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  1. Reported in Todays Telegraph that the game didn't have the desired tourism impact as most tickets were purchased by locals, apparently only 15k of those at the game were from out of town. Apparently there were still plenty of hotel rooms available on game day. This says that over 40k at the game were locals
  2. We have a team called the Kangaroo's that is being majorly underutilized to promote the game in the UK.
  3. The crowd last night was a ground record for Optus stadium, slightly larger than the AFL final from last year. Rugby League also holds the 3 largest crowds at NIB Stadium in Perth (Just over 20K, Bunnies v Warriors x 2 + Aus v NZ Test) which is home to the Perth Glory Soccer team and formerly the Western Force Union team. The main thing I think people on here might be missing is that Origin is primarily a TV product, hence why it is always played in Prime Time TV slots. It is always the highest rating TV program in Australia bar none so that is the main focus. Being able to take it to new venues around the country has risen its profile, and you'll find that a majority of supporters aren't concerned by 1 game being played elsewhere.
  4. While I agree that the AFL seem to run a tight ship, It's been pointed out to me in the past that not everything they do is great and the NRL model is probably not that bad. Some points that have been made: Total population of areas/states where the AFL have teams - 23.1m Total Population of areas/states where the NRL have teams - 24.5m Whilst the NRL havent got teams in WA or SA, they do have a team in another country The AFL model involves putting teams in areas whether they want it or not, injecting millions of dollars to try and get them off the ground. At the same time a lot of their existing Melbourne clubs are struggling both financially and because of the fact that the new teams are gifted all the best draft picks The NRL on the other hand have various locations biding to get in, being told that they need a secure business model so to not put financial burden on the existing competition and teams. Whilst this is frustrating at times because we all want to see the game grow, I think if they get it right it will put the competition in a good position. The NRL can expand further into areas where the AFL already are (WA, SA). The same cant be said for the AFL, not much chance of seeing a NQ or NZ AFL team anytime soon. The AFL appear to have reached close to critical mass, they dont have any more feasible area's for expansion, they appear to have maxed out on their last TV deal to the point where ratings have fallen and are losing millions on GWS and GC The NRL have expansion options in WA, SA, Brisbane, Central QLD, NZ and even PNG. I'll point out that most all of the above points were brought up by AFL supporters whilst talking all things footy over a few beers, shows they seem just as dissatisfied with the people running their game as we sometimes do. I'm not saying the NRL is about to take over the world but just pointing out things aren't always as bad as they seem.
  5. One of the reasons for an extra Brisbane team is that Suncorp is under utilised, that was part of the reasoning for getting Magic Round there. They have continually stated that they want an NRL game at Suncorp every weekend so I would imagine they will be playing out of Suncorp, if they put Redcliffe in they might play the odd game at Dolphin Stadium
  6. Not a Roosters fan, but you have to admire the fact they know how to make money. Don't rely on crowds or TV money, invest in your future. Roosters chairman Nick Politis preparing $500m parting gift for his club By Andrew Webster September 27, 2018 — 8.44pm For the past 25 years, Roosters chairman Nick Politis has sat in the same seat — row N, bay 62, seat 1 — at Allianz Stadium to watch his beloved team. When the stadium is knocked down following next Friday’s Michael Buble concert, the SCG Trust will give Politis the seat as a souvenir. It's a nice touch but a more pressing question is how much longer will Politis, 76, be sitting on the throne of the Roosters “No mate,” Politis said. “I haven’t thought about retirement”. Then he let out his signature giggle. “Can we just wait and see if we win first? One step at a time. But I won’t be retiring.” Politis certainly understands, though, that he can’t run the club forever and is preparing for the future. His end-game is to deliver a property portfolio worth $500 million before he finishes. He might have made his way in the world selling cars but much of his fortune can be attributed to property. He was last year ranked No.82 on The Australian Financial Review's Rich List with an estimated wealth of $773 million. On his watch, the Roosters have snapped up Waverley Bowling Club, Berkeley Sports, Kingswood Sports Club and Woy Woy Leagues. They also plan to turn North Bondi Golf and Diggers Club into a multi-purpose sports centre. The centrepiece is a redeveloped Easts Leagues in Bondi Junction. The club has snapped up most of the property on the L-shaped block on the corner of Spring Street and Bronte Road with a long-term plan to turn it into a lucrative high-rise development. Politis knows his club can’t survive on poker machine revenue forever and wants to leave it in safe hands for the next custodians of the club. “That should be any chairman's objective,” he said. “At the moment, our commercial property is valued at $120m and we have no debt. Next year, we will have $10m in cash in the bank. We’re in a very good position financially.”
