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  1. Yes but having one team on £75k and another on £2.1m in the same competition doesn’t create competition.
  2. With a full salary cap to play with. Thats the problem now.. The 8's have gone. No reason for full SC in either L1 or Champ.
  3. The point I'm trying to make is, at the moment any club joining L1 can use the full cap, either via a bond or whatever. If the cap was restricted as it should have been after the Super 8's were disbanded, you would have competition.
  4. There should have been more emphasis on the cap. As in part time teams being awarded a higher cap if turning full time. Higher cap for more full time players and youngsters. Toronto on say a 500k cap with a full time squad with someone like Leigh on a 300k cap with a mixture. Unfortunately or fortunately for Toronto the super 8’s system had to eventually stick everyone on potentially the same cap in order to compete. We don’t have the Super 8’s anymore but still have max cap allowance for all.
  5. If you have him on ignore at least have the decency to stop posting about him.
  6. It wouldn’t be historical,simply because it wouldn’t be the first time.
  7. Then they won’t have to fulfil the rules, same for the demoted SL team this season. The criteria is set for SL clubs. P&R is an issue I agree as if the demoted club has just invested in a reserve team to see it disbanded, is pointless IMO.
  8. No, but they would have to for 2021.
  9. Relying on the community game to fulfil the reserves is a no no.. Interesting..
  10. You keep them, you'll probably need them.
  11. Question? Did Child have the power to take both teams off? What has the match commissioner reported?
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