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  1. Not really fussed about the result and an early bow out of the cup would probably be for the best to concentrate solely on survival, I am looking forward to seeing Flower and Peats make their debuts and hopefully we can put in a performance much improved on last week at Wire.
  2. I don't understand how RL becoming huge in north America could ever be seen as a missed opportunity. It's surely the best case scenario. A sport can never hope to compete on the world stage with just 2 professional leagues.
  3. Yeah sleeve patch for Leigh and I think I saw on cats too. Definitely seems to be league wide
  4. They seem to have a sleeve patch on every SL teams kit, other than being main sponsor for Wigan
  5. Tough baptism of fire for Leigh, but one that we should be really targeting considering the missing personnel for Wigan. No Manfredi, Marshall, Gildart, French or Hastings is a big chunk of their first choice backline.
  6. I don't know what went on behind the scenes, because i'm not Nathan Peats or his agent. Unless you are, it's all just your opinion, no matter how many times you say it. In a sport where salary caps and quotas exist, it's impossible to determine if a player isn't 'wanted' because it just isn't that simple.
  7. None of that you have any certifiable evidence to back up. Maybe it is true, who knows? Certainly not you, or anyone else on this forum for that matter.
  8. You raise a good question about Cat 2 academies, I'm not entirely sure what they are myself, or how they compete. I'm not aware of any clubs running cat 2 academies either, presumably because not having the cat 1 status blocks you from playing in the Academy league so a lack of credible opposition becomes an issue. I believe one of the big reasons Leigh ultimately disbanded their reserves was a lack of available games and a request to join the SL reserve league being rejected. The cat 3 academies don't being a lot of results in terms of elite level players but they do serve a really good purpose in terms of keeping youngsters on the fringes of the game focused on life after rugby.
  9. Whoever got promoted was always going to be scraping the barrel, pretty much every top level team in both hemispheres had finalised or were in the process of finalising their squads, so the chances of picking up massive quality without throwing irresponsible amounts of money around were slim to none. The only hope for any promoted club in 2021 was always going to be assembling a squad with a point to prove with the hope they can be greater than the sum of their parts.
  10. I think if there was an opportunity to get Eaves for the full season then Leigh would've snapped Saints hand off and used the quota/cap elsewhere, this just provides a solution for the rest of the year as i'm sure Eaves will be getting a few games at Saints once the fixtures start to stack up. Decent enough signing for us and adds some quality if he can get some form, but more importantly adds depth and competition for places, just need to get those remaining quota spots filled now with another outside back and 2nd rower.
  11. Really happy to see McNally having an instant impact back home, still one of the best FB's outside SL.
  12. I think more than a few Fev fans might disagree with you on Toulouse having the strongest team. Certainly not a clear cut affair. Ultimately, there is no way to keep things completely fair with Covid. There will be teams in every division that are going to get the rough end of the stick, either through the points %, uneven fixture list or track and trace stand downs.
  13. Never been a fan of uneven fixture lists, including magic. I'd make it a 9s or scrap it all together and put more focus back on the challenge cup.
  14. I'm surprised that of all the systems and league sizes tried over the years, they've never gone for 13 teams. Creates some free weekends to keep players fresh and from a marketing perspective can be tied in to the whole 'game of 13' identity.
  15. John Davidson reporting that he's taking the CEO role at Featherstone vacated by Longo. Hard to believe he's still getting interest from clubs after his track record at Toronto, Salford etc
  16. i'm sure i read somewhere they were considering 2 week minimum loans for this year in lieu of the DR system, not sure if it was officially signed off though
  17. Exactly, James Webster would be a fool not to leverage his relationship at Leeds for some additional quality if it's going spare
  18. Still to be determined, if I remember rightly they are waiting on the sky deal to confirm playoffs, p&r arrangements and champ funding for 2022.
  19. I think Fev will finish top but not by a lot, maybe 1 or 2 wins clear, mainly down to Toulouse always tending to drop a few points on their travels during the regular round. Head to head in a final and Toulouse would probably just edge it for me, I think they look a little stronger in 1,6,7 and back row.
  20. It's mental that people still don't understand the academy system in the UK despite numerous threads over the last year clearly explaining it.
  21. Slight risk with his injury record, but one we can afford to take with the additional quota spots available. Good to have someone with proven FB experience in case the Brierley experiment doesn't work out.
  22. I don't think they'll walk it, but it is the best chance they'll get.
  23. Not the best example, since the guy sponsoring is from Featherstone and is quoted in the article saying he wasn't particularly a fan of the Wolfpack.
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