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  1. It is quite a catch 22 situation here. If there was enough depth in the playing ranks, Aude could be the SL team, with the 3 clubs; Carcassonne, Lezignan and Limoux, playing out of Elite 1 as its feeder clubs, supplying them with players. But, if such depth was there, we probably would not be even discussing it, as the French League would be in a much better place. Personally, I prefer they stay in Elite 1 and focus on building that up into a professional league. Hopefully it can eventually get to the point where Catalans and Toulouse are tempted to return.
  2. They have just announced a guy named Ashley Bateman as head coach. Anyone know anything about him? Is he any good?
  3. Nice one! Start looking into the visa process too as that is one potential stumbling block.
  4. Not sure, but in this photo, posted by MG himself, which I believe is the away end, does not look like much more than 100 there.
  5. Featuring Ghana (hosts), Nigeria, Cameroon and Morocco, to be held this September. https://europeanrugbyleague.com/articles/2096/draw-made-for-2022-middle-east-africa-ru
  6. I randomly remembered the talk of Red Star Belgrade partnering with Whitehaven, a few years ago. It was a pretty exciting idea, that sadly, never eventuated... https://www.facebook.com/185230088186706/posts/1795028270540205/
  7. Yes, and being a Cup match, there wasn't really much time to promote it either.
  8. Looks like there might have been less than 100 at the Crusaders vs Hunslet match today... https://twitter.com/NWCrusaders/status/1497584255353950210?s=20&t=PsLPYtLKLlrotO_jBkqDyw
  9. Sad but hardly surprising. I can see this fizzling pretty soon, without even an announcement or any acknowledgement, Euro XIII style.
  10. That indeed was an excellent collaboration. I didn't mention it though as the title mentions big clubs.
  11. I think it may have been an anti-climax as I don't think he ended up playing a game. Not sure if it was visa issues or just not being good enough.
  12. If a player is approached by a tier 2 nation and they tell them: "hey, look, I know we are not your first choice, but if Aus/NZ do not pick you, can you please play for us?" So when that player furthers his career and the tier 1 nations come knocking, it is more than likely, they will defect to their initial preferred choice. I don't like it, but it's the reality. PS: Neither To'o nor Luai are certainties for Aus selection. There is still a full season ahead and a lot can change between now and then.
  13. Italian Gioele Celerino has had stints with Newcastle Thunder and West Wales Raiders. Last season was Elite 1 with Palau, they got relegated, so now he plays for St Gaudens. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gioele_Celerino
  14. Yes also played a season with Doncaster. It appears he has returned to Greece now though: https://greekrl.com/bastas-returned-to-grl/
  15. I don't think so. Both have a fair amount of youth activity. But I don't think either have toured UK. I know the visa process for non-EU nationals is a bit complicated, and not cheap either. So I would be very surprised if they ever toured. Plus I cannot recall either one touring UK, but stand to be corrected.
  16. Let it go mate. It's not happening, it never was!
  17. Tickets went on sale yesterday. Did anyone buy theirs?
  18. ... my mistake. Saddleworth U15s toured in 2017. https://saddind.co.uk/saddleworth-rangers-u15s-win-new-czech-mates-on-tour/ Bravo Saddleworth Rangers!!
  19. I do not believe so. In fact, I believe exc. France, these are some of the youngest players on mainland Europe. I think the Czechs also did something with Saddleworth a few years ago at U12 or U14 level. But it was played in Czech. The fact the Norwegians are touring at such a young age is quite a significant step! Brago all round.
  20. While topics like these might be painfully boring for the average fan, like myself, govt. recognition in many countries is the be all and end all, and often is the one thing standing between RL and basic essential needs like access to fields etc. The more countries achieve this, the better off we all become as a sport as a whole.
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