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  1. Pleasing news in my eyes, Lee has steadied the ship and I hope he carries on the good performances.
  2. I wouldn't mind seeing this pan out, it would be nice to see the comp turn professional one day but baby steps need to be taken.
  3. It would be nice to see Samoa challenge the big boys as it would be nice to see a competitive World Cup and more so a competitive international scene, that squad could certainly compete with the best of them but theres not much chance of seeing many of those names in the Samoa line up at the moment.
  4. I think he left Wakefield, I dont know where he went though ??
  5. God I'd rather not remember Fifita, he had about 4 runs and never once took the ball forward.
  6. Hallet was nowhere near as good as he was made out to be given all the hype he got when we traded him for Jason Crookes.
  7. Jordan Tansey and Macauley Hallett are my biggest disappointments signing wise, both of them weren't great for us (and that's a compliment for Tansey)
  8. I know he was head coach of Jamaica RL for a bit, I don't know if he still is.
  9. I was just picking my side BSJ, I know that most players if not all will feature though.
  10. Chris Annakin is injured and won't be playing on Boxing Day, so for boxing day Sam Scott will take his place and James Thornton will fill in for Sam on the bench.
  11. I remember it was at ours, ou could be right then it might have been 2011. I just remember Ayden Faal went to Batley the year after.
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