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  1. North Wales Crusaders have announced an exciting strategic development plan with Wales Rugby League. This new, innovative partnership with the Wrexham-based club will see a jointly funded part time community coach help grow rugby league in North Wales, as well as build brand awareness and fan engagement for Crusaders as part of their return for investment plan with the Rugby Football League. There is already the support of two community clubs in North Wales. Flintshire Falcons are making a welcome return to the WRL community fold in 2021, while a new community side in Wrexham is also being formed. They will both run women's and men's open age teams, as well as boys' and girls' teams. The Wrexham community club will play in the same colours as North Wales and adopt the club badge. It is also hoped that new clubs will follow in Rhyl, Conwy and Bethesda. Full story on the link http://northwalescrusaders.com/news/growing-the-game-in-north-wales/ Other announcements include season tickets on sale for 2021 and news of a magnificent fundraising effort for a local hospice (special mention for Rob Massam who raised more than £4,500 by completing 1,500 consecutive burpees!) http://northwalescrusaders.com/news/challenges-give-nightingale-house-a-big-boost/ With all the talk about losing central funding and the disruption caused by the pandemic, it is great to hear the optimism coming from the club.
  2. North Wales Crusaders keeping the 2020 shirts for next year, but have just announced an anniversary shirt to mark the club's 10th season. http://northwalescrusaders.com/news/purchase-crusaders-2021-anniversary-shirt/
  3. My previous post was only a suggestion, to increase the number of games from 18 to 26 across the regular season. The balanced fixtures would retain the integrity of the competition and still give one of the bottom five a crack at the promotion playoffs. A complete contrast to the farce of a few years ago, where some clubs played more away games than others, some part time clubs were expected to fly across the Atlantic to play a full time club while others didn't, (and that was just the regular season), and we actually made a loss by reaching the shield final. Anyway, I thought this thread was about next year. Clubs have already assembled, or will be in the final stages of assembling squads based on the current league structure and current central funding. What on earth would be the point of putting clubs like ours in the same league as clubs who have probably spent as much on individual players as we have on our entire squad, and who's central funding alone will be at least twice our annual turn over? This has all come about because a Championship club could be promoted to make up the numbers in Super League, with a League 1 club then promoted to bring the Championship back up to 14. Back in 2013, there were just 9 teams in League 1, we finished as champions and were promoted ahead of our time, the following year we were relegated by another restructure and have struggled to recover ever since. I don't blame the League 1 clubs for putting this idea forward, at the end of the day, we always seem to be treated as an afterthought by those in the leagues above us, I just don't see this as a solution.
  4. If there are 10 clubs in League 1 next year, how about all teams play each other home and away, then split the league into two groups of five, carrying the points forward into the split. Keep the playoff format the same as it is now (top six), with the top five playing home and away to decide the champions and playoff positions from second to fifth. The bottom five also play each other home and away with the highest placed team finishing sixth overall and taking the final playoff place. This would give a regular season of 13 home games, hopefully an exciting finish at the top and something for the bottom five to play for against similar standard opposition.
  5. There's an article in the Wrexham Leader about Crusaders' Brad Billsborough, who played for Germany, for 75 mins with a broken hand. https://www.leaderlive.co.uk/sport/18761774.brad-billsborough-plays-broken-hand-germanys-20-18-griffin-cup-loss-netherlands/
  6. Good luck, this would be a great trip to look forward to. The opening post sums up perfectly the value of preserving League 1, and giving clubs a chance to develop and thrive in the long term.
  7. Well, we're looking forward to next year, whatever form the league takes. Made our first signing for 2021 today. http://northwalescrusaders.com/news/gav-rodden-on-board-for-2021/ I don't mind if it goes to conferences, so long as League 1 has a viable future.
  8. North Wales will not be entering. http://northwalescrusaders.com/news/update-on-plans-for-remainder-of-2020/
  9. A nice idea from Wales RL in the event that the ashes series and European Championships don't go ahead. Wales will also be taking on Jamaica in Cardiff, if we are out of lockdown in the autumn. https://wrl.wales/wales-propose-to-play-england-for-the-nhs-cup
  10. Please don't worry about us, I'm sure we will be fine. Providing of course we still have a league to play in when this is all over. ? Seriously, we probably have the lowest overheads of any semi pro club.The players only get paid when they play, and we only pay rent for the ground on match days. All of our staff, apart from players, are unpaid volunteers. Playing behind closed doors would be a challenge, but even then I would be hopeful that we can cope. I think this loan is great news and I'm not envious at all, there are plenty of clubs out there who have been around far longer than we have and really are focal points for their community. Not only do you deserve this money, you've earned it. Stay safe everyone, hopefully we can all get through this and come back stronger.
  11. Grew up in Wrexham, which is dominated by football, but my mum's from StHelens so used to occasionally watch Saints with my grandad. My first visit to Knowsley Road was probably some time in the late sixties. My first, and so far only Challenge Cup final was in 1972. We travelled down by coach from StHelens and I remember there was an accident on the motorway on the way down, and we only got into the ground 5 minutes before kickoff, just in time to see Graham Rees score the first try. We were stood on the top step at the scoreboard end, directly behind the goalposts.
