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  1. Yes, they said that in the post-match interview with Steve Mascord. I suppose he hope is that this might be the start of some new youth activity in the US?
  2. With 2/17 Scottish accents in the team. #Development
  3. You are in denial. And you phrase so nicely you make it sound like a positive. You say "using heritage players", I would say "shafting local players". Look at Ireland. They shaft guys like Casey Dunne, who has been at it for years not only as a player, but also helped out in coaching capacities across Ireland. Guys like that are the future coaches and administrators, it would be in Ireland's best long-term interests to keep guys like that in the team, whe someone like Luke Keary decides he is Irish 2 weeks before the WC starts. Like I say, keep advocating for the "Luke Keary formula" if you want to, just don't be shocked when in 20 years from now nothing has gotten better.
  4. It is people like you, that will still be "baffled" as to why there is nothing going on in Scotland, when we are having this exact same conversation 20 years from now.
  5. Scotland, it seems, have named only TWO local players in their squad for the Euro U19 Championship, which starts tomorrow. https://www.intrl.sport/article/198/clearys-cousin-phoenix-death-to-represent-ukraine-at-u19s-euros?fbclid=IwZXh0bgNhZW0CMTEAAR3ySJYLEWC25hYzQkFUycO6AWx007Mu7DZauAutaVfRkJtzTITkMYtyLjg_aem_0zDBgyLEMFVX2NL5whInyg
  6. Was meant to be a (!) but don't let a typo stop you from adding something of substance to the discussion
  7. Can't believe people are saying this? Do you want forfeits galore and teams not completing the season? That would be disastrous. It is called due diligence and absolutely needs to be done.
  8. Also Wales-Scotland earlier today. Does anyone know if Scotland fielded any local players?
  9. I realise we have the benefit of hindsight, but yes I think Perpignan or London (Plough Lane) would have been ideal for this match. I think PL is unavailable at the moment, but maybe one to consider for the future? I was happy they showed ambition and held it in Toulouse at a 20k venue, but they just did not have the budget, marketing, execution etc. to match it. So if that is the case, then they should go to a smaller and "safer" venue.
  10. Have been reffing for the last 12 years. Fell into it purely by accident as I was the only one in the area that knew the rules well enough. I surprisingly enjoyed it though and took it more seriously as the years went on. If you don't have thick skin already, you either quickly develop it as a ref, or you quit.
  11. I trust your assessment is accurate, however I refuse to believe it is "too far gone". Nothing is ever too far gone, there is always hope, but yes, I do understand it is a big uphill climb. Hopefully Toulouse can return to Super League and then stay there long-term, for starters. I think the results today, both men's and women's were very encouraging. Could one of the factors in today's small crowd have been the timing? The fact it is now off-season in France, could it be that people are just in "summer-mode" and not really following RL like they do during the winter? I heard the crowd was approx 4k, which is really sad, an event like this surely deserved 10k+
  12. First mistake is: the person heading your organisation, does not even live in the same hemisphere as where the organisation is based. Will never work.
  13. Agree with you. So why not just call it plain Scotland? Afraid of losing a match? Let these local lads (the future of Scottish RL) get full international honours, and not this patronising "A" rubbish.
  14. Sad to hear about the state of the game in Turkey. But how is the visa issue relevant when it comes to domestic development?
  15. Slightly pointless thread this. Also, I am curious as to how you would consider someone on a full-time Qld Cup contract to be "untapped talent"?
  16. My French is rusty, but I believe it says, upon buying your ticket, you can nominate which amateur French club you want to receive 30% of the cost of your tickets. Sounds like a great initiative there by the French Fed.
  17. Where did you see Italy on the list? Wales not playing, yet Scotland playing is an interesting one. I do not believe teams qualify for this, they simply send an expressio of interest. Perhaps money was an issue for some? Either way, pretty exciting to USA joining, will be interesting to see how they go!
  18. For those who are unaware, the two groups are: Group A: Wales, Ireland, Netherlands Group B: France, Greece Serbia 1st place in each group (almost certain to be Wales and France) go directly to the World Cup. 2nd place in each group play against in each other in October. Winner progresses to the World Series, which is a playoff between the remaining nations across confederations for the last WC spot. 3rd place in each group is eliminated. Results so far: Wales 28-10 Ireland France 58-0 Greece This weekend: Greece vs Serbia (Sat) Ireland vs Netherlands (Sun)
  19. Great to see the increase! I can't help but wonder what is going on at Warrington though. A (13%) drop is a surprise given the season they are having.
  20. So if OT is redeveloped into a state-of-the-art facility, isn't there are chance, that they might never let us go near it again? Or quadruple the rent if they do?
  21. I agree, stay at OT for as long as it's available (and just pray it does not rain on GF day). If that becomes unavailable I would say St James' Park is the next best option.
  22. I follow the Dutch fed and all their clubs, on all platforms. The only thing posted anywhere is on Amsterdam Cobras page, a team photo and "yeah the boys" in the description. Really strange indeed, especially by the standards they set kast year. Did something happen, perhaps a few forfeits?
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