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  1. 12 hours ago, Bomb Jack said:


    And I'm hoping we can stay full-time.



    I'd hazard a guess that this is one of the reasons you went bust in the first place.

    Everyone needs to be realistic about the future and I'd imagine that even considering remaining full time would land you back with the buckets back out quicker than you can say Bradford Bulls.

  2. 12 minutes ago, RayCee said:

    If the 12 point deduction means the club will get relegated, then there seems little point in struggling with a large wage bill for the season. It hinges on the word 'if'.

    It'd be a bit perverse if they didn't get a points deduction. Precedent has been set.

    Bradford fans would rightly be furious if Widnes were treated differently.

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  3. Just now, tim2 said:

    As a Sheffield fan it's my opinion that the current ground isn't even in the bottom 3 of grounds they've played home games at. It can only get better as the stands are added.

    I left it off my list, because it's quite clearly a work in progress and I didn't want to be unkind.

    I think it's got potential to be a decent little stadium.

    It's way better than that dog track you played at, or Belle Vue

  4. My list of stadiums visited:

    1. Headingley - Can't put my finger on it, but there's a certain magic about it.

    2. LSV, fantastic facility and good atmosphere

    3. Warrington, good modern stadium

    4. Doncaster, great stadium. Shame it's never full

    5. Trailfinders, delightful place to watch RL in the sunshine

    6. Blagnac, lovely setting, a bit small but lovely beer terrace.

    7. Featherstone. My spiritual home and much improved recently. Needs work on the PO Road end.

    8. Dewsbury.  Great Compact little stadium, recent addition of behind the stick terrace a big improvement.

    9. Batley, worked wonders with little money.  Fanzone and food are superb. Slope gives it massive character

    10. Halifax, Bit of a pig to get to. Poor atmosphere. Skircoat Road stand not fit for human use.

    11. Hull KR, nothing bad to say, but nothing good either

    12. Huddersfield, nice stadium, poor atmosphere even when full (Eng v Ire, world cup)

    13. Widnes, IKEA flat pack done on the cheap, boring.

    14. Bradford, tired, dilapidated, cold, eye watering entry and food/drink prices

    15. Sale(Swinton), Railway Sleepers for a terrace, poor atmosphere

    16. Whitehaven.  Dump

    17. Castleford. Dump, asbestos roof

    18. Wakefield, Dump, Deathtrap, needs condemning

    19. Salford. Soulless, hard to get to, stinks of poo (being next to a massive sewage works).


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  5. 3 minutes ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

    I'm not sure where the fencing is having not seen it, but the Local Plan map covering the area already shows land earmarked for potential housing coming as far as approx. halfway up the ground http://map.wakefield.gov.uk/connect/analyst/mobile/#/main?mapcfg=LPconsultation&zoom=6&x=442900&y=419100

    Ah right.  The fenced off bit appears to be the parcel immediately to the post office road side of the green area, the bit that says "46m" on the map.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

    IIRC there are approx. 10 acres that the Club would like to develop of which roughly 8 are greenbelt and 2 brownbelt. I don't think development plans are particularly advanced but a mixture of housing and light industrial was mentioned.

    Edit - will likely take 6 years to achieve preferred goals.

    So is the fenced off land the club's?  I always thought the club's land was further up towards the railway.

  7. 2 hours ago, Les Tonks Sidestep said:

    Unless every offence is penalised then there has to be some leniency, and by implication some perceived inconsistency, or we would simply end up with a game of 100+ penalties.

    Spot on.  It's one of the many reasons why Rugby Union is such a great cure for insomnia.

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  8. Is there a fraud case for the directors to answer?  They've been busy trying to sell advance tickets for the Sheffield and Featherstone games for quite a while. They must have known this was imminent.

    Hopefully the defrauded ticket buyers can claim back from their banks, but if the money isn't there this may not be possible for some that have paid by debit card.

  9. Love how the usual suspects immediately start blaming P&R.

    I guess it's nothing to with spending more than you're getting. 

    Why retain or recruit high paid players in a season where they had little chance of bouncing straight back up?

    Why weren't the bulk of the contracts cancelled at relegation?

    The main issue seems to be none payment of stadium rent, this has not occurred solely since relegation. 

    Once again fans are let down by rank bad management.

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  10. Agree, think it also stifles the crowd's attempts at getting chants going.

    It may be an age thing, but a lot of the music is sheeite too.

    And that version of Country Roads they play at the end should be arrested for crimes against earholes.  The original is one of my fave songs too.

  11. 22 minutes ago, Kayakman said:

    Of course, Toronto will be the interesting case study in this yet once again....pot is now legal in Canada and can be consumed (like tobacco), in public.   Its been that way for about 6 months now.   Stores are opening up all over the place....it can currently be purchased through the mail.

    It was controversial with many people fear mongering and some in support.  It has all turned out to be the biggest non issue since Y2K.  I think that some visiting British fans from England this summer will find the whole thing quite interesting.

    No smoking in the stadium though.

    Yeah, heard that. My daughter is looking forward to our trip for that very reason. She's a bit of a stoner.

    When you say no smoking in the stadium, is that everywhere on site? And does it also apply to vapes?

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