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  1. Not in this world..lol. Selling the game to youth will be hard work, I understand that. Still not sure why ignorance to CRL was shown. That must have been a starting block of youth development.
  2. Plastic does'nt freeze.. I guess they close the airport also, no way in,no way out..
  3. Not much use in -25 yet you all still seem to get work. You also have a year all round pitch.
  4. You are speculating, not fact. Large crowds don't support what is actually needed. Thats called players! Do you have any?
  5. Its how the money is thrown! Theres no owner making anything out of it. Investment comes from youth. Something that has been seriously neglected during the SL years. SL are the product but also the demise of the game. Stuff SKY and lets get going again.
  6. Any club can operate at an higher level with investment. Success draws sponsors the fan base increases. Is not hard, it just needs investment..
  7. Then surely it would be in interest of York to loan those players in, rather than DR.
  8. Either way you haven't travelled far today..
  9. Why is it taking so long? All of a sudden the whole country can watch and play RL.
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