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  1. A fair game with nothing controversial and Wigan worthy winners. Honest.
  2. Didn't deserve that imo. Leigh didn't give that one up and they really ought to have come away with the result if not for a dodgy call.
  3. Leigh look good, they're not having much issue breaking the line and are well in it.
  4. I think the ship has sailed. Genuinely can't think of anywhere actually in Wigan that would be suitable for a stadium now - admittedly I don't spend a great deal of time in Wigan these days so people more local might know of somewhere. Agreed though that Wigan need a stadium closer to the likes of Saints, Warrington and Leigh, which I've always been a bit jealous of as they're great little stadiums.
  5. Thankfully he's not been convicted of a crime. He has (if he did it) however broken a code of conduct he agreed to when he decided to be professional rugby league player in this country and that private organisation can dish out fines/bans as they want. Pretty sure he still gets his wages, so he isn't being deprived of a living either. Not sure why the only real defence is "it wouldn't bother me so it shouldn't bother anyone". Well done, insults don't affect you, have a pat on the back. Victim blaming rubbish.
  6. Great try. No Wigan player was anywhere near that ball though, crazy...
  7. That metres gained stat is a sobering one. Wigan's middles are clearly not up to it today.
  8. Looks like Wigan are getting the result they've probably deserved the last 2 games.
  9. Someone might be able to offer a more comprehensive answer but I think we're some way from proper facial recognition, especially in the civil world. It's being used by the police but it's use isn't ubiquitous, ie, they only deploy it when they're looking for someone specific and have lots of data points to use like clear high quality images from a mug shot for example. Compare this to where you'd be basing your facial recognition on a few pixels of CCTV footage. It will also be subject to a lot of legal challenge on the road to being deployed more widely too.
  10. I commented earlier about how ###### Leeds were. They really were dreadful for a large part of that first half. Fair play to them for turning it around.
  11. I'd like to say that must be a record but we all know it's not...
  12. Cue well and truly on the rack. That's embarrassing. Who in that squad is there to give them a kick up the ###### and get them turned around?
  13. How stupid is that from KPP? Don't think I've ever seen that given which goes some way to saying how stupid that is.
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