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  1. That's the spirit! Hiw many are likely to turn up tomorrow? Is 1500 a possibility? I hope it's a good day for London both on and off the field and the start of a bright new chapter in their history
  2. Interesting article. I really hope they can be success, srarting off with a good crowd and a decent result on Sunday. I admire them for taking the ambitious route and moving to Wimbledon's stadium, rather than staying at a venue that resembled that of a community club. Also, regarding away fans, I do believe they will get a lot more than last year. First reason being the new stadium. Second being the absence of Toulouse. In previous seasons, fans probably were split between London and Toulouse trips. Whereas this season, with only one long trip, I am sure more fans will get on board.
  3. It is strange that we are even discussing top-down development. Seeing as NARL, is far closer to being an amateur set up rather than anything resembling the "top".
  4. Whilst I am generally not a fan of top-down, I do accept that it could work if there is massive financial backing to go with it. I cannot see much evidence of this project having strong financial backing, hence why I remain skeptical.
  5. I am pretty sure that is the same question most of us have been asking since day 1.
  6. I think a couple of friendlies. I was going to ask the same about Toronto. Have they played a match, or even assembled a squad that trains, since they left Super League?
  7. Bravo to Fev. Would be great if all Championship clubs could reach their level.
  8. I expected that reaction Anyway, GO TEAM SIX!!
  9. Or a RL tragic who has been sold one too many false dawns. Plus has a sense of humour to go with it.
  10. The sudden change of shirt supplier seems like another 'gaffe' in this comedy of errors, as they announced Macron just six months ago. I wonder why that has now changed? My guess is, Macron got out when certain deadlines/assurances were not met. https://www.macron.com/eu/news/macron-is-the-technical-sponsor-of-the-north-american-rugby-league
  11. NARL have now announced it too. Oh dear, what a mess. The whole idea of today was supposedly to announce the sixth team and instead, they just "announced" things that we already knew, plus: - No venue announcement - After all that, still a *disclaimer that all of this is subject to change.
  12. A tweet from RLWC2025 organisers today, suggests that there is only ONE remaining host city to be named. https://twitter.com/CDMFrance2025/status/1484891195046350859?s=20
  13. yes I am not suggesting they folded, or are completely inactive, just seems they are a lot less active than they used to be (and I think that began about a year before the pandemic started). Also, that most recent post seems to be advertising a rugby union coaching clinic, unfortunately.
  14. I am no expert when it comes to USA RL. But after years of being the benchmark team and the epicentre of US activity, it seems Jacksonville have been quiet now for the last 3-4 years. And I believe it is down to the departure of their main man, Spinner Howland (returned to Aus I think?). I suspect nobody was able to step up and fill the void he left. I think Spinner was also an active member on this forum at one stage too.
  15. Make that 2003! I know the history books can be cruel when you look back and see the Aussies won the Ashes series 3-0 that year, but I remember every game was in the balance (or GB were ahead) right up until the 80th minute. A valiant effort, made even more impressive by the fact GB played the full 80 minutes, of one of those matches with just 12 men (the infamous Morley hit on Robbie Kearns 8 seconds into the game). Still to this day, one of my favourite international series ever!
  16. "if done right" seems to be the most overused cliche on this forum and the ultimate 'get out of jail' card for those wanting to make a bold statement, without actually making a bold statement. Anyway, carry on
  17. Fantastic effort, go the Tribesmen!!!
  18. Yes as the rules currently stand. That is why I said hopefully it may happen at some point in the future.
  19. Great read!! Excellent work being done indeed. I would love to visit Galway and see a match there some day! To be honest, I don't think they stand a chance against Pilkington. But that shouldn't matter, the fact they are even playing is a great achievement. Hopefully they can become mainstays in the Challenge Cup and eventually play a home tie (and get their first win)! But for now, one step at a time. I hope they enjoy the whole experience.
  20. Wow, sounds like a lot of travel for amateur teams! Is the Nanterre (Paris) team still active? Les Hussards I believe was their nickname.
  21. To me, it is a bit of a problem. What if a man, woman, child attend a game in one of those towns, fall in love with it, and ask, so where can I sign up? And the answer is, nearest team to you is two hours away? All that expense seems a bit of a waste if it's like the circus, that rolls into town one day and rolls out the very next. Anyway, it seems to be a very organised, well-funded and well thought-out bid, so I am hopeful that they have already considered these things. Luc Lacoste very much seems focused on the long-term, which gives me great confidence not only in RLWC2025 but in French RL in general.
  22. It seems they are tying this whole event in with a legacy plan, where they have specific goals (such as 40k players by 2027). So based on that, I doubt there will be many matches 'wasted' on random places with no legacy or follow-up plan of action. I hope so at least.
  23. Nothing to do with travel mate. These are potentially key cities for RL in France with an actual presence and history. I would have thought it would be a more fruitful exercise targeting those cities and building on the foundations that are already in place. But if it is a case of highest bidder wins, then what can I say.
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