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  1. It will be nice to return to North Wales again, hopefully they don't get promoted. At least West Wales definitely won't
  2. It appears there are over 30 cities/towns in France that have committed to hosting games now that it's been announced that France have won the bid to host the world cup, which I think is brilliant news. It really shows how much the game is on the rise in France.
  3. This isn't a bad idea, I have often thought we don't hear much out of African nations in terms of RL.
  4. Looks like we're playing on the Saturday, guess I'm off to watch after all
  5. Cracking deal, more clubs should do this.
  6. The human shield could be an option
  7. I think it's great that Ottawa have decided to relocate to a completely new part of England/Britain, I hope it works.
  8. Regarding the player recruitment, I would guess that it will most likely be a mixture of both, with possible recruitment for any local amateurs in the area from Devon and surrounding towns/cities. I agree with you about having to present a decent business case.
  9. It's bloody typical lol I go to Orlando on the 31st July, I can guarantee you that's the day we play on just so I have to miss it
  10. Yes I think they will go back to Hemel too which is good for the game down south of they do.
  11. Apparently Ottawa want to have a team in the NARL and League 1 which wasn't going to work really so like you say it isn't unexpected, they've made the right choice by picking the NARL as I think it could really take off if done right.
  12. I've just read the following announcement from Ottawa (I'll leave the link below), are they just basing themselves in England or is there no more Ottawa? The link: https://www.ottawaaces.com/club-announcement/
  13. We could perhaps have two set of double headers, one in pre season and one mid season. Maybe have Wales v Jamaica and England v France in the pre season one and then have Wales v Ireland/Scotland and England v Samoa/Tonga in the mid season one, just an idea.
  14. We were awful when we played them away! Newcastle didn't look brilliant that day either and they were there for the taking and I believe that they are this week too, we certainly need the win! Unfortunately I won't be there this week as I'm Scarborough for the bank holiday weekend but I'll be at the game in spirit and I hope we can field a strong team and put on a good performance.
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