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  1. It was good to see the rams teddy bear is getting out and about and not being restricted by COVID. The bear managed to get over to Bradenton in America for ‘ The‘Worlds Strongest Man’ and was there on New Year’s Day supporting our 4 finalists on channel 5. Exceptionally business minded too being able to secure an appearance on the Sky Mobile commercial wearing a Rams scarf.
  2. Although this is a Bulls forum, (sorry Featherstone ) a number of other clubs have been mentioned as possible candidates for promotion to Super League. Living in Yorkshire it seems to me that the OBVIOUS and CERTAIN winner has been overlooked. Decipher this. (. HILGE )
  3. Who will be our replacement half backs if either Sykes or Finn are unavailable?
  4. I for one am really pleased that Tom Garrat is returning to the Rams. He was such a powerhouse when he played before and he has all my best wishes for the coming season whenever it starts. I'm also waiting for any news on Chris Annakin and hope he decides to stay. We will have a very strong and formidable pack by the look of how things are shaping up. Covid may not be lifting much yet but my spirits are today. News today of older people soon to receive the new vaccine injections could be the start of better times ahead.
  5. Take a look at the Bulls site on totalrl.com for a brief glimpse of our former prop Luke Menzies pro wrestling in the USA. It says he now lives inOrlando. Anybody who saw him play will instantly recognise him, and it’s good to know he has recovered from his serious throat injury at Dewsbury. Says he wears a flat cap and goes by the name of Ridge Holland for wrestling purposes. Performs a body check like a true Rams prop.
  6. Charley Sealing ( look him up about 1930 -1940 ? ) , David Wilmot and father, Biltcliffe and Bosworth all lived roughly in the same area. Now that's going back a bit!
  7. Thunder were well organised by bob Beswick and their attacking line looked a good formation when running and passing. A bit like the 'red arrows' - organised. We have never had that look about our 'back' line and seem to play more ad hoc. Even Swinton last season and dare I say Batley also last season looked more dangerous. Its more obvious when you get a higher viewing position from the TV cameras. The corona problem may give us more time to solve this issue although I know we will not be training.
  8. myview

    Craig Lingard

    Can’t speak English my foot- of course they can. Typical French being awkward and uncooperative. Glad we are out.
  9. Therein73 has clarified something that quite a few people have asked about - namely that the price for hospitality also includes admission to the match. I Know it's obvious to most people but it's not stated in the club info and might just persuade mildly interested persons to become very interested.
  10. Just noticed that our home match on Sunday March 1st is now a 6-15pm kick off. Its one of the OURLEAGUE matches which I heard somewhere we have to contribute financially towards. ?
  11. myview

    V Leigh

    I also agree that we played much better than last season and think that we would have been better still if the injured Knowles had been at scrum half. His tackling and running is very strong. Unlike some posters I think that Sykes had one of his best games for us since joining. His attack running was much stronger and elusive, and his passing more accurate. He gave the team more go forward near the line, but as mentioned earlier by other posters we need more zip from other contributors. Over all I was happy with the performance - the forwards did well against a bigger stronger and more mobile opponent.
  12. Anybody know admission price? Am I correct in assuming only the main stand will be open? Good luck Thornhill.
  13. myview

    V Leigh

    Thanks for the info. That leads me to a new score of 8 points to 20. I suppose it also depends on what strength team the centurions put out against Wigan. Looking forward to the game as it reminds me of the 2 / 3 ? seasons when we had a strong team under Nei Kelly and tussled with Leigh for a promotion spot. Hope the pitch is in decent condition after all this rain.
  14. myview

    V Leigh

    Sorry, but Leigh beat Wigan in a pre-season warm up hence my forecast of an unfortunate rams loss by 8 points to 30. Hope I am wrong but it will give the team a good test which will prepare them in a good way for the rest of the season. The ‘experts’ have us down to finish the season in 10th to 12th position. It’s better than relegation but I am hoping for higher.
  15. Glad to see that Batley have discovered a consistent goal kicker in somebody called Dale Morton ! Strange we did not see / use is skills more. But then an inconsistent kicker can take you from depression to jubilation and back again quite a few times in one game. Much better than getting bored with all successful kicks.?!?§€
  16. Have we any cover at half back if Mr Sykes or Mr Finn get injured? I think not unless our two hookers will play there and then who will go to no.9 ? What if both of the above names get injured at the same time? Here's hoping for 2 more signings before the season begins.
  17. I would be sorry to see Toby Richardson depart. When he joined us from Dewsbury Moor near to the end of NEil Kelly's period he was one of our best forwards. He has not had many chances this season to show what he can do. We should keep him ! Jacob Thomas and Lewis Heckford should also be given more time to develop
  18. It's already difficult to exit the ground after a game and it will be impossible if Bradford come to our ground. Can you imagine coaches and cars trying to enter the ground, or exit onto Owl Lane just as a taxi wants to enter to pick up a fare after the game? What will the tail back from the traffic lights be like? Will traffic from the Ossett side be stopped to let the match traffic leave the ground ? This needs some serious thought from somebody. Happy thinking!
  19. myview


    Two poor teams-yes-but our handling in the first half was diabolical. The first time we got the ball we knocked on, and the second time we made a forward pass. And that continued throughout the game although slightly better in the second half. The only thing I can think of to cause this is lack of composure, also known as apprehension/ getting the jitters or fear of making a mistake - which made things worse. The major difference was that Batley had an attacking player and leader in Brambani. He is just like Thackery at Sheffield who can either do the business himself or get the team to do it. We need one player at least of this type for next season. Two players I liked today as always were Knowles and Day who always give everything Of course the players who spoke out of turn to the ref gained nothing as usual but an opportunity for our opponents.
  20. We had another choice for winger in Alex Brown at the start of the season - I even understand we approached him to come and play for us - but where is he now ? It sure is strange. And what has happened to Charlie Martin the forward who told me he had just about got back to full fitness at the start of the season ? I don't think he has played for us yet because I have been looking out for him to see how he would fare. He is a big guy and could boost our pack. Both players are still shown on the clubs playing list. Am I missing something ?
  21. If Brad Delaney has left the sport completely then there will be no competition for his services. Does anybody on this forum know him well enough to have a quiet word with him? Of course it may be wise to also get the views of LG first. There is nothing like knowing that you are valued and wanted to temp you back into the game. I for one certainly liked to watch him play and I can assure you that I am not a relative and he doesn't know me from Adam.
  22. myview

    Widnes Game

    What a magnificent result - well done to all today's squad. Now that we have found a winning team, please do not change it under any circumstances except for injury. They have proved that they are winners today and deserve to be kept together to build even more team spirit. This result has really made my week.
  23. Is Michael Knowles a talker.? Is he a pack leader.? He certainly puts in the hard work and effort. Put him back in the pack for me. Talking of half backs - where has Brad Delayney got to ? He used to score tries just from backing up alone and he was quick. Just the player to profit immensly from understudying Finn and Sykes. Don't know why he left but this may have all been forgotten and it may be possible to tempt him back. Certainly hope so.
  24. Richardson has proven that he can replace Annakin. He came off the bench at Thatto and played well.
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