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  1. im happy with that
  2. what a performance that 2nd half! Its a real shame that Naylor's leaving but well done to the lads for putting in a shift for him.
  3. timing couldn't be better!
  4. This is a crackin yeds team with a bit of wakey magic mixed in! Great performance today shame about the attendance
  5. Fantastic! If we could just get Gill signed up for a few months I would back us against anyone in this league inc the bulls
  6. Sapere aude


    Could not agree more. The ref had a stinker and ruined what would’ve been an absolute nail biter keep going lads
  7. I like it. They have to change it enough each season for people to justify the expense of a new shirt. If it was hoops some fans may just think I’ll save the money and wear the old one this season. I don’t think we’re in a position at the moment to pick and choose sponsors!
  8. I just think it makes dual reg a bit of a nonsense when teams in the same league are strengthened by our own “partner” club. We could’ve given them both similar game time in the month
  9. Maybe. It’s a one month loan but he will certainly strengthen them on the opening game against the yeds! Its going to be a tough league this year! bailey to Workington?!?!
  10. Bennion loaned to Swinton and Nzoungou to Whitehaven......dual reg isn’t working out for us so far!!
  11. What a shame....gutted thinking poitively I think Wilkinson is a class act so keeping him for another year is great new
  12. Come on Tandle... lets have a bit of positivity! I don't see many other teams doing better business than Oldham at the moment.
  13. I'm also very curious......it seems like the first rule of RO is we don't talk about it!
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