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  1. Amazing how they are all willing to return, don't you think!
  2. Think about it.. Sky will save money and SL will get less. Championship RL will become the product.
  3. Terrestrial. How many homes in the UK have a aerial on the roof?
  4. Is that £1.2m spread over 25 players? I'm not having a pop I'm just trying to understand why the full funding wasn't used being Londons first season back in SL..
  5. I'm not sure what you mean in how he treated players! If he was advised that the club will no longer be viable under future funding with the current wage bill, then you have two choices 1. Chuck another £1.5m at it or 2. Cut your cloth. Lets not forget the club is still for sale.
  6. Whats happening in Landen at present? Are SL contracts being supplied for next season?
  7. They love Darcy.. I hope they get upset when the ban comes along.
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