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  1. at a time when we hav bt, amazon, apple n even disney all keen to buy content we should not b rushing to do a bad deal with yesterdays man.
  2. .....phew! As we can presently hav a limited crowd lets hope the test events get put on while we hav the chance.
  3. i agree completely with this. i hardly ever bother watching socalledsuperleague these days. its as dull as last weeks dishwater. nrl and the championship are way more competitive, even league 1 is a better watch.. personally id soonest see SL wander off on its own with a franchising thing and no promotion, and let Ch/L1 reform as its own stand alone comp with its own tv deal at whatever level that was. id sooner subscribe to leagueTV.com or whatever than sky any day. non SL rugby gets shafted year after year by a hand full of 'big' clubs in SL. we should leave em to play silly b*ggers in their
  4. where does it say anywhere that u cant challenge a ruck infringement? all i can find is on nrl site it says CC can be used against a penalty. im sure ive seen ruck infringement CCs several times this season. either way penalty wasnt taken correctly anyway as he didnt tap it.
  5. And if we sign em all we''ll av n even better one!!
  6. Unless wolfpack sign up to guarentee to play SL nxt yr by end o month then winner of the autumn championship/L1 gets a 2yr place in SL. (If they dont finish bottom o SL next yr then bottom team relegated otherwise no relegation nxt yr) If Wolfpack dont take their SL place next year they can play in championship if they still exist. Sorted
  7. From the above forum a message from someone behind the stockcars returning states: The only reasons it may fail 1. The RFL cannot conclude that re -opening Odsal Stadium is unviable for Rugby League [ It cannot survive on motorsport alone ] which sadly may leave no other alternative than to consider redevelopment proposals. That is NOT the message coming across and we are 'discussing' a 10 year lease as a requirement Not sure i completely follow the triple negative but the bit in brackets seem to mean that motors dont return if rugby doesnt.
  8. yea good luck to him, great goal kicker n he has some pace when he pins his lugs back n all. in fordy we trust, onwards n upwards, the side we turned out this year never gelled in the few matches we had so change was needed n it seems big change is at hand.
  9. it was the only thing of note he did in the match, maybe he should concentarte on playing some rugby now he has the chance.
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