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  1. My top five: 1. Barrow 12 v Widnes 8 1983 LC Final at Central Park. Enough said really. 2. Hunslet 40 v Barrow 41 Elland Road September 1984. 40-29 down with 5 minutes to go. Amazing finish to a game which former referee Billy Thompson described as "a load of rubbish" summarising on radio Leeds. Both teams were relegated that year, needless to say. 3. Wigan 28 v Hull 24 1985 CC Final. Went with my best mate at school. Great game for a neutral. 4. Wigan 20 v St Helens 14 1990 CC Semi Final. Great game, very tense and Super Les got the try of the match. 5. Leeds 90 v Barrow 0 February 11 1990. When you support a team as ###### as Barrow are at their worst, results like this are always possible. Had this been a routine 60 point drubbing it wouldn't have been memorable at all. But fair play to the lads, they stuck at it, showed admirable resolve and managed to go for more than a point a minute and a thoroughly deserved record defeat.
  2. Have to agree with this entirely. Positive thinking is all very well and good, but not when it flies in the face of cold hard reality. I get to very few games these days what with working and living abroad but I try to keep in touch with stuff as often as time allows. I was shocked and depressed by the Doncaster result, had clearly hoped for better, and once I realised Donny had done their level best to make it easier for us by going down to 12 men I reached for the bottle. I have always tried to be positive about Barrow RLFC and I still am. But being asked to be satisfied about the fact that yet another disappointing away performance was not a 40 point stuffing really stretches it too far for me.
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