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  1. I know it means little these days but Corey Norman has retired.
  2. I still think that building on the right with the skew whiff windows near the eye hospital is a cruel joke
  3. That only became apparent after the stops though. Mercedes couldn't risk that Max was able to undercut them, so you pit to keep track position. Track position is king - anybody who has followed the sport for a second knows this.
  4. With respect, you're basically advocating that Mercedes should do something they couldn't. It's all well and good saying "should have avoided Red Bull" but that wasn't possible, so it is nonsense, because it literally doesn't make sense with how the race played out. How could Lewis have avoided both Red Bulls? By going long and risking the undercut from Max on fresher tyres? Then no doubt you'd be on here saying they should have covered the undercut. Lewis was faster but he wasn't fast enough to grant a free pit stop at any point. He was always in the window of either Max or Perez. He needed another car fighting with him but unfortunately that wasn't to be.
  5. Seems to me there's a lot of people posting here that don't watch F1 very often, or of they do they don't understand it. Simply put, the rules as they are written meant that the race would have finished under the safety car. Red Bull only pitted because they literally couldn't lose. If the race ended under safety car then oh well. If it doesn't they have fresh tyres. That's always the case; driver behind always benefits more from changing conditions. Remember Russia? Lando Norris leading as the weather changes - it was far more risky for him to pit and give up track position than the guy behind who can pit and not lose position (but also potentially gains a position). Another thing not many people are talking is that Bottas was nowhere and therefore no threat to Max/RB. If Bottas was 3rd then Max doesn't pit under the safety car because it would put him behind.
  6. For people who've been to watch Toulouse from up north, is there a workaround or do you have to chose between a change over and going from a London airport?
  7. Well I don't want to spoil anything and I don't think we'll get this far in the films but his character becomes responsible for some real bad stuff. He's a very flawed character and theres a lot more nuance than you might be expecting. As for the dart, it's established the shield blocks fast moving objects, hence using swords in the first place. Dune is not known for it's story but it's world building, similar to Tolkien's writing. It's definitely not for everyone, and I consider it a small miracle in screenwriting that the film is as coherent as it is considering the density of the books. You only have to look at the David Lynch version to see what it could have been. Can't win em all, eh?
  8. I mean, that's Dune. If you think Paul is irredeemable now, I'd definitely stop watching now. As for the thing about bullets - did you miss the entire thing about the shields? Bullets and projectiles are entirely useless.
  9. One thing I'll say on that without getting into the quality of the films - the Craig films have made the most money accounted for inflation since Connery. Craig has rejuvinated the franchise with the highest grossing film of the entire franchise with only quantum of Solace sitting outside the top 10. Brosnan's films before him performed woefully (Brosnans best performing film, Die Another Day, sits at 13th highest gross) so in that respect, the Craig Bond films and what they do are a complete success and might form the template going forward - interlinked series of films. Alternatively the Craig films could be a proverbial palate cleanser that allows them to go back to stand alone films. I think you can say for certain that the days of Bond bedding everybody he can are probably behind us. The world has changed to much.
  10. There actually isn't a Part 2...yet. It's been written to be 2 parts, but Part 2 hasn't been greenlit and solely depends on the performance of the first one, which isn't agiven right now because it's getting a simultaneous home release on HBO Max in the US which will suck up quite a bit of box office revenue.
  11. Cheers. For those being sarcy, I obviously knew it was in Toulouse but I didn't know if that was their actual ground or if it was in a different/bigger stadium for the occasion.
  12. Video ref obviously felt that they couldn't prove he would have scored, which is dubious as there was nobody else near Yaha
  13. Someone else will know for sure but my understanding is if you jump from the field of play and nudge the back back in without touching the ground that's okay. Trouble is Coote both jumped from an "out" position because his feet were touching the line when he jumped but he also landed before jumping again. He effectively jumped twice from outside the field of play and it was allowed.
  14. Honestly it was the most stupid play I think I've seen in a Grand Final (okay that's a lie). They had field position and there was absolutely no gain.
  15. After a couple of sets under the cosh, a Saints player goes down like clockwork for a breather.
  16. Although it's the rules I wouldn't want that to he chalked off for someone being inside 10m but having no effect on play.
  17. I hope it isn't but I feel like that's it. Aso is the VR looking for a penalty for contact in the act of scoring?
  18. Utterly stupid from Maloney. Why on earth would you give away yards like that?!
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