  12. The short answer is yes, although we don't seem to have any more detail yet this year. http://northwalescrusaders.com/under-13s/
  13. We'll have to wait again for that elusive win against Hunslet. ? The better team won on the day. The lads gave their best, but Hunslet out played us in the second half. Usual honest appraisal from Anthony Murray. https://twitter.com/NWCrusaders/status/1236985084537794561
  14. I had never heard of Yes Cymru until last year, when about half a dozen of them were waiting outside the Turf to go on a protest march in Cardiff, and about 20 of us Cru fans were waiting for our bus to the away game at London Skolars. One of them came over to speak to me as he recognised me from my Wrexham FC supporting days and we went to the same school. He was asking me about Wrexham football club, and joined the queue for our bus when it arrived. I found this quite amusing as I know him to be one of the Wrexham fans who can't stand Crusaders and is totally against either code of rugby being played at the Racecourse?. The penny only dropped when he noticed the replica shirts we were wearing, and I couldn't help thinking how funny it would have been if he had got on our bus. ? I did notice the flag when I watched the game on Our League and like Hughsehhh cringed when I saw it (now that I know what it means). However, rather than be outraged I prefer to just laugh at the irony of supporting a welsh club with an almost entirely English squad, as well as half the fans being English. In fact my username was originally going to be put on a Wales flag to welcome the English players signing for us when we had "fear nothing" as a hash tag on twitter, I just never got round to it.
  15. What a shame that Saracens pulled the rug from under what promised to be a great occasion this weekend. We had a 50 seat bus fully booked as far back as Christmas Eve for the double header on Saturday, but thanks to Saracens attitude towards Toronto and Skolars we have been reduced to 14 on a minibus, with another 3 of us travelling down by train. Hopefully a few more can make their own way down. Expecting the usual warm welcome at the New River Stadium and a close game.
  16. To be honest, I'm not all that up to date on the wider RL scene as I tend to focus more on supporting the club, but I do know there are some dedicated people out there trying to promote the game in North Wales. Most of the information out there is on social media (I'm not on facebook myself), but here's a couple of links. https://www.facebook.com/pg/NWCruRes/posts/ https://en-gb.facebook.com/pg/NorthWalesOriginRL/posts/ http://northwalesorigin.co.uk/ I think you're right about North Wales having potential. The one big advantage we have over other parts of Wales is that we are close to traditional RL towns in north west England. You only have to look at the North Wales Crusaders squad to see this. Our biggest disadvantage is not having a dedicated rugby league ground. I'm convinced that if we had a Championship standard ground (or even League 1 standard) complete with clubhouse, then this club would thrive and with it the wider game. If only we had a ground like Stebonheath (West Wales Raiders) in Wrexham. The union game is actually growing in North Wales. The regional team based in Colwyn Bay are regularly attracting the size of crowds we used to get at the Racecourse. The six nations "A" internationals are also played in Colwyn Bay in front of large four figure crowds. They have been fortunate in that the WRU have the resources to back them, and good luck to them. I still think there's room for us though.
  17. With this being the only game on the first weekend of the League 1 season, the winners will be top of the league for at least a week. ? Just hope the weather outlook improves.
  18. Very pleased with our result yesterday, especially after last year, and very pleasing that we gave Mayfield the respect that they deserve. Had to work all weekend unfortunately, so only saw the game last night, and have to say the BBC coverage was excellent. Really enjoyed the commentary and all the comments they were reading out from the viewers. One thing about visiting a clubs like Mayfield and Thatto Heath, is that we are reminded of the one thing we desperately need here in North Wales, and that's a ground of our own. It doesn't need to be anything lavish, but if we did have our own place, I'm convinced that this club would thrive. Anyway, off work for the fourth round so glad we're in the hat.
  19. Thanks, I'll look into it when the date's announced.
  20. Really pleased with the draw, it was nice to be a top seeded team. By coincidence, myself and the Mrs have started planning a holiday in Spain for the first week in November, so naturally I'm hoping the game will be played in Malaga. I'm sure Mrs fearnowt won't mind flying out a day early if necessary. ?
  21. Well I'm hoping we can pull off a shock! ? Certainly not expecting an easy game, most of us actually had Thatto Heath as favourites last year. Of course we know why it's been chosen, but glad it's on anyway. Working next Saturday so will try and time the lunch break for the second half.?
  22. Draw made tonight, copied from RLEF facebook https://en-gb.facebook.com/pg/rlefofficial/posts/?ref=page_internal Group A1 17/18 Oct France v Italy 24/25 Oct Italy v Scotland 31 Oct/1st Nov Scotland v France Group A2 17/18 Oct Ireland v Spain 24/25 Oct Wales v Ireland 31 Oct/1st Nov Spain v Wales Final (winners group A1 v winners group A2) on weekend of 7/8 November Group B 17/18 Oct Serbia v Russia 24/35 Oct Greece v Serbia 31 Oct/1st Nov Russia v Greece Group C 17/18 Oct Norway v Ukraine 24/25 Oct Germany v Norway 31 Oct/1st Nov Ukraine v Germany Group D games to be played 17th Oct to 1st Nov Netherlands v Turkey Turkey v Netherlands Malta v Czech Republic Czech Republic v Malta
  23. Exactly ten years ago tonight, Crusaders RL played their first game in Wrexham against Leeds Rhinos. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Va6hRELB_jU
  24. Not the only game affected. We've had a 50 seat supporters bus fully booked since before Christmas. https://www.skolarsrl.com/2020/01/28/london-skolars-vs-north-wales-crusaders-to-be-rearranged/
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