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  1. I was just picking my side BSJ, I know that most players if not all will feature though.
  2. Chris Annakin is injured and won't be playing on Boxing Day, so for boxing day Sam Scott will take his place and James Thornton will fill in for Sam on the bench.
  3. I remember it was at ours, ou could be right then it might have been 2011. I just remember Ayden Faal went to Batley the year after.
  4. I'm assuming that Lee will play everyone on boxing day so like I say mate it could change after that.
  5. That's my squad, could change now depending on what we look like on boxing day.
  6. If he's leading the takeover then we could be getting sold but I'll wait until the club actually come out with news as big as that before having an opinion.
  7. Assuming he's from Bradford he wouldn't even need to get the train to get to our ground. He could just get the bus, get the 268 from Bradford to Dewsbury Bus Station, then get the 202/203 from Dewsbury Bus Station to Owl Lane estate, then he'd have to walk the remaining distance.
  8. I'll start to pick mine now, since we're well in to pre season. 1. Joe Martin 2. Andy Gabriel 3. Jason Walton 4. Adam Ryder 5. Davey Dixon 6. Paul Sykes 7. Liam Finn 8. Tom Garrett 9. Dom Speakman 10. Chris Annakin 11. Michael Knowles 12. James Thornton 13. Sonny Esslemont 14. Jon Magrin 15. Sam Day 16. Sam Scott 17. Morgan Punchard I'll fill in the blanks nearer boxing day depending on who signs/resigns.
  9. I put this on facebook, posted it on the supporters group. I understand that £20 is terrible for a friendly but if your planning on boycotting then boycott the league game at their place, it's a shared gate boxing day so let's drum up as much money for the club as possible, let's be honest we need it.
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