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  1. Be lucky if 20 go. If been on a Sunday afternoon more like 200.
  2. Rediculous fixture for part time players on a Monday night. Premier Sport trying to get more subscribers.
  3. It's SMC, not the Club that makes the rules remember.
  4. Club confirmed to me that once you leave the stadium there is no return. Probably as one could pass on their ticket to someone else for the second game.
  5. I remember Steve Ferrers was after him when he was a youngster.
  6. Why apologise Deano. It's not your fault. The Council need to make public the delay as they approved the build. Amazing that the cinema got built so quickly! Rent for the Council.
  7. Starting to think the Premier season ticket a waste of money. Nothing at BC to warrant paying the extra amount. A programme and team sheet and no reseserved seat!
  8. Ignoring the pub, what confirmation have we got that the new stadium will be ready for the double header?
  9. Surely there will be a major signing on Saturday night at the gala do. There normally is.
  10. Minicello from Hull would do me if he could do one more year and Danny Brough of course.
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