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  1. 37 minutes ago, JonM said:

    Leigh won the league in the 1980s. They've got several decades of waiting to catch up with Warrington 🙂

    I do think we've got to the point where the relentless negativity of fans on social media is putting off wealthy people from spending their money on RL clubs. You end up with the kind of people who don't care what others think as a result. 

    That's just owning a sports club to be fair.

    And Social media isn't real life. Its where people go to vent frustrations, fears and anger. 

    In stadiums its often very different.

    When things get toxic in stadiums, then there is a problem.

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  2. 3 minutes ago, Just Browny said:

    I think I'd argue that the period 2004 - 2014 was generally a good one internationally. We instituted a competitive Tri Nations series and the wider public saw those as serious internationals. 2007 was a bit of a nothing year with a slightly forced series against NZ, but 2008 was good enough to save the World Cup format and Australia losing the final was a massive shot in the arm of the game.

    The trouble was that for variety purposes a fourth team needed to be added to the format before we had a fourth team good enough to compete at that level. That meant the 2009- 2011 Four Nations were a bit underpowered, as was the England-Wales-France series at the end of 2012 (although that had its moments of interest). 

    2013 was the best World Cup of the post-Super League era and the 2014 4N was a belter with almost every game a nail biter.

    And the 2016 Four Nations where Scotland drew with New Zealand and were beating England at half time

  3. 1 hour ago, Damien said:

    It really isn't though. Finishing top of the league is certainly the most common method of deciding the league champions the world over. The Grand Final that we use is very much an Australian innovation and certainly isn't used all over the world. It isn't used for reasons of geography or because we use conferences like American sports.

    It is used purely to have a big commercial event and other sports like RU copied the RL Grand Final for much the same reasons. Lets not kid ourselves that it has ever been about finding some champion team.

    Thats why I put commercial concerns first.

    Nevertheless, you can't get to the Grand Final unless you have been one of the better teams all season, and then can show it on the big stage with the most pressure. Often teams that look great all year crumble under that pressure or come up against a side better prepared for it.

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  4. Watching England/GB has been a weird thing for a while now. We only really seem to play 2 sorts of teams.

    1. France and Wales, who we are guaranteed to beat pretty heavily.


    2. Australia and New Zealand, who up until very recently has meant playing in hope more than expectation. More English NRL players and the Kiwis losing players to the islands.

    The competitive matches, like Samoa, Tonga, PNG, Fiji, and mainly heritage based Ireland, Scotland, even Italy and Lebanon, rarely seem to get considered, despite them probably providing a good test that is closer to 50/50 than Australia, France or Wales would be.

    I hope this changes in future.

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Damien said:

    That wasn't the point to be fair. We were talking about teams having things to play for and play offs. Even now in the Premier League there are probably 6 teams that will have little to play for when it comes to the league and we are barely halfway. No one complains or wants a convoluted competition to give the team in 16th place a chance of being champions. The mere suggestion in Football would be laughed at. You do not need play offs to decide a league champion to give more teams something to play for, the old Premiership did that without the glory of being the champions, or things like the Regal Trophy. There are other ways.

    I think they don't need it in football because they have created it through other means.

    In RL we don't have big occassions beyond the Cup Final, which like all domestic cups has seen a general decline in status over recent years. Our only high profile international tournament is every 4 years. A guaranteed climax to a season

    That explains the commercial reasons behind why the Grand Final exists.

    From a sporting context too, the League then GF is chosen by competitions all over the world because it provides the best test of a team in both the long duration of a season and intense heat of a final. A team who can't do both isn't a Champion team at that point.

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  6. 33 minutes ago, Damien said:

    I never understand the everyone needs something to play for arguments and it is something I rarely hear in other sports. The play offs are to decide the league champions, why should a team finishing half way down the table have something to play for? They shouldn't, they forfeited the right to be league champions through their form throughout the season.

    Take the premier league though, having multiple things to play for means there is more to talk about in any given season.

    The title race is effectively over, the bottom 4 now will be the bottom 4 in May. Yet there is still loads to keep people interested.

  7. 1 minute ago, NW10LDN said:

    Top 4 plus relegation means every clubs has something to play for. 

    Even in a 12 team league I don't think that is particularly true. The 5 Teams in positions 6 to 10 (11th if the relegation fight is a non contest like last year) means that nearly half the League are out of it mathematically with rounds to spare.

    Reducing to 12 was supposed to be about tighter contests. 1st, 2nd, & 3rd shouldn't really be that much better than 5th - 8th. We shouldn't be worried about that too much.

  8. On 12/01/2022 at 13:48, The Hallucinating Goose said:

    I left it off because it is in Saint Denis and the list specifically lists some communes and towns which have a similar status to Saint Denis is relation to their respective bigger cities. So because those places were listed and Saint Denis wasn't but Paris was I figured the Stade de France wasn't in this initial list, I figured if it was then Saint Denis would be listed as a separate place to Paris. I only listed those stadiums which are officially located in Paris. I can't remember which ones they were off the top of my head but there were 2 or 3 places which were basically just suburbs of Bordeaux but listed separately along with Bordeaux. I would have added the Stade de France if the list wasn't so specific about the locations. As we've established though, the list isn't the finalised list so no reason Saint Denis won't be included at a later date. 


