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  1. Didn't see that, although I was about 20 yards in front of the bunch of young lads I assume you mean. Seen the tweet about David Singer about 10 minutes ago. Pretty vile wasn't it? The account had been removed and rightly so.
  2. You got evidence of that? If so, please send it to the club. Aside from a few fat lads taking their shirts off and waving them in the air, nothing happened (that I saw) that I would call dickheaderry. Either inside or outside.
  3. I think a lot of people are still suffering from the delusion that there's still a massive gap between SL and The Championship. There really isn't. The championship has grown in quality in recent years. The gap between the bottom of SL and the top of The championship is quite manageable these days.
  4. Long story short. Feisal Nahaboo. It's taken 4 years or more to recover from that fustercluck.
  5. While some other clubs lied, cheated and bashed out the occasional artist's impression of an impressive stadium to maintain their place in the top division. But there's no point dwelling on the injustices of the past. We need to keep doing what we're doing, gradually improving, while trying to eliminate cock-ups like last season. The land could be the game changer for us. If that comes off, we've got a big chunk of outside income to look forward to.
  6. Pretty much agree with that. I would guess that if and when the plans for the land come off, then the situation will be very different. But we're about 3 years minimum from that happening. That said, if we did find ourselves in the unlikely position of being grand final winners, the emotional part of me we soon override any sensible thought.?
  7. If you look at our squad, you'll see that we're only using Leeds to occasionally cover full back, usually one of the wingers and usually one of the centres. I'm sure we'll be fine without help from Leeds. Indeed we've performed just as well without the temporary cover as we have when we've had it this season.
  8. We've seen some beauty brain farts at POR lately, but Shaun Ainsough's is in a class of it's own.
  9. I think Headingley would be the ideal location, followed by Doncaster, Leigh, Warrington. With respect, Odsal is an awful choice. It's falling to bits, looks terrible on TV and is not a pleasant place for the fans.
  10. Think the OP is being very premature (my wife tells me I am all the time ?) We've had a good run, but this league is tough and extremely un-predictable. I'm a long way from getting giddy just yet. And FWIW I don't buy into the RFL hate us conspiracy nonsense.
  11. The Johnstone injury was priceless. Tried to put in a grubby late shot/shoulder charge on Dane Chisholm. Karma
  12. Super League shouldn't be helping any club. It's a club's responsibility to use it's available funding to put a team out, build a fan base and provide adequate facilities. RL is arguably in the strongest position it's been in for years. Thanks to having a strong 2nd division, there are plenty of teams knocking on the door ready to take the weaker club's places and move the game forward.
  13. You just can't change the rules mid season. If Leeds go down, then they're to blame. They'll have a year of getting back some humility and visit a few places they've not been to for a while. It'll do them the world of good and will no doubt be a one season blip.
  14. Pretty embarrassing wasn't it? I was sat a few rows in front of them cringing. Rest assured it was a small minority. Disappointed the stewards did nothing. I've made my feelings known to the club. It's totally unacceptable. It won't be the 20 or so morons paying the fine when The RFL are forced to act.
  15. Luckily, I'm sunning myself in Ibiza at the moment, but I understand that Ponte is looking delightful in the sunshine today? Amazed you know what traffic lights are. Isn't it still 1876 in Cas and everyone's running around on horses and carts? Edit: Remembered that you've been transported to the penal colonies.
  16. If you like standing, then it's just the Post Office Road end, everywhere else is seating. I prefer sitting on the far side. For a big game like this, the away fans usually congregate at the railway end. As others have said, plenty of drink outlets. Blue Lagoon under the far side stand is good and has a great collection of memorabilia. There's a bar behind the main stand, at the POR end and there's the fan zone near the main stand, which iirc has the widest selection of beer/lager/cider other than the clubhouse. There's food behind the main stand and at the POR end. Sometimes
  17. Some fine chippies in Fev Ian. Small wonder the queue is huge. You poor Cas lot can only gaze in wonder at what a decent stadium looks like, refurbished without the benefit of circa £2M a year in Sky money?
  18. Swore blind I wasn't going to Blackpool again. I'm away on a work trip on Ibiza Saturday, feeling a bit gutted now and wish I was going. I'll find myself a northerner friendly bar and watch it. UTR
  19. I get the feeling I'm going to thoroughly enjoy Toronto on July 13th ?
  20. Nah, they were just scoping out the 6 monthly replacement of the flags.
  21. Do you think the planned development will ever go ahead as it's been sold to Cas? I can't imagine physical retailers are remotely interested in acquiring new square footage anytime soon. Surely that land is more valuable if it can be re-zoned as housing. This pie in the sky shopping development might just be a stepping stone plan.
  22. No We must be due some more bull poop drawings soon though.
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