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  1. That’s what I’ve heard. He was giving some verbal aggression ( happens ) and spit came out of his mouth uncontrollably. i imagine a video analysis of his facial muscles by the tribunal will see if that’s a truth or a lie. Funny how people seem to spit when they get angry. We’ll see, or we won’t see. It’ll be sad if he’s banned as he’s a key attack player.
  2. There’s a few twitter clips here from the live feed if you go to their main Twitter page https://twitter.com/TheRFL/status/1172882583216168962?s=20 It made York look ordinary. Not sure if the 31C heat and trip got to them on their fitness levels?
  3. Looks like a full or strong TO squad back to fitness after a few tough weeks dropping games and momentum. In 24hrs we’ll see how strong. Not much between teams in positions 2-7, and TO have dropped some easy games after being the only team to roll ( once ) TWP. I’d like to see some real competition for TWP, but it looks like they’re home and hosed.
  4. Good crowd. Difficult couple of fixtures ahead for TO with a depleted squad. Toronto will cruise with their depth.
  5. Me to. TO injuries, maybe some home ground complacency and Swinton are always a force to reckon with. That’s a big wake up call with Toronto next week.
  6. I’m surprised at the turnaround margin TO v Leigh ( 44-16 ) after last week against TWP. How did Jodie Broughton coming back from Catalans slot in? I saw his name on the bench.
  7. Canada shows a lot of promise. And there are plenty of quality players to compliment from Australia and NZ For me, Canada shows signs of a younger market developing interest.
  8. With all this talk of Canadian / US RL expansion, now also with Vancouver mentioned, could we have the seeds of an international competition to include more French and European teams. Maybe even Australia and NZ. https://www.cbc.ca/sports/rugby/english-rugby-league-ottawa-1.5142569 Suddenly the entrepreneurial spirit of backers and crowds are evolving away from the flatcaps with new ideas. What do you think ?
  9. You were real close on your TO York prediction. I was surprised
  10. It’ll be a big ask of TO to step up. Any news on Batley’s line up and strength
  11. Now that’s a Championship crowd to compliment other clubs pulling in the numbers
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