontefract, Featherston, Ackworth and SESKU, our catchment is at least as large as Castleford's. They seem to do OK. If we'd managed to get into SL in 1998, I'm certain our crowds would now be in the same ballpark as theirs. Small pit village is and always was a red herring.
  20. Re mergers. Said it before, the head thinks it's a good idea. A combined WMDC area team would be an absolute beast, with all the local talent we have. It's a genuine Rugby League hotbed. The heart says no way will I join with those Cas and Wakey ###k##s If it happened, I'd probably sulk for 15 years or so, but something would come along and re-spark my interest. I guess I'll have grandchildren by then. The only way I see it happening and working is if the three clubs remained, sat underneath the "big" club. Being a member/ST Holder of one, would need to automatically make you a member/ST Holder of all. In much the same way as Pontefract has shifted it allegiance towards Cas over the last 20 years, it'd probably take that long for there to be a critical mass that supported the joined team. Will it happen? Doubt it.
  21. The council doesn't have £25 Million. It probably did before they lost the district's reserves in Iceland 10 years ago. It'd be a tough sell to spend such an amount in these austere times. Anyhow, dear leader is a big Cas fan (having worked at WMDC, I can think of a few more names for him too). A conspiracy theorist might take this information and then wonder why the council never tried to intervene when the Newcold developer shafted Trinity.
  22. Not really putting them on a pedestal. I'm sure we could do just as well, if not better than some of them. Just don't see it happening.
  23. Featherstone of course being a "suburb" of Pontefract., combined population larger than Castleford's. 20 years ago you would have struggled to see a Cas shirt in Pontefract, but you'd have seen plenty of blue and white ones. Of course 20 years outside the top flight has seen many people, quite understandably gravitate towards the more "Successful" Castleford. 15,000 pop "pit village" is and always has been a red herring.
  24. While ever the criteria was only being applied to those wanting to join, while those already there got away with it, Fev had no chance. P&R has not scuppered Fev's chances. A few wrong choices of our own did that for us.
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