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  1. What happens if TWP can’t put a full squad out? We are 3 in and the bench is empty.
  2. Hopefully not our problem. The SL won’t solve or assist TWP as their Clubs come first. People call the RFL, but they did get them to SL.
  3. I actually thought that was going to be inevitable. As I said he really played a half hearted game. You are always prone to injuries albeit illegal the way it ended.
  4. How far away was the opposition player? Liam Kay goes for the ball how did both players encroach 10 meters on him. He’s 25 meters in back play,
  5. Is it within 10 meters of the opposing player? They were well out of the 10.
  6. The guy who tried to kick it on was the kicker. Kendall called it wrong.
  7. I wouldn’t give you a higher Salary Cap. You can’t control the current one.
  8. Only a 19 man squad been published for TWP. Should be 21! That shows resources are already running low. Big win for the pies.
  9. There’s no need for a flame war. You are intelligent enough to see mismanagement. Money can’t buy you everything.
  10. So you anticipate beating Widnes by 54 and Leigh losing Good luck with that bet.
  11. I’d rather they stay out of the grey areas Dave. Previous should be previous offences not a case of looking for similar.
  12. He’d two charges v Catalans and two match suspension v saints. Couldn’t be bothered looking any further.Nothing previous on high tackles.
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