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  1. Similar here, though I was born in 78. Just having a read through programmes and in 87/88 in the 2nd div we had an average of 3k.
  2. I can remember a pensioner at one home game, a rather delicate looking lady. How wrong was i? Come kickoff she morphed into a crazed delirium and i quote "come on Oldham we can lick this lot" all the while thrashing her walking stick in the advertising hoarding. Great to see even as a teenager back then
  3. Dreadful image this ..... golfball in the throat stuff
  4. Where did everyone on here used to stand? We always stood in the Waterhead paddock (bottom right of the picture) my Dad still hates going behind the sticks. Always produced a good atmosphere the 'sheddings stand though
  5. My all time favourite player I think, as an eight year old can remember standing in the Waterhead Paddock watching him. Never took a backward step and played well above his size /weight
  6. Can't remember who it was against but it must've been around 87/88 and I'd be about 8. Anyway for some reason I shouted "Waddle along Hughie" to Hugh Waddell and to his credit he turned and laughed along with half of the Waterhead Paddock. Some player too!
  7. There's loads, but one of my favourites is the Lancashire cup final v Wire in 1990 I think. That game showcased what a handful John Cogger was. A try by Paul Lord springs to mind just how good we could be..
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