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  1. York Acorn are now in the Cup too!
  2. Weather going to be bad again from Friday to Sunday so not going to risk the train.
  3. Well no 20% ticket commission from me then as not going if no transport.
  4. Are the Club organising a coach as Leigh is a nightmare to get to without a car?
  5. Lovely weather now but right decision made.
  6. Would be good to wait till new stadium open and then play them midweek... If stadium ever opens this season!!!
  7. What was the attendance? Seemed good for a friendly.
  8. Any chance of a lift to tomorrow's game?Pick up any where in York. Blossom Street or nearby preferred. Can't trust the trains!
  9. York being the highest placed part time team in the country after automatic promotion in 2018
  10. Surely there will be a major signing on Saturday night at the gala do. There normally is.
  11. Why not have 2 events at the same time. One in Yorkshire and one in Lancashire. Simples!
  12. Minicello from Hull would do me if he could do one more year and Danny Brough of course.
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