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  1. I've calmed down a bit now. Still not really fussed about the plate, but I'll see how I feel each Sunday lunchtime. Turned down a lot of lucrative work to free up my Sundays this year. Can't say I'm tempted to do the same next time. Ditching this arrangement with Leeds and having a squad of Fev players is probably the only thing that'll tempt me to block Sundays out again. I know this will mean a lowering of quality, but I'd rather see 17 of our own each week. Being beholden to Leeds really isn't doing it for me any more. UTR
  2. Looks like a cack handed attempt to make it look like a real signing, rather than what it actually is: scraps from our feudal overlords. It's been deleted now I see.
  3. Watching my lad play last season, refs were hot on it at the start of the season but by then end it was routinely ignored, apart from by the 87 hysterical coaches that Selby RUFC seem to have.
  4. Well we've just announced a new DR signing, so that's one more. Shouldn't the squad be out by now?
  5. It's stupid. Junior RU have had a below nipple height rule for a couple of years. It's impossible to police and is pretty much ignored by most Yorkshire RFU refs.
  6. Badly worded, I meant that I'd let him go
  7. Not sure that they are quite ready, but I think it's likely they'll be better than Salford and Widnes over the next 7 weeks, so they might just make it. They will need to look at a different stadium. The one in Blagnac is not without charm, especially the beer terrace on the far side. But i doubt its suitable for SL. From a selfish point of view, a few more years in the championship would be ideal. It's a great weekend away.
  8. They didn't look anything special on Sunday. Made very hard work of beating a part time team that only had one half back.
  9. Doesn't seem to have affected Cas and Wakey's tenure in the top division.
  10. So in my state of worry about the club's future I was having a nosy at the companies house website and found that we appointed a new director, Colm Corran on 15th June this year. Anyone know who he is?
  11. Aye, the dates most other clubs played were outside peak time. If we'd played you 3 weeks ago I could have just about squeezed it, but five grand for a family of five this weekend was stretching the budget a tad and management wouldn't allow it.
  12. If it hadn't been during the holidays here in The UK (and mega expensive as a result) I would have booked it. Probably a once in a lifetime thing for us Fev fans. Pity I missed it.
  13. I doubt I'll be there. I've already spent circa 2500 following Fev and buying merch this year, including paying for me and my two boys to go to Toulouse. I'll save myself 800 quid or so by not going to any of the remaining 8 games, all of which are pretty meaningless. I feel badly let down this year, to a certain degree by some of the player's actions. But to a very large degree by the club's. The failure to strengthen and clusterf**k that is the Briscoe situation are completely unfathomable. Now I hear that MC is more interested in York these days and I'm wondering if I'll bother next year at all. Sad times
  14. Wheeldon (big meters) Walters (as above) Thacks (put a massive shift in, just needed a partner)
  15. Agree 100% Something is going off behind the scenes. If we're strapped for cash, then something is very wrong. We keep being told that the business has never been stronger. Very worried about the future. Club seems rudderless and has made some very bizarre decisions in the past couple of months. One thing is absolutely certain, the playing budget will be £200k or so short next year and I can't see season tickets flying off the shelves either. We could do with hearing from Campbell and/or Longo
  16. You play each club once, either home or away but not both. i.e. 7 fixtures. Points are carried forward from the regular season. Top 2 play the final at the top team's stadium, bottom 2 relegated. (I think). Given how far ahead Leigh and ourselves are, the final will be between Leigh and Featherstone, most likely at LSV. Which means that we've got 7 dead rubbers to look forward to, followed by a battering from Leigh. How exciting.
  17. It would certainly explain the complete lack of strengthening at Fev, particularly after losing both half backs. Our failure has been certain since Blackpool.
  18. Agreed, it was an absolute howler. Only one of his "mistakes" I can remember going Fev's way though........
  19. Something a bit fishy about the ref today. That said, we were never going to win this with one half back. Poor season, too reliant on Leeds and nothing done to mitigate the loss of both halves. Think I'm done for the year now. Not sure I'll blindly be buying a season ticket next year either. Definitely haven't got value from it this year.
  20. Can't see the Barrow / Toulouse game being re-arranged. There's only one flight into Manchester and it'll be cutting it fine as it is, assuming they are in and out in the day. Even if they've chartered a plane, it'll be impossible to change the timings now. Let's not forget that they've got skin in the world cup final too and we've still to get there. As for the Fev game, our only hope of making the 4 is to put Swinton to the sword on Sunday, which I just don't see happening. I think we're done this year and the best we can hope for is the loser's cup. Anyway, I'll be basking in the Fuerteventuran sunshine, hopefully looking forward to the round ball final.
  21. Two things have gone wrong this year for me: 1. Relying on a tiny squad with top ups from Leeds. When their injury crisis struck, we lost our back up. I know Riddy and Holmes were class, but was that really a wise way to spend the budget? 2. Failure to bring in recruits. We've made one signing, from the division below. And he's not even played. The time to recruit was 4 weeks ago. A half back and a couple of forwards would have been ideal. It's too late now. Not usually critical, or pessimistic but the season has gone and in truth it went a month ago. It's no one else's fault but the club's. With reduced funding next year and no big support to rely on, I fear we are done, possibly forever.
  22. For the next TV contact, showing every game is an absolute must. But I think we should spread them across platforms. Obviously Sky will want/get the lion's share which is fine. But we really should try and get one game per round on Terrestrial TV, even if we have to give it away this time. I know Sky like to have exclusivity, but it we really need to think about the long term growth of the game, which will be made a lot easier if we're not hiding away from the majority of casual viewers. A game a week on Terrestrial TV would make shirt and pitch side advertising massively more attractive to sponsors. The ideal would be for Sky to take 5 SL games a week, plus a championship game and BBC/C4 to take one game a week. With the Grand Final simulcasted on both platforms. I'd also like to see Magic / Bash combined and sold/given as a separate package to Terrestrial TV.
  23. LMS would be a great shout for a "face" of Rugby League. Quite a character and very definitely not from the north. Could be just the bloke to shatter the cloth cap and whippet image that we sadly, still have down south.
  24. Don't worry. It won't ever get built. The wider development is far from likely to happen, not a single retailer is signed up and two of the big names that allegedly expressed an interest are sliding into the brown stuff. The existing developments at Xscape and Jn32 have plenty of empty units, there is simply no requirement or demand for more. There's also the massive expense of moving the electricity pylons and remodelling the motorway junction. Axiom's best hope for the land is to get it re-zoned as residential, in fact it would not surprise me if that wasn't the plan when they bought it off the previous developer, who must have realised it was never going to fly. Another shiny drawing / scale model for the Castleford collection.
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