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  1. More endless blab, if mildly entertaining. Comment is free.
  2. Dogfather loves Diskin. Who could do a better job? He”s a coaching and motivational genius that Batley are lucky to have. Not responsible or accountable for anything. Done the best job ever with the resources available. Not at all arrogant or overblown. .....and then I woke up and saw the reality. If you keep doing the same things then you will get the same outcomes. Or worse if nothing is learnt along the way. 2019 season has been pretty dire from this supporter’s viewpoint - with avoiding relegation and a small handful of inspiring performances being the highlights. It will be great to hear what the club’s plans are for next season.
  3. If true, very poor indeed. Ego bigger than ability. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here (if ye bother).
  4. Season”s nearly over!
  5. Having endured the last three seasons, I guess we are all waiting to see what is next for Batley. We’ll get told when we get told. York are certainly making the most of their available resources - and good luck to them. Let’s hope we can do the same!
  6. Oohh ali ali..... (repeat ad nauseam) no thanks
  7. It’s good to see any club outside of the usual cash-splashers that is doing well.
  8. Broadbent Manning Brown Great entertaining game today.
  9. Indeed - comment is free. What have you heard?
  10. Go on then, nobody else has bitten. Which wish is that?
  11. More nonsense. Maybe they should keep him away from the press like they did through part of last season. Stop him putting his foot in mouth. ‘Dumb’ and ‘brain explosion’ to add to the players being ‘mentally weak’. Everybody but him. Mr motivator but without the Lycra.
  12. That’s not really the choice here. Come what may now, we are almost certain to have a season where we either a) narrowly miss being relegated or b) get relegated. Not a great outcome for the third year under this coach. Sacking him now wouldn’t achieve much without a ready made replacement. Holding him accountable at the end of the season would be normal in any other environment.
  13. Lots of words here (too many to bother reading). The silver lining is that there is now something to play for to the end of the season - championship survival. And a final day of the season trip to Barrow. What could be finer?
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