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  1. I thought Matty Wildie was great at the Bulls. Shame we only had him for one year. Will go well at Fev.
  2. If Brian McDermott gets the job say goodbye to creative rugby, his coaching style is similar to John Kear and its boring to watch.
  3. Brandon Pickersgill appears to be well liked by the current Bulls players, never seen as much support for a player leaving the Bulls as BP has got. Honestly I am glad he has gone but that's mainly down to how we have performed the past 2 seasons, we needed a restructure of the squad and our 1-7 is already looking stronger than 2021 I don't think it's enough to challenge top 2 but we are getting closer.
  4. Like I said it's my honest opinion of Pickersgill. Let's see where we are in a year from now. So because a player is liked by the other members of the team it automatically makes him a good player?.
  5. I have actually criticised BP defence from the start it's the one thing that let's him down and stops him from becoming a future SL player. I think Lilley will play Hooker next year as he is more suited to it than a HB.
  6. Just my honest opinion he has made the same mistakes year after year, yes his attack has improved but not in defence. How many Bradford Bulls games do you think Leon Pryce has watched in the past 3 years?.
  7. His best position is at FB, he has his weaknesses at the back which he hasn't learnt from in past 3 seasons. He will be decent in attack but struggles under high ball and one on one defence. Some of our biggest defeats have come with Brandon in Halfs.
  8. As a neutral thought Fev looked better when Casty and Hansen went off. They came back on and swung game back to Toulouse.
  9. How long do you think 300k lasts to a Championship club?
  10. They have said offers will be available at a reduced price to Championship season ticket holders so I will subscribe when the offers are out. I will be subscribing to WatchNRL and Premier Sports and cancel Sky Sports
  11. Feels like he is already at York with his last 4 performances. Good up until that point.
  12. Bulls tried to get the Sheffield game on and were happy to play midweek. Sheffield weren't interested. We have had no other games called off except Toulouse away.
  13. The Hetherington who said SL clubs breaking away wouldn't work and take the game backwards and voted against it. Maybe he deserves a chance to resolve the issues created by the owners who voted to breakaway.
  14. If the 2 teams of 10 is implemented for 2023. London will have to finish in the Top 8 of next year's Championship, it would certainly make for an exciting 2022 in the Championship.
  15. It is defo an advantage when FT. I think the playoffs will be exciting when they start in 3 weeks.
  16. After watching Toulouse today I can't see past them for Promotion to SL. Level above any other team we have played this season. Threats all over the pitch and defence is top class.
  17. That's good to know. I am thinking of attending the Keighley game this weekend to see how they get on. You can't puts them in shop window for a permanent move or to play for Bulls next season.
  18. Not every club has the luxury of a rich backer. You seem to be making out clubs who took out a government loan should be seen as a negative. Leigh also will have taken advantage of the Furlough scheme saving them 80% on player salaries.
  19. Your probably right about the final of Featherstone V Toulouse. Toulouse look unbeatable though. If Fev are playing great Toulouse must be outstanding no?.
  20. You could be right. If it was lowest finisher would be London or Bradford/Batley v Toulouse.
  21. Is that right? Week 1 Halifax V London Bradford V Batley Week 2 Toulouse V Halifax/London Featherstone V Bradford/Batley Week One Elimination Semi-final A: 3rd vs 6th Elimination Semi-final B: 4th vs 5th Week Two Semi final 1: 1st vs Highest ranked winner of ESFA Semi Final 2: 2nd vs Highest ranked winner of ESFB
  22. It's what we have missed. Since he got injured we have won 4 lost 4. Won 7 of the 8 before he got injured.
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