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  1. https://www.skysports.com/f1/news/12433/11970633/f1-2020-could-start-behind-closed-doors-says-ross-brawn-on-vodcast
  2. The pathway starts with the community clubs then on to academies if they are suitable candidates. A Welsh academy would assist in progression before simply taking a leap of faith in to the unknown.
  3. What is the point of players 17/18 moving to academies? To be sent back when they don't make the grade to be as you said lost to the game. The ideal situation would be welsh academies. Those are the goals the sport should be looking at.
  4. You wanted to say its the RFL's problem. You conveniently avoided that to suit.
  5. John Woods. The most level headed player to play the game. He built his game on catching rats and nailed the best.
  6. Not watched it.. But I bet Eddie Waring was commentating? He and along with the likes of Gerry Kershaw made the game. Gerry being a timekeeper now. Gone are the days he needed a police escort to leave the field.
  7. Crikey are we back to contested scrums? That was a quick turnaround #scotchy..
  8. In the bank account I would say no. Why would you require a consortium?? Why not take all..
  9. Or the person who shows them the game, not the ball in hand.
  10. Fine Tommy still working not isolating, you?
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