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  1. Apparently nothing has anything to do with this coach. As you keep saying.
  2. To be fair, the final two games have been overshadowed somewhat ( to say the least). This cannot excuse what went before.
  3. Getting a capable coach who is anywhere near up to the job - to make the most of a good looking squad and bring in supporters instead of driving them away. This is a classic dogfather post - ‘well what would you do?’ To then shoot down any suggestions. Rank tedium. Roll on next season (if I bother).
  4. They’ll be creaming it off the Bradford groundshare.
  5. More endless blab, if mildly entertaining. Comment is free.
  6. Dogfather loves Diskin. Who could do a better job? He”s a coaching and motivational genius that Batley are lucky to have. Not responsible or accountable for anything. Done the best job ever with the resources available. Not at all arrogant or overblown. .....and then I woke up and saw the reality. If you keep doing the same things then you will get the same outcomes. Or worse if nothing is learnt along the way. 2019 season has been pretty dire from this supporter’s viewpoint - with avoiding relegation and a small handful of inspiring performances being the highlights. It will be great to hear what the club’s plans are for next season.
  7. If true, very poor indeed. Ego bigger than ability. Abandon hope, all ye who enter here (if ye bother).
  8. Season”s nearly over!
  9. Oohh ali ali..... (repeat ad nauseam) no thanks
  10. It’s good to see any club outside of the usual cash-splashers that is doing well.
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