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  1. No they wouldn't. But what's wrong with giving it away, or giving The Championship away? The game needs exposure. Exposure that we're just not getting by hiding away on pay TV twice a week. There are other options too. Dave is a fairly popular channel that has dabbled in sport. ITV7 Racing must struggle for content in the evenings etc etc
  2. No thanks. How will Castleford pass any stadium criteria? How will London and Huddersfield pass any crowd size criteria? Where will the three non-existent teams learn the ropes and build a following? How will ambitious clubs gain entry to your closed shop? I just don't get this obsession with licensing. Just let sporting results dictate which league a team plays in. It's really quite simple and dispenses with 99% of the fantasy island time wasting that goes on in TRL Land.
  3. As long as you first apply exactly the same standards to the incumbents of the league in question. Unless "minimum standards" is code for "we'll make some stuff up to keep that team out"
  4. This Can we just stop this "x should be a SL club because y"? Win your games, be the best in your league and move up. It's really quite simple.
  5. Similar story in our house. Other than sport, I can't remember the last time I watched a scheduled program. It was probably GOT last year. Sky box sets, Netflix or Prime are the norm. Kids almost exclusively watch Netflix or Prime (Or some dodgy illegal stream)
  6. This is my industry and in defence of Jet2, it clearly a massive balls up. Knowing all of the management team at both the airline and tour operator, they will be absolutely mortified at this. This is not what they do. Many of my customers have health issues and/or disabilities and Jet2 have always fallen over themselves to make sure these customers have a great experience. In ten years dealing with Jet2, I can honestly say that they are head and shoulders above all the other airlines and tour operators in the industry.
  7. Inappropriate use of the apostrophe in general gets on my wick. They're, There and Their is another one. But the one that really gets on my man boobs and makes me yell at the internet is "Loose", rather than "Lose". It even takes more effort to get it wrong. On the subject of TWP etc, can't say it worries me. Some posters still refer to the championship as the "CC", when it hasn't been the CO-OP championship for years. NL1 for the championship is another one. Both of these are fairly irritating.
  8. I'm pretty sure that even the wildly enthusiastic TWP fans of this parish will know that to even be top of The Championship after two years is excellent going. I'm sure they're realistic enough to know that even if it takes 5 years to get into Super League, they'll still be doing bloody well.
  9. I'm sure they'd all go for splitting the pie 11 ways rather than 12. I think that it's massively short sighted to do so. They'll be kicking themselves when/if Toronto then go and get a TV deal that they can keep to themselves and is worth more than £2M a year.
  10. I really hope you do get promoted. But never underestimate the inability of the incumbent SL clubs (and their ventriloquist's dummy) to see beyond the end of their collective noses.
  11. We'll just have to do what we always do in times of need: Raid our feeder clubs, Batley and Dewsbury for players.?
  12. We were probably doing your forwards a favour. They were knackered after 10 mins. Sims, Bussey and Emmit in particular look like they've been super sizing it a bit too often. It's actually a classic Rowley tactic to break up the flow of a game, he's been doing it for years. You must have seen it before
  13. You could hardly tell that Brierley was playing. He's the type of player that can only operate behind a dominant pack. TWPs forwards were totally steam rollered. Some of them looked a little porky and they were all blowing after 10 mins. I think they're a bit too used to the easy life against the weaker teams. Super League teams take note: They don't like it up them.
  14. Rich - None Profitable - Leeds and a couple of others Surviving - About 15 Basket cases - All the rest I include all Pro teams in the pyramid, Rugby League doesn't stop at 12th in Super League.
  15. Who knew that Wheldon Road started in north west Leeds?
  16. Thing is though, Hallowell Jones and Langtree along with LSV, Widnes and Salford are Ikea flat pack jobs. The build at headingley is on a totally different level. The north stand in particular being a totally bespoke build.
  17. Badly worded, I meant that I'd let him go
  18. For the next TV contact, showing every game is an absolute must. But I think we should spread them across platforms. Obviously Sky will want/get the lion's share which is fine. But we really should try and get one game per round on Terrestrial TV, even if we have to give it away this time. I know Sky like to have exclusivity, but it we really need to think about the long term growth of the game, which will be made a lot easier if we're not hiding away from the majority of casual viewers. A game a week on Terrestrial TV would make shirt and pitch side advertising massively more attractive to sponsors. The ideal would be for Sky to take 5 SL games a week, plus a championship game and BBC/C4 to take one game a week. With the Grand Final simulcasted on both platforms. I'd also like to see Magic / Bash combined and sold/given as a separate package to Terrestrial TV.
  19. LMS would be a great shout for a "face" of Rugby League. Quite a character and very definitely not from the north. Could be just the bloke to shatter the cloth cap and whippet image that we sadly, still have down south.
  20. Don't worry. It won't ever get built. The wider development is far from likely to happen, not a single retailer is signed up and two of the big names that allegedly expressed an interest are sliding into the brown stuff. The existing developments at Xscape and Jn32 have plenty of empty units, there is simply no requirement or demand for more. There's also the massive expense of moving the electricity pylons and remodelling the motorway junction. Axiom's best hope for the land is to get it re-zoned as residential, in fact it would not surprise me if that wasn't the plan when they bought it off the previous developer, who must have realised it was never going to fly. Another shiny drawing / scale model for the Castleford collection.
  21. Any rectums Wigan players worth looking at? Doesn't Duffy have good connections there?
  22. Not a viable proposition in my opinion. It's a good 8 miles from Wakefield, along some of the most congested roads you could imagine. Wakefield's crowds would dwindle. That's if it ever even gets built. I just don't see it happening. If the big retailers that Axiom think they are going to attract were interested, they'd already be in the 1/4 empty retail park over the road.
  23. Bit of lynch mob out I see. Yes he's been stupid, but I'm not sure he needs hanging, drawing and quartering outside Hudgell's swanky office block. He's a young lad with probably too much money and time on his hands. We've all done stupid stuff and put things in our body that are less than legal when we were youths. The lad will suffer, his career is all but over. Let's leave it at that, I think it's punishment enough.
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