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  1. 684... Cleveland RL is the next recipient, once they hit 700.
  2. I know nothing about the person in question. But sadly it seems quite a few chancers have appeared on the RL scene in recent years. People who it seems do not have the required experience to be undertaking such ventures and it seems do not have both feet on the ground. So many ideas often sound great in theory, but are a very different story in practice. I have no problem with ambition, I admire it, but it needs to be backed up by substance and realistic planning. I am always wary of new ventures that appear "abruptly" on the scene and start making more noise than action. Even with the backing of a sugar daddy (which is rarely the case), it is an incredibly tough task, setting something up from scratch. In any case, I am all for exposing these types of people and keeping the next ones that come along as far from possible away from our sport as they do more harm than good and often leave a trail of destruction behind, after the disappear like a thief in the night.
  3. any more details about this? any news story?
  4. I still am skeptical, for all thisenreasons you mentioned. But just a lot less than I was before.
  5. To be honest, I was the biggest skeptic last time. But now with a far more realistic and conservative approach, I now think this does have a hope of becoming a reality. Obviously I will await more details but if I have understood correctly: - 6 teams only - Established teams only, no fake entities? - Admitting they are amateur rather than semi-pro (surely they have burnt their bridges in any case, with Eddie Pettybourne and the like)? If all of the above is accurate, then it will but a far, far cheaper venture than the previous attempt, hence has an actual chance of happening.
  6. How long do you plan to persist with the Phoenix Venom logo as your profile pic by the way?
  7. Excellent. Starting in May also means they avoid clashing with the mighty Euro 13s!
  8. Wow. What an over-reaction. All I was saying, we were given 10 completely different questions, and only allowed to give one answer, just seemed bizarre, that's all. For the record, I completed the survey and gave very positive answers on most topics. Main reasons for this being; 1) I am generally a glass half-full type, 2) I genuinely believe the game is in pretty decent shape and not as dire as many say it is, and 3) to give balance, as I know those wanting to slate the RFL are more likely to participate in the survey.
  9. Agree with you. But as mentioned, question 51 was a total mess. Reminds me of that Simpsons episode where they attached an unpopular bill to the "free toys for orphans" bill in order for it to get passed in congress.
  10. Very well put. Actually this part you said here reminded me of a headline from a few years back "Brad Fittler planning African raid". The date on the article? Jan 17th, 2017. Bang in the middle of off-season. Sure enough, nothing ever materialised, nor was it ever spoken of again. https://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/sport/nrl/rugby-league-legend-brad-fittler-planning-african-nrl-raids/news-story/37fa9408b2147462a88e735b933f8314
  11. Has anyone considered Newcastle? Magic at St James' Park, Summer Bash at Kingston Park? Perfect size for it, and with Newcastle in this division, will be even better.
  12. Before you all get too excited, these sorts of stories tend to come up every year in Aussie media during off-season. If you replace the word KENYA in this article, with CHINA, or USA, then it is pretty much the same stuff they serve us up every off-season... They make a big song and dance about it, then it is all forgotten in a week and they go back to their usual pre-season stuff. I will never understand why they talk up such initiatives, rather than going to places that already have some foundations in place. They would be better off looking at places where the game is being played from a younger age, like France for example.
  13. I don't think anybody is talking about the area here, it's just the dodgy Sharks venture that appeared on the scene a couple of years ago. Montpellier (Les Diables Rouges) team were in Elite 2 for a while and now I believe play in one of the lower leagues. I have always hoped that Montpellier and/or Lyon might come good some day. They need someone with a bit of money and ambition on board, then I have no doubt they could become a strong Elite 1 team some day.
  14. Really interesting stuff! I might even get the book. Though my only concern is that, being published in 1997, some of his methods may now be obsolete. But I suppose the principles remain the same.
  15. Really sad to hear and not good for Elite 2 overall, for a team to drop out after just a few matches. Seems to me either no due diligence was done, or they are extremely "clever" and know how to pull the wool over ones eyes. I suspect it was a bit of both.
  16. Just 3 months to go! Who else is excited? Does anyone know the exact dates of these matches? I would like to book flights and get some accommodation and match tickets sorted.
  17. Personally I don't like it, but I doubt it can have hugely negative consequences. If they take a few games per season on the road to other midlands towns, then it will kind of make sense. My worry is though, that if/when another midlands team joins in the same division, it becomes a bit awkward. Like when Auckland Warriors rebranded to NZ Warriors. Will look a bit silly if/when a second NZ team is added.
  18. Well done to all who subscribed, they are now up to 562. Together we can make a small difference somewhere in the world!
  19. There is a great initiative going on here from the good folks at Chasing Kangaroos, every time they pass a 100 subscribers on Youtube, 10 new Steedens are donated to a developing nation! Recipients so far include: Vanuatu, Cameroon, Ghana, Solomon Islands, Greece and so far they are on 556. Once they reach 600, the Russians are next on their list to receive 10 balls. Beyond, Russia,.I am not sure who is on the list. So, please help, it will take no more than 3 seconds of your time and costs you nothing! Subscribe here: https://youtube.com/channel/UC9no374WZ4Aqrd7C6Odj9MA
  20. How dare you! They are part of the prestigious euro 13 competition! An organisation that in no way resembles the description you just gave the Jaguars.
  21. Did Birmingham Jaguars ever get off the ground?
  22. I switched from Pizza Hut to Papa John's when they did that lucrative Super League deal.
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