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  1. the SMC is continuing to do everything it can to disrupt the rugby club at every turn. they should be removed
  2. Jon Flatman is a top top fella and i wish him all the best in the future, i know nowt about the new bloke but im sure if jon thinks hes the right man for the Knights then he is! the futures Bright, the futures Knights!
  3. ...and im sure that mids were much happier to see the big lad sat on the bench rather than trampling over the top of em
  4. decent turn out last night....bloomin cold when ur sittin not standin, but hey ho thats progress for ya! very promising first run out for the new look knights. mids looked well drilled and tidy but we comfortably had the upper hand all night as we should have with our set up. big plusses for harris who was justifiiaby MOM with some bright runs and steps, he played with freedom but also purpose which was great to see. thompson was another to catch the eye, lots of effort and some v decent runs, hes a class act and a very positive player to have in a york shirt glover, ogden and matongo all looked at home and up for the task in hand, and it was great to see oakes back, he looked sharp as did butterworth. of the young lads harrison looked assured and towse was very busy and solid. brad ward the young lad on trial also deserves a mention as he looks one for the future.
  5. good news, i feel that DR brings more negatives than positives.
  6. I noticed the other day when i was at askham bar park n ride that ther was a sign showing free parking for cars associated with bishopthorpe white rose FC (pitches near the college)....so york council can manage that for a kids village team but not for city and the knights!
  7. ive just had a look on my prime account........but sadly it says PS aint free its a £15/mo add on. so wont bother with that then!
  8. nowt, i was just askin the question, would it not seem likely that some of our monday matches would b away ones?
  9. if its 4 home games n 4 away games....8 monday night games? not a lot left after that! how monday nights gets the fans of tomorrow to follow RL i dunno as families will stay away with school in the mornin. if we were doin this to get on a mainstream channel then fair enough it would increase exposure but to ruin match day attendance to get on a tuppenny happenny channel nobody will be watchin if they aint already hardboiled RL is just plain daft.
  10. In fordy we trust. I firmly believe that without mr james ford standing by york in our hours and hours of need we would no longer have a club.
  11. i remember Bob Sleigh, big fat lad from fev wasnt he?
  12. 29% over 30 down to 11% currently, big change around in the right direction...keep it up YCK
  13. agree totally, i went along n really enjoyed it, if i hadnt seen it mentioned in passing in the RL paper id never hav known it was happening, 0 promotion from the RFL. id guess about 800+ there tho, and some entertaining rugby on show, no programs available that i could see so only knew the odd payer here n there. i was told that fev had expected about 200 to turn up so didnt have many staff about or open much in the way of food n drink. Note for RFL: FOLKS WANNA WATCH INTERNATIONAL RUGBY LEAGUE, stop faffing about and put more matches on n promote em!
  14. there is a 3g pitch in the middle of the Aces track (national speedway stadium) bung up some posts n itll b reet.
  15. Would have been perfectly sensible, happens in other sports all the time, early round FA cup ties are not billed as "Man U Reserves B team v Burton Albion" for example even tho thats what they are.
  16. Lots of free tickets given away for the headingley game so not really comparing eggs with eggs, as this was a testimonial giving away tickets wasnt really a smart option!
  17. "Brown, 22" thats all i need to read...
  18. Well thats Fan-bl**dy-tastic news!
  19. We cut out most of the silly errors that have plagued our season and littered our away effort at haven. Decent ref yesterday made a difference as well, let things flow and kept on top of the niggly stuff
  20. yep, that wasnt the haven side we played last month by a long way. much better from knights today tho, agree with previous comments bout marsh/dow/teanby would also add whitely who played with a good bit of biff today a solid coherent effort today despite the changes, i thought all those 'out of position' looked very much at home today!
  21. from behind the posts it looked to me that chis caught it and marsh stripped it and grounded the ball...however thats neither here nor there the major issue to take from that bit of film is the fact that marsh was impeded in his run to the ball by havin to run around the ref who was as usual positioned terribly. i think he was the ref when we played at haven and was all over the shop there as well. whoever is in charge of referees needs to give the guy some hints and where hes supposed to be!
  22. id keep em fresh for next years new look team of bright young things
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