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  1. Agreed! And to answer your question, both of the types of players you describe would be fantastic additions to any team. However, Atlanta and Birmingham make my gut feeling say that we will not be getting those types of players. Am hoping to be proven wrong.
  2. No, I have followed all the podcasts regarding euro 13 and the organiser has said on multiple occasions that draft players will be brought in for their experience and with the purpose of raising the standard of the competition. So obviously, these need to be good players and not just Joe from the pub.
  3. "irrespective of ability"??? Aren't draft players supposed to be the cream of the crop?
  4. Interesting comment. May I respectfully ask what you would define as "momentum"? Has there been a surge of new players signing up since the announcement or something like that?
  5. I advise tou all to take a look at some of the tweets put out by euro xiii earlier today. Several well-respected people in the game asking very reasonable questions and are either being met with the usual cryptic answers, or with aggressive responses. Eddie? Do you run their twitter account by any chance mate?
  6. You just said this earlier today: "How is it pie in the sky if it’s happening?" You seem to be the only one on this forum so convinced of that. Could it be a case of the whole world is insane except for you?
  7. Wait til a ball is kicked before you hail it a success, geez!
  8. The plan was initially 8, then all of a sudden they announced they were expanding to 16. Europe, on a good day barely has 16 RL-playing nations. So I think Yanto's prediction may be right, I won't be shocked if they revert back to the original plan of 8 teams.
  9. 17:00 UK time. Prior to that, Red Star vs Partizan is on at 14:00 UK, but via Red Star's facebook page I believe.
  10. We have asked multiple times, nobody appears to have a solid answer and Eddie seems to hate people asking too! ?
  11. Interesting. I expect this to be the strongest team in the Cup. How (and where) will the team train?
  12. Yes! Partizan vs Red Star and Radnicki Nis vs Dorcol Tigers. Should be two closer matches than last round, though Red Star and Nis should win fairly comfortably in the end, I would expect.
  13. Good question, which he conveniently dodged! He so staunchly defends absolutely everything they do, yet seems unable to spot the slightest of flaws in their plan, I am convinced the answer to you question is 'yes'.
  14. Interesting. I would have thought watching an Atlanta Rhinos match on youtube would have been the most effective way to find those players. Also, there were several mentions of "Qld Cup players" on the show. I think they may underestimate the sheer strength of the Qld Cup and the fact that this will clash with their pre-season matches. Good luck even poaching one of their waterboys at that time of year, let alone a player!
  15. Hmm... ok, I just finished listening too, and it's funny you mention money. The podcast lasted over an hour and a half yet we did not hear anything about funding, what I would have thought would be by far the most fundamental topic of discussion. Moving on from that. I am a bit confused by how frequently their narrative/strategy seems to be changing (even contradicting itself), a few examples: 1) This was initially announced as a semi-pro competition, a chance for a European players to play at a higher level, they now seem to be saying it is an amateur competition. 2) Draft players, were supposedly lift the standard of Euro XIII. However, with today's announcement of Atlanta-based players, it seems we are being told Euro XIII will help lift the standard of these American players!? The Irish guy, when asked having a Brisbane-based player would benefit his team, his answer was along the lines of: They will be good RL players and bring plenty of experience to our team. Then, when asked how having an Atlanta-based in his team would benefit, his answer was: it will be great, we get to meet new people. So what exactly is the purpose of these draft players after all? 3) RLEF. Seems a real thorn in their (Euro 13s) side. Their most recent statement assures people that they are working with RLEF and keen to find a way to collaborate. However, some of today's comments, seem to have discarded any possible RLEF involvement, as he repeatedly said: Read the RLEF constitution, there is nothing in there about them governing club competitions, only international. If that is their stance, then fine, but just be clear about it. Because, they just seem to have one foot in each camp at the minute. Anyhow, like I say, considering how long it was, there was very little real information given on this podcast, other than the Atlanta draft story.
  16. Please enlighten us. Explain why it is "brilliant" as you've just hailed it.
  17. Yeah exactly right! I also love how the crowd got into it too and seemed to have at least a basic understanding of the game!
  18. I only caught the last 20 minutes. I think it was 14-12 until about the 65th minute. A few silly errors at critical moments cost them. They now play Radnicki Nis in the semi final. I expect RN will be too strong. And the other semi, Partizan vs Red Star should be decent, though I cannot see Red Star losing.
  19. I got this off the RFL website. I think 4-5 of the teams in Southern Conference are from London. Also I think Wests Warriors have been a welcome addition, since they were founded in 2014...
  20. I never knew this, but I am curious! As I have always wondered how NCL compares to Elite 2. Which team would usually win these matches, do you remember?
  21. This video is doing the rounds on social media and caught my eye today. Now I thought I had played on some shocking fields in my day, but surely nothing can compare to this! All I can say is, massive respect to the boys in Cameroon!
  22. Sounds like a bit of a mismatch, a new club against one of the heavyweights, but still looking forward to watching it nonetheless.
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