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  1. Ok, this is my last go at this and then I'm done. Firstly, where I'm from Supermarkets and Fast Food restaurants don't generally compete for the same clientele so that was a bit of a confusing analogy. In any case lets look at the cause of all the confusion here. The statement was made that the Warriors are the biggest club Rugby Team in NZ, which I think everyone here has agreed is true. The point you are trying to make is that RU is bigger than RL in NZ, again this is absolutely true but has nothing to do with the original statement. Now to show how big an achievement this is by the Warriors, consider they are up against 1 other team in the same city and 4 others around the country in a place where RU is basically a religion, and don't forget they haven't exactly had a bucket load of success and they are bigger than each of the other 5 individually. Compare them to the Melbourne Storm, possibly the most successful team over the last 20 years. They have 9 AFL clubs in the same city alone with Nth Melbourne having the lowest membership of 42,500, the Storm currently have 25,100 members. So just to summarize: Are the Warriors the biggest Club Rugby Team in NZ - YES Is RU bigger than RL in NZ - Absolutely Is it an amazing achievement by the Warriors to be the biggest Club Rugby Team in NZ - Definitely
  2. So the comment was made that the Warriors are the biggest Club Rugby team in NZ, and your argument is that if you combine all the Union teams together they are bigger????? That's like saying Sydney isn't the biggest city in Australia because if you combine Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth its really not a contest.
  3. He's doing the same as Hayne, in the next couple of months he'll know where he's at. The thing people dont realise is the contract he will be on to start with is around $150k, the big bucks only come if he is successful (i.e becoming a regular starter in the main squad). He will be on close to $1M a year if he comes back to the NRL.
  4. Yeah, we're running scarred from all the beatings you have given us over the years.
  5. WAFL is the local state league, West Coast Eagles get 50k for most home games.
  6. Reported in Todays Telegraph that the game didn't have the desired tourism impact as most tickets were purchased by locals, apparently only 15k of those at the game were from out of town. Apparently there were still plenty of hotel rooms available on game day. This says that over 40k at the game were locals
  7. We have a team called the Kangaroo's that is being majorly underutilized to promote the game in the UK.
  8. The crowd last night was a ground record for Optus stadium, slightly larger than the AFL final from last year. Rugby League also holds the 3 largest crowds at NIB Stadium in Perth (Just over 20K, Bunnies v Warriors x 2 + Aus v NZ Test) which is home to the Perth Glory Soccer team and formerly the Western Force Union team. The main thing I think people on here might be missing is that Origin is primarily a TV product, hence why it is always played in Prime Time TV slots. It is always the highest rating TV program in Australia bar none so that is the main focus. Being able to take it to new venues around the country has risen its profile, and you'll find that a majority of supporters aren't concerned by 1 game being played elsewhere.
  9. While I agree that the AFL seem to run a tight ship, It's been pointed out to me in the past that not everything they do is great and the NRL model is probably not that bad. Some points that have been made: Total population of areas/states where the AFL have teams - 23.1m Total Population of areas/states where the NRL have teams - 24.5m Whilst the NRL havent got teams in WA or SA, they do have a team in another country The AFL model involves putting teams in areas whether they want it or not, injecting millions of dollars to try and get them off the ground. At the same time a lot of their existing Melbourne clubs are struggling both financially and because of the fact that the new teams are gifted all the best draft picks The NRL on the other hand have various locations biding to get in, being told that they need a secure business model so to not put financial burden on the existing competition and teams. Whilst this is frustrating at times because we all want to see the game grow, I think if they get it right it will put the competition in a good position. The NRL can expand further into areas where the AFL already are (WA, SA). The same cant be said for the AFL, not much chance of seeing a NQ or NZ AFL team anytime soon. The AFL appear to have reached close to critical mass, they dont have any more feasible area's for expansion, they appear to have maxed out on their last TV deal to the point where ratings have fallen and are losing millions on GWS and GC The NRL have expansion options in WA, SA, Brisbane, Central QLD, NZ and even PNG. I'll point out that most all of the above points were brought up by AFL supporters whilst talking all things footy over a few beers, shows they seem just as dissatisfied with the people running their game as we sometimes do. I'm not saying the NRL is about to take over the world but just pointing out things aren't always as bad as they seem.
  10. One of the reasons for an extra Brisbane team is that Suncorp is under utilised, that was part of the reasoning for getting Magic Round there. They have continually stated that they want an NRL game at Suncorp every weekend so I would imagine they will be playing out of Suncorp, if they put Redcliffe in they might play the odd game at Dolphin Stadium
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