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  1. Amazing player, give his all every week Absolutely gutted to see him go but what an opportunity for him. Very well deserved. He will be a huge loss
  2. That’s very true! Stranger things have happened! I’ll have everything crossed and if we can do it at Hull KR we can do it at Bradford! Can you just imagine?!! All those signings they’ve made thinking they were going up? It’s the stuff dreams are made of!
  3. Congratulations York, well deserved! All the best for next season
  4. Thanks York (I think ha!) The prospect of playing at Bradford with no props is slightly concerning ??
  5. Glad you enjoyed it Dave I watched it from home and thought it was a fantastic game I was on the edge of my seat all second half! Wanted Catalan to win felt they really deserved it. Haven’t enjoyed a final that much for a long time!
  6. I’m not criticising Newcastle in the slightest! Well done to them indeed! What I criticise is the fact that not once does 1064 ever say well done to us when we win! Don’t you think that’s a bit strange?! He only ever comments when we lose!
  7. Sad state of affairs. I didn’t think for one minute that we would be promoted this year with Bradford and York being so strong however I thought third place was well within our reach
  8. Well guess what - that’s my opinion! I’m sick of biting my tongue every time we lose and you appear with a sarcastic ‘opinion’ Did you go to the game? Why do you never say well done to Oldham when they win?
  9. Pathetic as always from you. Only ever come on this forum when we lose and you know fans are hurting. How very sad
  10. I have watched the footage several times and still can’t make out for sure what he’s done. I don’t think he would be stupid enough to take out a referee deliberately! Did he think he was a player (obviously this doesn’t excuse him!) whatever happened the lad deserves a second chance. From what I know and I stand to be corrected, I don’t think he has a bad disciplinary history and to take away his rugby career for one mistake is extremely harsh. If anything happened like this again he clearly doesn’t have the right temperament to play the game but my view is sign him up for next season. It would be interesting to know the refs view on the situation. Thankfully as far as I know he wasn’t injured. Give him a chance. Professional players who have recieved criminal convictions during their career have been given that second chance
  11. Is it true he’s just recieved a nine month ban?!!
  12. Anyway great game! Shame about the missed drop goal but that's got to give us some real confidence going in to the next few games. Well played Oldham for nilling a good team like Batley for the best part of 50mins! We can do this!
  13. True 9'oller. I was at the game today and one of your fans told me to 'shut up knobhead' when we scored. All I was doing was cheering my team. A bit uncalled for but there you go! I too was sober and stood with my friend
  14. I for one don't pretend everything is great with our club, far from it! I came away from the Sheffield game on Sunday completely despondent HOWEVER not once even for a second did I contemplate not going next week. In my opinion the half backs have been a disappointment this season. I wasn't Palfrey's greatest fan but what he may have lacked in skill he made up for in commitment, enthusiasm and graft. He was Oldham RLFC through and through and you cannot expect the same amount of commitment from loan and duel reg players. We are missing team spirit and togetherness which in my opinion counts for a lot. We have been cripled by injuries unlike anything I've witnessed in the last 30 years. There is nothing we can do about that. As supporters let's just do our bit for the next 6 weeks. After that, whatever happens I know I'll still be there I just hope the club will be
  15. I wish more of our players had his heart and desire! Fantastic player who always gives everything and more. I'd be devastated to see him go
  16. Absolutely love this thanks Dave.
  17. Due to lack of evidence which is of course therefore the correct outcome. I just hope Galbraith's conscience is clear.
  18. Oh hi Roughyed1064 we missed you last week! I take it you were on your holidays? Anywhere nice?
  19. Oldham Forever


    We are in mess there's no denying that. Injuries are a real concern and confidence is at an all time low. It's time like these that everything goes against you. If we can just grab that first win I'm sure things will start to improve although admittedly you've got to wonder where that first win is coming from. I don't doubt the lads commitment and effort. Nice comments recently from Swinton, Rochdale and Dewsbury fans. Although we rip each other at times it would be sad to see any of those teams relegated. It would however be disastrous and heartbreaking if it was us
  20. I sincerely hope Naylor stays I have every faith in him and any suggestion he should go is premature in my opinion. I went to Blackpool and then put myself through it once more when I got home. Great rugby in the first half it's obvious the players have the capability and I don't doubt their desire. However as soon as the opposition score a try or two it seems that we go to pieces which can only be a confidence issue. Our league position could be worse. Let's pick ourselves up like we have done on many previous occasions and hope it's just a bad patch and that its nothing that couple of decent wins can't rectify.
  21. thebull13 you say you know Scott well - has he left then?!
  22. Does anybody know if this news is actually confirmed?!!! Why are we all arguing about something that may have not happened??!!
  23. If this is true the players ought to be ashamed of themselves. He hasn't turned in to a bad coach overnight and deserves more from them. I'll be really sad if this is the case.
  24. And before I get criticised by certain individuals, today's result was a very poor one indeed and difficult to take for fans like me who attend most games (admittedly I didn't go today). We pick ourselves up and we carry on. We support the club, good times and bad. We enjoy great wins and like any other supporter of any other club we carry on supporting through the bad times. We are not super league material and won't be for probably many years to come. Some folk just don't/won't accept it
  25. Still waiting for your response after our great comeback last week after slamming the team on here at half time......
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