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  1. Do you have to be a SL team to beat a SL team? Not anymore.. 1up/1 down..
  2. Pitiful reply. Guess you are lost for words. For a change
  3. The employer sets the level. When they where in L1 they carried a million pound squad. Not much more to play with should you hit SL. They knew that then,nevermind Championship when the rest got used up. As I said the plan was based on SC increase from day one. There was never any other plan only getting to SL. Now they are there, they want it increased again, not to get a level playing field but simply to get more players.
  4. I would agree with that. Now if we go back to the conception of TWP when they joined L1. They joined with max salary cap courtesy of Mr Beaumont. Would TWP be in SL today if not for the change in the lower tiers SC? So the five year plan to get to SL was based on the SC being increased. As you say, not only disruption but getting players from a higher level to drop down a notch is very costly. That doesn't give you an excuse for dispensation should you reach the promised land. They've had 3 Years to build a squad. Some only get 3 months.
  5. Hence the Salary Cap is there for that reason. I’m astonished TWP are even asking the question? Their plan was SL from conception. What went wrong?
  6. Well Leigh managed to beat Wigan last night. Under your illusions of what friendlies are! That puts them favourites to replace you.
  7. Then fans you remain. How you feel about me! Carries no consequences. How you feel about the sport and the progress being made by TWP within those conduits is the reason behind the thread. Simply having a pop at somebody because you don’t have the answer, or feel intimidated by it, isn’t acceptable.. Justify your posts, don’t fall into the realms of the muppets.
  8. Let’s get the season under way and see just what problems TWP have..
  9. Neither were Bien.. Or premier sports in Toronto. Your point? Hows about broadcasting rights? For sponsor’s..
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