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  1. You very nearly got it exactly right ?
  2. Been superb all year, we miss him when he's not playing. Superb in defence particularly
  3. Toronto could learn a lot from Hemel, they played in the right manner and with discipline.
  4. Still some lapses in concentration today but we scored some lovely tries. Good to hear gaz owen really barking and organising the team as did Bridge. Every time I see nelmes I'm impressed he was outstanding again. Things happen when he comes on. Also great to see Rasool get a game, thought Ben West always looked a threat too and Mccomb very good too.
  5. I agree with you there, we should see our other squad players getting game time. Be nice to see if Rasool gets a game and Johnson. Encouraging news on Ben Davies too, hopefully he'll be back playing very soon
  6. I have twitter set to alert me each time the club update anything, but look on here for a alternative view or simply for a bit of rugby chat.
  7. That would be very nice indeed, Kershaw has been outstanding as the only stranger to Oldham. Hooley and Gill both known but done a great job as per usual. Really given us an extra attacking threat, be surprised if Gill comes back though as he might be close to hitting the first team at Cas. Good luck to him..
  8. Brilliant from Benty that, impressive stuff again from Nelmes and Joy. Langers is just so consistent you expect this level from him week on week. I think he's had man of the match 3 games in a row so far and he's our top try scorer
  9. Definitely, I'll promote the hell out of anything on twitter. Worth a try!! Also worth a try if anybody is a member of rl forums on Facebook to promote on there.
  10. Similar here, though I was born in 78. Just having a read through programmes and in 87/88 in the 2nd div we had an average of 3k.
  11. I can remember a pensioner at one home game, a rather delicate looking lady. How wrong was i? Come kickoff she morphed into a crazed delirium and i quote "come on Oldham we can lick this lot" all the while thrashing her walking stick in the advertising hoarding. Great to see even as a teenager back then
  12. Dreadful image this ..... golfball in the throat stuff
  13. Where did everyone on here used to stand? We always stood in the Waterhead paddock (bottom right of the picture) my Dad still hates going behind the sticks. Always produced a good atmosphere the 'sheddings stand though
  14. I think he'll be ok but agree he's had a couple of average games. Mind you he's something of a side line to how Hewitt is playing this season. I think he's having a big impact and steadying Hewitt in the middle. His kicking was a bit disappointing on Sunday but i put that down to kick pressure.
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