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  1. Why don’t we advertise this? Most clubs seem to do it and I guess every little helps the coffers
  2. Decent league 1 players but I’m not sure if this strengthens us for championship. I am of course hoping to be proven incredibly wrong! We’ve done some good business so far. Keep up the good work CH
  3. I’d still like to see Aaron jones bishop sign if his leg’s fixed
  4. Joy and bent too according to trello!
  5. Me too He's supposedly better at FB. I dont think we've seen anywhere near his best yet
  6. That's a shame. Hes improved every game since he arrived with us Not much noise about new signings yet - what do you know CCR?
  7. Interesting appointment. Nothing much positive is said about his time with Batley but lets get behind him and hope we can kick on in the Championship! Does anyone know which players are retiring?
  8. what a performance that 2nd half! Its a real shame that Naylor's leaving but well done to the lads for putting in a shift for him.
  9. timing couldn't be better!
  10. This is a crackin yeds team with a bit of wakey magic mixed in! Great performance today shame about the attendance
  11. Fantastic! If we could just get Gill signed up for a few months I would back us against anyone in this league inc the bulls
  12. Sapere aude


    Could not agree more. The ref had a stinker and ruined what would’ve been an absolute nail biter keep going lads
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