  7. The one common thing that I find on here (also on the Aus forums regarding the NRL Magic Round), most of the negative comments come from people who didn't attend. Get on social media and you'll find endless positive comments and photos from people who actually attended. I went to Magic Round in Brisbane and had a absolute blast, even the usual negative journo's were saying how great it was. There was minimal negativity about the event, until you start reading the RL forums and apparently the whole thing was a disaster according to some and should be scrapped.
  8. An example I like to use is the V8 Supercars event held in Adelaide every year. It started as a replacement event when Adelaide lost the F1 to Melbourne, they made it the season opener. Over the years they have gradually expanded the event adding extra things in and around the event, one highlight being a concert at the track on the Saturday night. If you look at the first event over 20 years ago and compare it to now, they actually get much larger crowds now than what attended the F1. This year the Saturday night concert was Red Hot Chilli Peppers and the event is now a must attend for V8 fans (Attendance is over 200k for the weekend). The main thing they have done is make gradual improvements every year to build it to where it is now, if you stand still nothing will change and people will get sick of the exact same experience every year.
  9. Great points, I'm no business genius but I am a part owner in a small company so do have a bit to do with expenses and revenue, I could never understand the argument about less games. In simple terms: 16 Home games at and average of 5k = 80k 16 x ground hire and match day costs and everything else that goes on top. Instead why not aim for: 11 Home games at an average of 7.3k = 80k only 11 x ground hire and match day expenses etc, why not use the money your not spending on the extra 5 fixtures to market the games better and get the required 7.3k. Again, i'm no genius with all the answers but why not focus on increasing crowds instead of fixtures.
  10. There was plenty of empty seats because at any one time there were probably as many people out around the stadium as there were in there seats, for the Broncos game, definitely during the Warriors game and into the Storm game there was easily 40k in the stadium. Attached is a photo from late in the Bunnies game when the crowd had thinned, you can see there is still decent numbers. You could get a seat for $75 to see 3 NRL games, thats value if you ask me. We paid $300 for the premium seats 3 day pass, sat on the half way line for 7 games, awesome value. If your complaint is you only wanted to see one game, there is 25 other rounds you can do that.
  11. Just a question that may have already been answered, if toronto make the GF do they get hosting rights, and if so would they potentially play it at BMO Stadium across the road from Lamport. With the support they already have and marketed properly they'd probably get a decent crowd and create a bit of mainstream news buzz in Toronto.
  12. Not in England but RL related, pics of the new Parramatta Stadium to be opened Easter Monday with Eels v Tigers
  13. Gareth Widdop quits St George Illawarra Dragons in Super League move JANUARY 14, 2019 St George Illawarra skipper Gareth Widdop will quit the Dragons after agreeing to a move to return to England. The English international will walk away from the final two years of his contract to join Warrington Wolves in 2020. St George Illawarra are expected to announce the move as early as Wednesday with Widdop to take a pay cut to return to England. Dragons officials were stunned when Widdop requested an early move from his contract, which is worth about $1.8 million. The two parties have been in contact since before Christmas. While Widdop, who has played 24 Tests for England, has reaffirmed his commitment to the club for this year, he made it clear he wanted out having harbouring a long-term desire to play in the English Super League while still at the height of his career. The Daily Telegraph has learnt St George Illawarra will retain first rights on Widdop’s services should the 29-year-old opt to return to Australia. “There’s no secret I have aspirations of going over to the UK and playing,” Widdop said in November. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I have a good relationship with the club and so when the time is right we’ll work together.” Wigan, Leeds, Huddersfield and St Helens all tried to sign Widdop but it was former coach Steve Price who secured Widdop’s signature for a second time. Price signed Widdop from Melbourne to the Dragons in 2014 but the partnership was short-lived after Price was axed midway through Widdop’s first season. Price since took over from Warrington and led them to a grand final in his first season last year. Widdop will form a halves combination with Blake Austin after the former Raider joined Warrington this year. Widdop emigrated to Australia from Halifax as a teen. The Dragons have already planned for life post-Widdop having signed Corey Norman. Norman’s arrival is expected to shift Widdop to play fullback for the first time on a regular basis in the NRL. Widdop’s departure will also keep the door ajar for local product Matt Dufty to remain at the club. Despite being just one of five players to feature in all Dragons 26 games last year, the arrival of Norman and Widdop’s switch to fullback is set to see the off-contract Dufty have a reduced role this year. Widdop has played 185 NRL games since making his debut for Melbourne in 2010.
  14. So the geniuses still can't seem to figure out how to sell tickets, bay 38 is down to single seats but 36 & 37 have barely sold. You would of thought even the biggest idiot could work out people want seats in the middle, why wouldn't they have started with bays 40 & 41 when they opened the upper level.
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