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  1. So Toronto are again struggling and want the season written off. Last time was the SC and no players to compete. So now they want exemption from the competition based on Visas. But also making sure they are included in SL 2021. That ok for ya?
  2. Initiative. Not sure the RFL will go with it, but it shows what could be achieved. If accepted by the RFL, we will be back to the no crowds scenarios. Just need an answer for that now and then no excuses.
  3. Initiative doesn’t require a sugar daddy. It requires someone to think out of the box and not follow the norm. Some are, some are not and some just can’t be bothered,
  4. Until told otherwise, P&R remain. End of. If clubs cannot afford the competition then who’s fault is that. Hopefully next time around they don’t accept a payment of £300k to keep stum.
  5. Yours does? Let’s see. But don’t forget a week on Friday you’ll have to wear a mask whilst shopping. Your ok until then, just plod along as normal.
  6. If you think stating some clubs need spoon feeding is slagging them off. You’re kidding yourself. It’s fact and fans like you need to stop making excuses and hiding from those facts. The Championship is most definitely a division within a division. Just some cannot accept that.
  7. I’ve been keeping the economy of the country going by working everyday as a key worker. You?
  8. Contested scrums are no more in RL world. The game has progressed using the laws of the game. You can’t produce youngsters based on the game 30 years ago. When they are now following the new game. End of.
  9. Does Argyle own a F1 team? Or a PL club? For all his wealth, even he can’t sort it out. There is guidance to follow and both RFL/SL have followed that. SL will resume again. Toronto need to follow the UK guidance, they are in that competition. Not a case of bending over backwards for anyone really. Given the sport governs them. Not the other way round...
  10. I don’t disagree in what you’re saying. I think we debated this a while back. As in people sat on their behinds and no input for the future. The thread shows a partition in what clubs want to do and what they don’t want to do. Basically some of them need spoon feeding.
  11. So if you have no particular dog in this hunt! Why call a chairman out? As Harry states you do have a bee in your bonnet.
  12. I’ll show you. It’s below. Pay particular attention to the words in BOLD. Along with my refrained reply. Glad to help.
  13. Well the RFL have live streaming in the form of “OurLeague” which seems to get around Sky’s control. Not sure Sky would agree if profits where being made without a cut. Although if you don’t try, you’ll never know.
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