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    MASSIVE Fev fan. Fave player is Ian Hardman. Hates Cas Tigers. Football fan-Arsenal.

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  1. That sounds a good event. Cannot make it myself though.
  2. craigfev

    2017 kit

    I have just seen your new kits. Away one is Green. Very smart indeed.
  3. I wish we had got him. Never mind. 3rd is where we will end up. Just hope we do better in the 8s. No offence to you Batley lot.
  4. Getting a bit daft this now, Signing all Leighs rejects. Hope Toronto fail big time.
  5. Gosh. I cannot believe he is still going. Seems to have been around forever.
  6. The Club is inviting fans to send in their memories about Ian Hardman. They will appear in the programme/brochure for his game on Jan 15th. All the details are on the website. He is my favourite player. This is because he just goes and out and gives it is absolute all. He should have been in Super League all his career. If it was not for Paul Wellens, He would have had more of a chance at St Helens. What amazes me is how nobody else decided to take him in. More often than not he has been the best in his position in the Championship. But eh, I am not complaining. i am in my 30s and i would have him in my all-time Fev Rovers team. The rest is mainly made up of players from my childhood years btw. Enjoy your testimonial era Ian Hardman. You deserve it big time.
  7. Was happening to me. There is a different feature at the top of the page too.
  8. Dave Woods was ripping into Fev saying things like, We should not have been given the chance to compete in the 8s. Because we were never going to go up etc etc. Ok we did get beat in every game but not once did he say we had done well to be in the top 4.
  9. My big problem is with Dave Woods from the BBC. When my team-Fev played Salford in the 8s he was on Radio Manchester and to say i was not at all happy with his comments would be a massive under-statement.
  10. Big headed so and sos. It is a traditional ground of a great RL Club. If they do not like it, Tough. Just shows how much they believe in their own hype.
  11. Bradford Bulls fans deserve better than this. Tbh though i am losing sympathy for the Club.
  12. Good player. It is right he is going back into Super League.
  13. I will just say here, Cas new shirt is horrible. Yes of course we have to say that. But it REALLY is bad. Worse than ever in fact. Gosh i hate that Club.
  14. The rivalry there is already massive, Now, WOW,WOW,WOW. Brave boy Albert. Just as well they are not playing each other. Yet.
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