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  1. York being the highest placed part time team in the country after automatic promotion in 2018
  2. Surely there will be a major signing on Saturday night at the gala do. There normally is.
  3. Why not have 2 events at the same time. One in Yorkshire and one in Lancashire. Simples!
  4. Minicello from Hull would do me if he could do one more year and Danny Brough of course.
  5. Also why do the so called bigger clubs who think they should be in Super League charge £5+ more than we do? That's another reason why I'm not going.
  6. Not risking it from where I live now. Barrow game cost me £120 in taxi fares because of the weather cancelling trains. Watching this one on TV but defo at Hawaiin Halifax game.
  7. Live on Our League Sunday now!!
  8. Me too, but will find on sky somewhere on holiday.
  9. I will wear my Maui Aloha shirt over my Knights top then!!
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