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  1. I believe they will continue to make signings. I believe one thing they do have on their side, is the appeal of living in London for a few years. Which is something like a rite of passage for young Aussies. But, their team has basically hit the reset button (how many players from last season played last weekend? Genuine question, I assume not many, if any). The other teams have chemistry and continuity on their side. Same group who have been together for a few years. I do believe they will survive relegation, but I can see them finishing somewhere 10-12th.
  2. 𝗖𝗮𝗹𝘂𝗺 𝗚𝗮𝗵𝗮𝗻 𝘀𝗶𝗴𝗻𝘀 We are delighted to announce the signing of Hooker Calum Gahan. Calum is expected to land in the UK next week having most recently played with the Norths Devils Read more here https://bit.ly/3urn94h Just seen that posted on London Broncos social media. I looked him up, he played 9 matches for Norths in Qld Cup 2021. Hopefully this will be a good signing, but they will need to find a way to use both him and Parata effectively.
  3. I believe this figure is misleading. I may be mistaken, but I do believe when a TV viewing figures are quote they are usually the average number of people watching at any given time OR the peak audience at any given time. With internet streams, they just give an aggregate figure, of anyone who so much as clicked on the link and watched it for even one second (either whike the match was live or after it finished). So this figure, as seen today (5 days after the match) is indeed 19k on youtube, but that is a culmination, the peak audience may have been under 1k. Not trying to rain on the parade, the figure is still impressive, just not as much as it first sounds.
  4. Excellent deals! Nobody can say they are not trying to bring crowds in. I hope they can keep attracting 1500 or more home fans to each match, even if it does mean continuing such deals theoughout the season. 1500 in a 3000-seat grandstand is enough to ensure a half-decent atmosphere.
  5. Unfortunately, they don't, at least not yet. I hope it is in their plans, as Skopje is perfectly located in the middle of the Balkans, would be perfect place to hold 9s tournaments as teams from Serbia, Albania, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Greece and even Turkey all being able to travle their by road. The only concerning me here, is that this new Macedonia team has not even gotten ERL or IRL observer membership yet, which is actually quite easy to get, but does require some local presence in the actual country it represents. It seems to me therefore, they have not yet done this and have been around for nearly a year now. And in nearly every post they make on social media, they mention their intention to qualify for RLWC2025. Not sure how they expect to do that if they are not even a recognised IRL member. So needless to say, this is not a sanctioned international test match, but I do hope it might lead to something eventually start up in new nation. Good luck to all involved!
  6. You do know they still play in League One, right? https://northwalescrusaders.com/
  7. Absolutely. And as I said, I would prefer too big than too small. By the way, it seems your post is now making waves on twitter! https://twitter.com/WalesRLfans/status/1487887798866792454?s=20&t=de9TDPmI_vVpT09OGdhmNQ
  8. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_RFL_Championship_season_results Here, but they usually get added in a few days or even a week after the match. Not the place to look if you want it now, but a good resource to look back on as the season progresses.
  9. It's all about context. France vs Wales, one-off friendly match. 35k I would say is big.
  10. Round 1 attendances: (help fill in the blanks! Workington vs Newcastle: ? Leigh vs Whitehaven: ? Barrow vs Sheffield: 1,927 Batley vs Halifax: ? Dewsbury vs Bradford: ? London vs Widnes: 2,182
  11. Are you talking about Wests Warriors? On a different note, the new team down in Brighton seems quite proactive. Are they any chance of joining this league in the coming years? And if not, what are their other options if they want to play regular matches some competition? https://www.facebook.com/BrightonHoveRL/
  12. As someone who wasn't there, just looking at the scoreline, seems a decent result. Each team scored two tries in the 2nd half and Widnes won by 6 tries to 3 (lack of conversions makes the scoreline look more severe). As I understand, the majority of the team are newcomers so they would not have had the chemistry that Widnes did. Hopefully as the season goes on, this is something that will improve. 2,182 is a solid crowd (would they have even all fit at the Trailfinders ground?). If they can maintain an average of 1000 for the "lesser" fixtures, and hit 2000 for the bigger fixtures, then I think that will be a decent outcome for them and the move will be justified.
  13. Yes, that is a fair concern, hence why I suggest both parties discuss it and find a solution that both parties can benefit from. Looking at it from an "overall London RL" point of view, if Skolars would get a +1000 higher gate on that day, but Broncos could get +3000 higher, then it makes sense for the event to go there. I would even be prepared to financially compensate the Skolars if I were the Broncos.
  14. I think you may not have understood what I said. I said that London Broncos, should have tried playing one of their regular season matches, the night before the Challenge Cup Final.
  15. Plough Lane would have been ideal for Friday Night Lights, the night before the Challenge Cup Final. It is a shame they did not push for a game that night. Yes I realise Skolars play that night, but perhaps the two.clubs could have discussed it and worked something out. Perhaps Skolars could have played on the Sunday at 13:00 for a change.
  16. Wow, I hope that is accurate!! 2000 or more would be a great start, but the obvious challenge from today onwards will be to get them coming back for more. Also, how many of those would be Widnes fans? 500 perhaps?
  17. I agree that this crowd can hit five figures, especially if the local govt. is supporting the event. I thought they might have a medium sized stadium in a city of its size, but no big deal if they don't. Better to be too big than too small.
  18. Aside from the main stadium in Nantes (35k capacity) is there anything smaller that might be more suitable for the France vs Wales match?
  19. Excellent and exciting news! And I agree with Lacoste, RL has had a presence in Nantes since the 1930s and until today. Rennes has no teams, so Nantes makes far more sense.
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