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  1. Good solid scrum half who did a good job at Salford whenever I watched him
  2. Makes you wonder what the hell Chester had over Carter as am baffled by this decision, when you consider how long he kept his job for.
  3. Also enjoying a Sunday drink as well me thinks very poetic. Agree that all the pressure is on saints so should be interesting game
  4. I hope we are better than I think. I just don't see it. You've also just named a load of player that once again have never really scared the aussie or the kiwis For every makinson, they have 3. For every walmsley, the whole Tonga team are that size. Hope home advantage helps, but currently think we're battling with the rest after aus/kiwis and I cant see the gap between some of the rest anymore
  5. So let me turn the question around. What do you see in the English squad that tells you they will definitely make the final? I see NZ and AUS way ahead and us battling Tonga for 3rd. We now have a coach who is very much of the forward pursuassion and will try and get his team to dominate in the pack. Something which we aren't going to do against some of the South Sea islanders? I see a lot of tried and failed players and a lot of players who haven't performed this year, yet still make the squad. Would love us to even make the final, but can only see us falling backwards again this year.
  6. Think it will be an interesting work cup and looking forward to watch some of the South Sea Island teams. However I can't see past England finishing 4th
  7. And I can confirm I have been very impressed by what Mr Rowley has delivered so far
  8. I think I've watched this guys, but all a bit hazy after too many bloody marys
  9. Haha this is brilliant. Got me chuckling. Up there with that time Salford got an opera singer to sing before the match and she sang that world in union song. Classic
  10. Well I think that is a prime example of biased as he's been pants for us and has just been a walking penalty machine who seems to spend more time in the stands than on the pitch. Gotta feel sorry for other young centres who are playing each week and really pushing hard for recognition
  11. Ah okay thanks, so it is just the play the ball as the other poster mentioned as well. I always thought ruck was an RU term and have noticed it used more in RL discussions over the past couple of years and was never sure what it 100% was. You learn something new every day
  12. Pardon my ignorance, but what actually is a Ruck? I genuinely do not know
  13. This is dreadful and both lines ups are full of bang average or players who have tried and failed. What is the point of this? And how is this meant to attract fans? The other countries must be quaking in their boots looking at this. Granted England are missing a few, but really? Aussie to send there u 23's and wipe the floor with that lot.
  14. Sounds like a solid signing but has always come across as a bit of a tool tbh.
  15. Right, well that's decided who I'm supporting in the play off final. Come on Forest!!!!
  16. I've never really watched other than when he's playing Salford. But watching last weekdn I didn't realise how big he is, he certainly doesn't look the fittest of players and carries a lot of timber. Still looked their main creative outlet so will be interested to see how they get on now Hope he recovers and can back to se form. If he can comeback fitter and trimmer then who knows maybe an outside bet for more international caps.
  17. So therefore play to your strengths. It doesn't always have to be payed down the middle all the time, and although I agree the pack isn't the biggest there are other ways to skin a cat. Kicking game and moving it effectively could be quite entertaining this year. Also think that although not the biggest they do look mobile which will help with new rules which increase the amount of time the ball is in play. Looking forward to seeing what Mr Rowley can deliver tbh
  18. Well I think we can all agree that Oldham have won kit wars for this year. Thanks to all for taking part and see you again same time next year
  19. I'd also caveat sarginson with his discipline record last year
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