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  1. Manning - massive from start to finish Brown Meadows
  2. Comment is free. And sometimes you might not agree with other people’s views. Even if they are published in your favourite rag. Crazy huh? Please don’t all get your knickers in a knot (‘if that’s the right expression these days’) about it.
  3. They’ve been doing their sums over in the land of the disappointed - and have figured out they could beat Batley! Astounding. Especially if they score more points than us……
  4. I predict a great day out at Headingley and a slim win for the Dogs. 30-12
  5. I just kept adding to the basket to get to the number of tickets I wanted
  6. I couldn’t buy any….
  7. Are tickets available from the club yet?
  8. You could go over to the Rams forum and remind yourself what the Diskin years felt like.
  9. Nothing between these sides today and Batley will bounce back next week
  10. Dogstew


    And that is the point - there are no rules. It’s left to the jobsworths at Kirklees to decide. Clubs in Wakefield area are getting a much bigger proportion of their capacity allowed in, even at Cas (Mavericks?). Plenty of what people think on here. Maybe I should not give a stuff and just go to my nearest club instead (York). Comment is free - even if the sheep don’t like it.
  11. Dogstew


    The ‘safety’ word is massively overdone here. if anyone really feels ‘unsafe’ in an open air venue with 1,000 spectators then they should stay at home, and also think long and hard about the risks next time they cross the road (or eat a kebab). It’s time to get on with it.
  12. Dogstew


    And that’s putting it mildly. The blanked word was Kirklees
  13. Dogstew


    It’s all utter ######
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