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  1. Is there any tours this year with the lions!? And heard they was conducting interviews this week after Rooney has had his well deserved reign!??
  2. Not the point though is it we as a club entered this competition when we was in three to play the best teams and see where we was as a team and as a club...and also pick tips up off other committees
  3. Oh big dougie boy bit of bait and I get a big fish! Mayfield have always been known for the rubbish discipline it's a fact the whole conference know this
  4. Mayfield tried this with hunslet in a final last year and got our neighbors hunslet warriors kicked out of the NCL their reputation is not good
  5. Agreed we nominated 5 players to go training too jamie fields jamie Bradley andy hullock josh Murphy and Keiron Murphy none of whom even got asked to go to the train on squad of 50! and 2 have them have represented BARLA! If this is the case I'm glad he's gone from the England lions job can stop picking his pals!
  6. We at hunslet are not proclaiming that we are now the best side in amateur rugby league and would agree that at this present time the guys at siddal are! what I will say is there's nothing wrong with been a pub team at least the fellas are making the sport tick over! And tonne fair there's been some great pub teams over the years and probably what the sport has thrived of in the 70s 80s! also as a club entering a cup you can only play what's in front of you and on this occasion sunday fryston warriors was the opposition and was the best side left in that's why they got there! and unfortunately they couldn't keep 13 body's on the field at once which is a great shame they have the makings of a really talented side if they change the bullying type of mindset! They have potential! As for the balls barla brought our club coaches was laughing at them! They was more like medicine balls terrible standard of a ball speaking with jamie fields after the game about them and that's exactly why he launched them straight over the hospitality lounge!
  7. Agreed Davo5 but you can only play the teams that enter! Hunslet entered this as a friendlys as it turns out not a lot entered which is quite sad on behalf of the amateur clubs! barla and the Rfl need to sort their out
  8. We have danny Rowse and andy hullock in the halfs with rocky price aswell we are not taking this game lightly at all it's a cup we've never one and its illuded is in the past we are fielding a strong side barring a couple who are at a family christening but that's no excuse we beleive what we have is good enough and there won't be any excuses from us on the day! It all looks to be a great game in the making! just a shame not as many clubs enter This cup anymore!
  9. Me to Blackbeard needs to be a good set of three otherwise both teams could suffer and we don't need excuses
  10. can't be confident then brassey!? Concentrate on NCL 2
  11. Brassey how's the side looking for Saturday!? And are the rumours true it's on the old/new pitch!?
  12. As you quoted we will cross paths in the final
  13. Yes it should be a really tough game with some fire from both teams I expect a bumper crowd and some decent rugby on show too! I think the oldboys will just take the spoils in true derby fashion a close game
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