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  1. If the Kiwi girls handle the occasion, get off to a good error free start and build into the game, they could be well in with a shout. They were very composed, efficient and occasionally inspired against a spirited England the other night. Australia should be clear favourites though and I'd back them to win by 12. I hope it's a great game.
  2. Yes. For me it started with Luai's interview after being deservedly awarded MoTM after the semi. Totally classless. Compare that with Martin's after the Aussie win over New Zealand. He was gracious to the defeated and spoke with a great sense of empathy. I hope Oz nil 'em. Not that I'll be watching mind. Fell running takes priority these days unless England or Barrow are playing.
  3. You've completely missed UP's post I would suggest. There ARE people who virtue signal constantly and are attracted like moths to the flame around issues such as women's sport in general. My daughter loves Rugby League and watches it avidly. We go to games together and discuss them passionately afterwards. Never once has she expressed a desire to play the game. Neither did her rugby league fanatic of a grandmother either. Given their physiques I would never have encouraged them to venture out onto the pitch. If my daughter does want to give it a go, I would not stand in her way. I might advise that a 45 kg girl might find the going tough. Any problem with that?
  4. Terrible news. Kevin was a truly great player in a truly great Cas side. I feel privileged to have watched him many times. RIP Kevin.
  5. Desperately disappointing. Very poor from Welsby especially, Watkins, Young and McIlorum. Williams hit and miss. Up front we just did not do enough. Then when we finally did get a roll on, Radley gave Crichton a walk in. Well done Samoa, but I'm sure they know that next week there will be no favours. Is the result good for the game in the wider sense, as some have been suggesting? An emphatic no. The final will be a one sided foregone conclusion, without the levels of emotion that a northern v southern hemisphere clash would have produced. So the game will not grow whatsoever from this. There will be another stage managed ahistorical war dance and the players will start hugging each other before the game has even kicked off. A scripted southern hemisphere love in. Again.
  6. It must be something serious for Levi to return Down Under and miss a World Cup semi final. I hope everything is OK in the Levi household and I wish him well. As far as the game is concerned, I'm backing England to win 32-12 with a couple of late tries lending a flattering appearance to the scoreline in a tight game. Best of luck to Wane and all the lads.
  7. If NZ can get it together, there is no doubt they are capable of winning this one. The sober head says Oz by 10 however.
  8. Very sad news. One of the true greats from a great team in a great era. It was a great pleasure to watch Mick and Hull FC in the early 80s. RIP Mick Crane.
  9. Tragic news. Boxer was one of the hardest men I have ever had the good fortune to see on the pitch. RIP.
  10. Agreed! Excellent choices both. I completely forgot about John Gray.
  11. Terrible news. David Stephenson was a great player and a really decent fella. I had the pleasure to meet him a few years ago when he was coaching Fleetwood Rugby Union. A couple of my students played their hearts out for him, unsurprisingly. RIP
  12. My effort at a British RL cross code team: George Fairbairn Keith Fielding Ian Ball Alan Tait Martin Offiah Jonathan Davies Jonathan Griffiths Jim Mills David Bishop Cliff Watson Glyn Shaw Scott Quinnell John Mantle Really struggled for a 9.
  13. Cracking derby. Town gave it a real go. Doran, Singleton and Fitzsimmons were outstanding. Not the most convincing performance from us but we outlasted them in the end. With Haven battering York at the moment, another derby in the next round would be good!
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