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  1. Oh wow!! I think this says it all really. Please do 2 minutes of research before writing stuff with absolute certainty. Here, I'll even start you off: https://europeanrugbyleague.com/teams/17/news You can go back as far as you want, all the articles are there from start, middle and end of seasons. This season just gone they had 8 men's teams and 4 women's teams. You can then go the drop down menu and select other nations if you like. Not as rich in info as it should be, but more than enough to refute your claim about it all being a facade.
  2. I only reacted that way because you are so far off the mark. Just to fill you in on a few things: Serbia, Greece, Czech, Norway, Turkey all have 8 teams or more, and the likes of Netherlands and Ukraine are not too far behind. 8+ teams we are talking 200 +/- players, coaches, adminsitrators etc. in EACH of those countries. So we are talking well over 1000 across mainland Europe exc. France. 20 years ago that number was close to zero. It is actually quite remarkable progress if you think about it! So yes, I was a little irritated by your remark. Some of us are trying on a daily basis to attract new people to our sport, yet the minute they arrive the first thing they hear is our own fans constantly ridiculing the sport.
  3. Who needs enemies when we have "fans" like you?
  4. Both are open and quite well populated. This is a panning shot of both stands! https://www.facebook.com/stories/103571031808283/UzpfSVNDOjU4MDY2NjEyNDE4OTk5Mg==/?view_single=1&source=shared_permalink
  5. Just tuned in, WOW!! Is it a full house in Narbonne? Sure looks like it! And what a sight it is, half the crowd all red and the other half all yellow!! Great work there by the supporters!!
  6. I saw a post on Limoux's FB today saying "only 90 tickets left". I assume they are just talking about their allication? Or a specific part of the stadium?
  7. Yes Celerino is a stand out for Italy. Plenty of offloads and flair from Serbia, Italy struggling for possession. I hope they can contain them in the 2nd half but I can see Serbia going over 60 points.
  8. Broadcast has begun: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1734409207033749&id=100064869423296
  9. And the match preview, for context: https://europeanrugbyleague.com/articles/2276/italy-and-serbia-name-sides-for-internat My prediction: Italy 10-48 Serbia
  10. I am disappointed as anyone. But I hate the fickle comments such as "I am done with this sport", often said by the same person a dozen times at various points throughout the year. All is not lost. I expect some national federations to announce some alternative fixtures very soon.
  11. PS: I was referring to this announcement:
  12. I am a bit confused. Has there been some sort of a rift in Scotland? I saw there were multiple resignations from SRL a few weeks ago. And why is there now a separate page (RL in Scotland) as well as the SRL page?
  13. Lebanon domestically are probably closer to Turkey's level than Serbia. Which is good as they are nearby-ish to one another.
  14. He did not say that and not even allude to it. Way to derail what could have been a decent thread!
  15. Nice try. I was talking about RLWC2021 and you know it. RLWC2025 will happen and will be a success. Much to your despair and your fellow prophets of doom.
  16. Good crowd in Elite 2 on the weekend at Villefranche, who are now Grand Final bound. https://www.facebook.com/100058870164230/posts/pfbid02FQ4PcHtJVZcB27LLSA9kYhQKERA9qSjye1Csr4b1QktuDgC3GVA15pbj2gMmpzBSl/?sfnsn=mo
  17. Wow this is really going viral, am seeing it on so many non-RL sites today. SL/RFL really missed a trick here by pretending it never happened on their social media. If they had have gotten the footage out first, their video would have gone viral, and significant traffic would have gone to them. Now it is being scattered across various news sites.
  18. Hi mate. First off, I apologise for the insult, it was too much and you didn't deserve it. Basically, covid has been used as the "go-to" excuse for years by various people in all walks of life. I want to remind you and everyone that Euro 13s actually launched when covid was in full swing! (Circa May 2020 I believe) so I do get annoyed when they try to now tell us/imply that it started in 2019 and that covid was the ONLY reason it failed. Now I know you are a positive person and are pro-expansion and innovation, like most of us on here. But surely the guy behind this has burnt all bridges. I could excuse many people the first time round as simply being naive. But surely now the trail of dodginess should be obvious for all to see.
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