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  1. Me too. But you and Harold are quite set in your ways that have often failed. Yet you knock thinking out of the box. Often because it’s out of your comfort zone.If you failed at anything in life! Would you return with the same failed scenario? Or look at alternative measures. If you want live sport in RL in the lower tiers then I’d suggest looking at alternatives rather than waiting for a clubs upkeep from Sky. I asked for scenarios. You along with Harold obviously don’t have one.
  2. They don’t, they also geo lock for profit.
  3. So you would have no interest in seeing Leigh play if stuck at work or on holiday? While you sit in the perfect world of being able to go and watch live sport at your own leisure! Others don’t have that luxury. Its about scenarios not personal restrictions.
  4. Sky is geo locked buddy. Restricting where the games are shown. You can sell the game to the world and no need to cross a pond.
  5. If you take notice of the situation the world is in today, the one thing that has kept the economy going to certain extent is online services. Some people have had to learn how to use them. The world is your oyster with online services which could generate more than a poxy £5m.
  6. You asked “if”! I’m asking what scenarios could be used.
  7. One scenario could be online subscriptions to a central pot. Enough to generate interest in the broadcasting world. Simply playing the same old fiddle isn’t an answer.
  8. SL have committed to the sport that’s a fact. The lower tiers have done the reverse given their financial positions. There does seem a collective in the sport that looks after themselves, So should the lower tiers actually have a pop of going alone? The greed comes from the product SL. Which doesn’t support lower tiers. Should SL be supporting the lower tiers? They can’t do that! The facts are quite clear. The scenarios are no longer relevant. The game cannot progress in its current structure The pathway is redundant for youth. The SL conception worked but is now clutching at straws. There are many scenarios that could take the game forward. Whats your scenario?
  9. Yes the corridor is the A580. To the journey fella that’s the East Lancs. To a expansion club it’s the M62.
  10. I don’t dispute he’s a good signing. A cracking signing for Ottawa.
  11. If your business is pumping 900k a season In to a competition of 12 teams then you expect 12 teams, otherwise you are not getting what you paid for. The structure was voted in favour unanimously by all SL chairman and ratified by the RFL. The structure can’t go with 11.
  12. They have to generate interest first. Which Toronto did. I understood Perez’s vision and mission. Not a clue what Argyles was.
  13. If expansion was in my terms Toronto would still be alive.
  14. Not sure about that. Change is required and this SL lark is killing the lower tiers along with the game. Most will again bow to the money in order to survive. That’s what needs change. An alternative another avenue a different pathway. None of that works at present and will become even worse if things don’t change.
  15. Super League I doubt will receive anything. It’s a broadcasting contract.
  16. The top level being SL? This is one of those threads that plays on “go it alone”.. Let them close the shop, but the lower tiers must then open a supermarket.
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