    Yep, had a quick look. 3 examples of what I'm meaning. All close to centre of the bigger conurbations, same situation as Saint Denis. Begles in relation to Bordeaux, Blagnac to Toulouse and Massy to Paris. All attached to the main city, all basically just suburbs but listed separately. The fact there is a Paris one here as well suggests Saint Denis would also have been listed separately if the Stade de France was included in this initial list. 

    Just a nice bit of detective work. I am a Cluedo regular! 😁👍

    For the Euros Stade de France had St Denis as its halfway line location board, as opposed to Paris. So that fits too

  9. 1 hour ago, bobbruce said:

    I think it would be difficult to sort out how far down the levels in Aus would you have to go to find genuine amateur teams. I think there’s rumours of a few NCL teams over here giving players a few quid but but I still think you could find a few very good NCL prem team that is totally amateur. 

    Then we'd be having arguments about amateurism. The first person to say "corinthian spirit" has to buy everyone a pint!

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  10. Just now, Gerrumonside ref said:

    I agree with your opinion here.

    Will be interesting to see if/how Burnley respond in the transfer market this month to try and replace him.

    You would think they would have someone in mind despite the more limited choice this window. 

    Absolutely, I'm usually of the view that you don't get rid of a player unless you have a replacement in mind. Cornet's signing in Summer could be a signal for where the "new Burnley" is going.

    If they don't replace him, they will find it hard not to go down imo.

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  11. 2 hours ago, Niels said:

    They have signed Chris Wood I think, so hopefully In can breathe a sigh of relief!

    20m was the fee, which seems over the odds. 

    It does seem a tad high, though potentially quite shrewd too.

    First and formost, he is a proven, capable Premier League Striker. He can also do a job in the Championship and is the calibre of player willing to accept Championship and good wages that Newcastle are likely to attract at the start of this window.

    A major attractive element of this must be that it is a metaphorical "6 pointer" though. It strengthens Newcastle whilst fundamentally weakening one of their direct rivals in Burnley. His goals, or lack of them at Burnley, could be what keeps the Magpies up this season.

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  12. 32 minutes ago, Jughead said:

    Do many Championship teams choose not to use the DR players when they’ve played Toronto and Toulouse previously and then use them to play Swinton or Workington?

    I'm sure all teams in all sports leagues prioritise some fixtures over others.

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  13. 29 minutes ago, Jughead said:

    Hypothetical situation, you play Featherstone one week and have a relegation rival the following week, you might as well go weak in the Featherstone game to ensure you’re getting the pick of the available players the following week.

    It’s open to abuse and a race to the bottom, also.

    That's just sport? 

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  14. 14 hours ago, Anita Bath said:

    The biggest problem the game faces in developing the structure is the chasm in ability and fitness between teams with FT players and those with PT players. Its just uncompetitive.

    It sounds like at least some of the B teams would be FTers.


    Yes, but they would also be effectively u21s, which does negate the FT impact.

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  15. 12 hours ago, Sitona said:

    Presumably DR clubs in the lower league have the DR players as they don’t have enough of their own players, what happens to those clubs if you get rid of DR and have SL reserve teams?

    They pay more players lower wages like the rest of the league.

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  16. 1 hour ago, Damien said:

    I am never really a fan of this idea but can see it does have merit. It is one of those my heart says one thing and my head another. I just dont like it from an integrity point of view and would rather we had proper reserve teams and a structure that is enforced and taken seriously by all SL teams. Other ideas such as this are ultimately a result of the failings of SL clubs and the RFL over a long period of time due to the desire to cut costs and save money.

    However on a more pragmatic, needs must level I do think there are benefits but I wouldn't want to see it in the Championship. The Championship to me should be all about clubs that aspire to be Super League clubs and I think B teams dilute that. I do think attendances would be badly damaged at that level too.

    I would also probably want to see it taken a step further with more B teams, with it mandatory for all SL teams rather than just a select few, and anyone else that wishes to field one. This in turn would mean the creation of a League 2, which would additionally give new professional teams a lower level to start from and would cater for different levels of professional and B teams. I think at this lower level some of the smaller teams and newer clubs may actually get better attendances too against the likes of Wigan or Leeds B teams.

    I definitely think at League 1 level it could help. And Super League B clubs could quite reasonably get higher crowds than many current League 1 sides too (not a high bar I know). I agree with your thoughts on newer/expansion teams vs big clubs B teams.

  17. 58 minutes ago, bobbruce said:

    I suppose the only downside for me and the reason why it probably won’t happen is there would be a good chance Saints,Leeds and Wigan could eventually start dominating the championship with the result of effectively killing promotion and relegation via the back door. 

    I think they would make sure that the age limit of say u21s (with maybe 2 or 3 overs) would resolve that. Very few will get out of League 1 potentially if you make the rules strict enough.

  18. 14 minutes ago, bobbruce said:

    I do think it’s a better idea than running reserves.  As you say it’s how we pick the clubs allowed to have a b team. Maybe start off with clubs given permission to run full academys can have b teams enter the league. The only other thing I would say is these teams shouldn’t be allowed to enter the CC either. 

    That's how it works in Spain with regards to the Cup. 

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