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  1. If you both keep sitting for an answer! You are not going to get it. Step up dear boys and show your initiative.
  2. Their website is reporting a decision in two/three weeks. Probably why know one gives a ####.. Then again SL can’t afford OldTrafford. That someone seems we go with 11 and save *****.
  3. Yes it’s yesterday news. The fact given your squad was sat in the UK. Your management decided it’s not feasible to continue. Stop looking for excuses.
  4. That must be a nightmare! Especially if they are following what they saw the night before...
  5. Do SL carry their own rules? The game is comprehensively contradicting the rules laws of the game. No point calling refs when one can overrule the other. What impact has this had in junior community development? Score a try with your elbow or a finger nail! These SL laws are simply not Rugby League laws.
  6. So what have these guys and their families been living off? Scotch mist!
  7. It’s quoted from the link above. Try reading it. It makes sense to me. Obviously not to the profounders of the sport. Looks like you found a new home for Brierley again.
  8. Great program. Des Drummond 1983 with a world competition record of 10.85 seconds in the 100 meters. Now that’s fast.
  9. Oh look he’s here again. It’s folk like you that have made the game defunct with all negativity. Do you actually have anything positive to say about the sport other than your obsession with Leigh fans?
  10. You’re on the wrong thread buddy. Or is that one above your mentality?
  11. I’m not going through this again. They need to go find a stadium they can play in during the harsh 15ft snow drifts that puts Canada to a stop. Anything related to RL is profile for the sport. Unfortunately the game wasn’t built for 7’s or 9’s. 13 or nowt for me. Did they miss a trick? No.
  12. How can it be deferred until 2022? He has a product to sell. Come on get real.
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